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As you guide Spirits through the world, they will eventually get hungry. In Spiritfarer, you will be tasked with tending to crops, sailing and crafting, as well as cooking food. There are a lot of ingredients and a lot of recipes though.

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In this guide, we are going to go over every recipe, as well as the ingredients and dish size. Overall, your goal is to finish the recipe collection by cooking every dish. This is not an easy task, so be sure to gather enough ingredients and cook every day. First, let's look at the basics of cooking.

How To Cook

To cook, you will need to have a kitchen on your ship. This is a building that you will be able to build pretty early in the game and is essential to keeping the Spirits happy.

The kitchen can be build from the Beginner Blueprint Station. The base cost is five maple logs and eight bright jelly.

Once you build a kitchen you can upgrade it with additional materials, unlocking the ability to cook with two ingredients.

From your kitchen, all you need to do is interact with the stove and choose your ingredients. After your ingredients are locked in, the timer will start to tick. Once the timer is done, your food will be ready. The food will not burn, so you can take your time getting back to the kitchen.

Now that we know the basics of cooking, let's look at every recipe and how to make it. In total, there are 93 recipes split into several different categories. We will also take a look at dish size. This is used to describe how filling a dish is. Spirits who eat large dishes don't need to eat for a while.

Acquired Taste Food

Steamed ShellfishSmall
Mock GruelSnack
Sauerkraut MealLarge

Breakfast Food

Bacon and EggsLarge
Hot MilkSnack
Cereal BowlRegular
Rice PuddingRegular
Eggs Sunny Side UpSmall
Sweet Yoghurt*Snack
Scrambled EggsSmall

*These foods fit into more than one category. Not many foods are like this, but you will occasionally come across a food that can be described in a few different ways.

  • Sweet Yoghurt is also a Dessert
  • Omelettes are also Plain
  • Frittata is also Exotic

Comfort Food

Pork ChopsRegular
Fried ChickenLarge
Crab CakeRegular
Corn BreadRegular
Tomato PizzaRegular
Cheese FondueRegular
Grilled SteakLarge

Dessert Food

Poached FruitSmall
Apple PieRegular
Berry PieSmall
Pear TartletSmall
Cherry PieRegular
Peach CobblerRegular
Fruit CandySnack
Creme BruleeRegular

Exotic Food

Southern BoilRegular
Fish CurryRegular
Clam CakeRegular
Shrimp Tempura
  • Bay Shrimp/ Black Tiger Shrimp
  • Flour
Tuna TatakiRegular
Vegetable Stir Fry*
  • Fat
  • Veggie (except potato, mushroom, and leaf veggies)
Fried MushroomsRegular

*Vegetable Stir Fry is also a Healthy dish.

Fine Dining Food

Lobster GerminalRegular
Heat-Treated CrabRegular
  • Crustacean
  • Mushroom or Veggie
Lobster RollRegular
Shrimp Cocktail
  • Bay Shrimp or Black Tiger Shrimp
Squid SkewerRegular
Grilled OctopusSmall

*Both of these highlighted meals can also be considered Soup.

Healthy Food

Grilled VeggieSmall
Grilled MushroomsSmall
Grilled ChickenRegular

Old Fashioned Food

Shellfish Stew
  • Shellfish
  • Mushroom or Veggie
Fisherman's PieRegular
Veggie-Pot PieRegular
Maple SalmonRegular
Fried CrawfishRegular
Meat StewLarge
Meat Pie
  • Meat
  • Flour (excluding rice flour)
Beef FondueRegular

Plain Food

Grilled FishSmall
Plain RiceSmall
  • Flour (excluding rice flour)
Fried RiceLarge

Pub Food

Calamari RingsRegular
Fried SurfRegular
Fish SticksRegular
Corn DogRegular
French FriesRegular
Surf and TurfLarge
Cheese SticksLarge
Garlic BreadSmall
Onion RingsRegular


Grain SaladRegular
Mushroom SaladRegular
Green SaladSmall
Egg SaladRegular


Noodle SoupSmall
Clam ChowderRegular
Wonton Soup*Regular

*Wonton Soup can also be considered an Exotic food.


Black CoffeeSnack
Sweet CoffeeSnack
Cup of TeaSnack
English TeaSnack
Sweet TeaSnack

Misc. Recipes

In addition to the recipes above, you can make three non-edible items in the kitchen. You can check out these recipes below.

Homemade Paper
Questionable Meal
  • Any invalid combination of ingredients

That's every dish in the game. Try making them all! Don't forget to feed the Spirit's when they get hungry. If you have an excess of food, you can also sell dishes for Glim.

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1. A very "quaint" figurine
2. A very "delicate" figurine
3. A very "grand" figurine
4. A very "sublime" figurine

First figurine is in Furogawa (-149, 67), need finish first Gustav's quest
Second is in Hummingberg (39, 139), need buy "Key for Hummingberg" and open chest in home
Third is in Mount Toroyama (-99, 34), need open chest in mine's hidden area
Last is in Crow's End Inc. (-126, -51), need open chest

Look video for more information
1. Albacore Tuna: Tuna area (-185, 80), (-22, -42)
2. Anchovy: Foggy region
3. Bay Shrimp: Starter region
4. Black Tiger Shrimp: Foggy region

5. Bluefin Tuna: Tuna area (-138, 190), (-1, 205)
6. Blue Salmon: Snowy region
7. Char: Snowy region
8. Clam: Starter region, side of boat

9. Cobia: Foggy region
10. Cod: Starter region
11. Cuttlefish: Rocky region
12. Eel

13. Empty Shell: side of boat
14. Flounder: Rocky region
15. Giant Scallop
16. Haddock: Foggy region

17. Halibut: Foggy region
18. Hard-Shell Clam: side of boat
19. Herring
20. King Salmon: Foggy+Rocky region (260, 60)

21. Lobster: Snowy region
22. Mackeral
23. Mahi-Mahi: Rocky region
24. Common Mussel: Starter region, side of boat

25. Octopus: Rocky region
26. Oyster: side of boat
27. Scallop: side of boat
28. Snow Crab: Snowy region

29. Sockeye Salmon: Foggy region
30. Sole: Starter region
31. Squid: Starter Region, Foggy region
32. Urchin: Foggy region, side of boat

33. Yellowfin Tuna: Tuna area (98, -76), (252, -28), (280, 68)
1. Diamond
2. Amethyst
3. Hematite
4. Opal

5. Citrine
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  2. Woodworking project videos
  3. Double lovers sunglasses
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Spiritfarer Wiki Guide

This section of IGN's Spiritfarer wiki guide features every recipe that can be made in the game. On this page, you'll find what each recipe is, what size it is, what kind of dish it is, and how to make it in your oven.

Tip: When you've fully upgraded your kitchen, you can talk with a short blue spirit on a pink building past Theodore’s shop in Hummingberg and they'll offer up their food delivery service called Feedorama. For 5000 Glims, you can subscribe to it and they'll send you recipes in the mail.

Every Recipe in Spiritfarer

Recipe Meal Size Dish Type What Goes in the Oven
Grilled Fish Small Plain Fish
Steam Shellfish Small Acquired Taste Shellfish
Popcorn Snack Comfort Corn
Poached Fruit Small Dessert Fruit
Paella Regular Exotic Shellfish + Grain
Lobster Germinal Regular Fine Dining Lobster
Grilled Veggie Small Healthy Root or Savoury Veggie
Southern Boil Regular Exotic Crustacean + Grain
Grain Salad Regular Salad Grain + Veggie or Mushroom
Shellfish Stew Regular Old-fashioned Shellfish + Veggie or Mushroom
Fish Curry Regular Exotic Fish + Grain
Apple Pie Regular Dessert Apple + Flour
Black Coffee Snack Stimulant Coffee Beans
Bouillabaisse Regular Fine Dining, Soup Fish + Veggie or Mushroom
Lobster Roll Regular Fine Dining Lobster + Flour
Grilled Chicken Regular Healthy Chicken
Tuna Tataki Regular Exotic Tuna + Savoury Veggie (Olives, Garlic, or Onions)
Mushroom Salad Regular Salad Mushroom + Veggie
Shrimp Cocktail Regular Fine Dining Shrimp
Squid Skewer Regular Fine Dining Squid
Muesli Regular Breakfast Berry + Yoghurt
Fruit Candy Snack Dessert Fruit + Sweetener
Pork Chops Regular Comfort Pork
French Fries Regular Pub Potato + Fat
Corndog Regular Pub Corn Flour + Pork
Casserole Regular Comfort Grain + Meat
Meat Stew Large Old-fashioned Meat + Veggie or Mushroom
Pancakes Regular Breakfast Egg + Flour
Cup of Tea Snack Stimulant Tea Leaves
Fried Chicken Large Comfort Chicken + Fat
Surf 'n Turf Large Pub Crustacean + Beef
Meat Pie Large Old-fashioned Meat + Flour
Schnitzel Regular Old-fashioned Fat + Pork
Grilled Steak Large Comfort Beef
Crab Cake Regular Comfort Flour + Crab
Corn Bread Regular Comfort Corn Flour + Fat
Fish Sticks Regular Pub Fish + Fat
Fried Surf Regular Pub Shellfish + Fat
Homemade Paper Arts 'n Crafts 101 Sawdust + Household Glue
Coal Logs or Sawdust
Heat-treated Crab Regular Fine Dining Crab
Bread Small Plain Wheat Flour
Noodle Soup Small Soup Rice Flour
Grilled Mushrooms Small Healthy Mushrooms
Berry Pie Small Dessert Flour + Berry
Veggie-pot Pie Regular Old-fashioned Flour + Veggie or Mushroom
Mock Gruel Snack Acquired Taste Sawdust + Dairy
Cereal Bowl Regular Breakfast Grain + Dairy or Sweetener
Rice Pudding Regular Breakfast Rice + Dairy
Green Salad Small Salad Leaf Veggie + Fat
Plain Rice Small Plain Rice
Latte Snack Stimulant Coffee + Dairy
Crème Brûlée Regular Exotic Egg + Sweetener
Tomato Pizza Regular Comfort Wheat Flour + Tomato
Bacon and Eggs Large Comfort Egg + Pork
Sweet Tea Snack Stimulant Tea Leaves + Sweetener
Garlic Bread Small Pub Wheat Flour + Garlic
Toffee Snack Dessert Dairy + Sweetener
Beef Fondue Regular Old-fashioned Beef + Fat
Bisque Regular Fine Dining, Soup Crustacean + Mushroom or Veggie
Calamari Rings Regular Pub Squid + Flour
Clam Chowder Regular Soup Clam or Hard-shell Clam + Dairy
Clam Cake Regular Exotic Clam + Flour
Pear Tartlet Small Dessert Pear + Flour
Fisherman's Pie Regular Old-fashioned Seafood + Flour
Cherry Pie Regular Old-fashioned Cherry + Flour
Peach Cobbler Regular Dessert Peach + Flour
Shrimp Tempura Small Exotic Shrimp + Flour
Hot Milk Snack Breakfast Dairy
Eggs Sunny Side Up Small Breakfast Eggs
Maple Salmon Regular Old-fashioned Salmon + Maple Syrup
Veggie Stir Fry Regular Exotic, Healthy Fat + Veggie (not a Potato, Mushroom, or Leaf Vegetable
Fried Rice Large Plain Rice + Fat
Egg Salad Regular Salad Egg + Veggie
Sweet Coffee Snack Stimulant Coffee Beans + Sweetener
Fried Crawfish Regular Old-fashioned Crustacean + Fat
Focaccia Regular Comfort Flour (not Corn Flour) + Fat
Cake Regular Dessert Flour + Sweetener
Crepes Regular Dessert Wheat Flour + Dairy
Wonton Soup Regular Exotic, Soup Rice Flour + Meat
Sweet Yoghurt Snack Dessert Yoghurt + Sweetener
Omelette Large Plain, Breakfast Cheese + Egg
Candy Snack Dessert Sweetener
Scrambled Eggs Small Breakfast Egg + Dairy
Frittata Regular Exotic, Breakfast Egg + Fat
Cheese Fondue Regular Comfort Cheese
English Tea Snack Stimulant Tea Leaves + Dairy
Cheese Sticks Large Pub Cheese + Flour
Sauerkraut Meal Large Acquired Taste Sauerkraut + Pork
Onion Rings Regular Pub Onion + Flour
Grilled Octopus Small Fine Dining Octopus
Fried Mushrooms Regular Exotic Mushroom + Fat
Questionable Meal Snack Disgusting Lettuce
Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/spiritfarer/Every_Recipe_in_Spiritfarer
Spiritfarer \
No. No.


Dish Ingredients Category Dish size Sell Price Spirit’s


01 01 Grilled FishFish/CephalopodPlainSmallGlim.png 35 02 02 Steamed ShellfishShellfishAcquired TasteSmallGlim.png 40 03 03 PopcornCornComfortSnackGlim.png 45 04 04 Poached FruitFruitDessertSmallGlim.png 50 05 05 PaellaShellfish, GrainExoticRegularGlim.png 60 06 06 Heat-Treated CrabSnow CrabFine DiningRegularGlim.png 70 07 07 Lobster GerminalLobsterFine DiningRegularGlim.png 70 08 08 Grilled VeggieVeggie (Savoury/Root) HealthySmallGlim.png 75 09 09 Plain RiceRicePlainSmallGlim.png 80 10 10 Flamin' FirebirdzFireglowStimulantSnackGlim.png 100 11 11 Shellfish StewShellfish, Mushroom/VeggieOld FashionedRegularGlim.png 110 12 12 Grain SaladGrain,


SaladRegularGlim.png 115 Summer13 13 Southern BoilCrustacean, GrainExoticRegularGlim.png 120 14 14 Fish CurryFish, GrainExoticRegularGlim.png 120 15 15 BreadFlour (not Rice Flour) PlainSmallGlim.png 120 16 16 Noodle SoupRice FlourSoupSmallGlim.png 120 Astrid17 17 Clam CakeClam, FlourExoticRegularGlim.png 135 18 18 Black CoffeeCoffee BeansStimulantSnackGlim.png 140 Gwen19 19 Apple PieApple, FlourDessertRegularGlim.png 140 20 20 BisqueCrustacean, Mushroom/VeggieFine Dining, SoupRegularGlim.png 140 21 21 BouillabaisseFish, Veggie/MushroomFine Dining, SoupRegularGlim.png 140 22 22 Grilled MushroomsMushroomHealthySmallGlim.png 140 23 23 Berry PieFlour, BerryDessertSmallGlim.png 150 24 24 Pear TartletPear, FlourDessertSmallGlim.png 150 25 25 Fisherman's PieSeafood, FlourOld FashionedRegularGlim.png 150 26 26 Peach CobblerPeach, FlourDessertRegularGlim.png 175 27 27 Cherry PieCherry, FlourDessertRegularGlim.png 175 28 28 Crab CakeSnow Crab, FlourComfortRegularGlim.png 180 29 29 Shrimp TempuraShrimp (Bay, Black Tiger), FlourExoticSmallGlim.png 180 30 30 Lobster RollLobster, FlourFine DiningRegularGlim.png 180 31 31 Grilled ChickenChickenHealthyRegularGlim.png 180 32 32 Veggie-pot pieFlour, Mushroom/VeggieOld FashionedRegularGlim.png 185 Alice33 33 Calamari RingsSquid, FlourPubRegularGlim.png 200 34 34 MilquetoastCorn Flour, MilkBreakfast, PlainSnackGlim.png 210 35 35 Tuna TatakiTuna, Savoury VeggieExoticRegularGlim.png 210 36 36 Hot MilkDairyBreakfastSnackGlim.png 210 37 37 Mushroom SaladMushroom, VeggieSaladRegularGlim.png 215 38 38 Aloo GobiFireglow, PotatoSaladRegularGlim.png 215 39 39 Mock GruelSawdust, DairyAcquired TasteSnackGlim.png 215 40 40 Clam ChowderClam/Hard-Shell Clam


SoupRegularGlim.png 235 41 41 Chai LatteFireglow, MilkExotic, StimulantSnackGlim.png 250 42 42 Fried SurfShellfish, FatPubRegularGlim.png 250 43 43 Squid SkewerSquidFine DiningRegularGlim.png 250 44 44 Shrimp CocktailShrimp (Bay, Black Tiger) Fine DiningRegularGlim.png 250 45 45 Grilled OctopusOctopusFine DiningSmallGlim.png 250 46 46 Cereal BowlGrain, Dairy/SweetenerBreakfastRegularGlim.png 260 47 47 MuesliBerry, YoghurtBreakfastRegularGlim.png 260 48 48 Rice PuddingRice, DairyBreakfastRegularGlim.png 265 49 49 Fruit CandyFruit, SweetenerDessertSnackGlim.png 270 50 50 Eggs Sunny Side UpEggBreakfastSmallGlim.png 270 51 51 Maple SalmonSalmon (Blue, King, Sockeye), Maple SyrupOld FashionedRegularGlim.png 270 52 52 Corn BreadCorn Flour, FatComfortRegularGlim.png 275 53 53 LaksaFireglow, Rice FlourExotic, SoupRegularGlim.png 275 Beverly54 54 Fish SticksFish, FatPubRegularGlim.png 285 55 55 Vegetable Stir FryFat, Veggie (not Potato, Mushroom, or Leaf Veggie) Exotic, HealthyRegularGlim.png 290 56 56 Green SaladLeaf Veggie, FatSaladSmallGlim.png 290 Elena57 57 Fried RiceRice, FatPlainLargeGlim.png 300 58 58 LatteCoffee Beans, DairyStimulantSnackGlim.png 300 59 59 Egg SaladEgg, VeggieSaladRegularGlim.png 310 60 60 Sweet CoffeeCoffee Beans, SweetenerStimulantSnackGlim.png 320 61 61 CasseroleGrain, MeatComfortRegularGlim.png 320 62 62 Pork ChopsPorkComfortRegularGlim.png 320 Atul63 63 CorndogCorn Flour, PorkPubRegularGlim.png 325 64 64 FocacciaFlour (not Corn Flour), FatComfortRegularGlim.png 335 65 65 Fried CrawfishCrustacean, FatOld FashionedRegularGlim.png 335 66 66 CakeFlour, SweetenerDessertRegularGlim.png 335 67 67 French FriesPotato, FatPubRegularGlim.png 335 Stanley68 68 Meat StewMeat, VeggieOld FashionedLargeGlim.png 340 N/A 69 SurstrommingHerringAcquired TasteLargeGlim.png 350 Gustav69 70 PancakesEgg, FlourBreakfastRegularGlim.png 360 70 71 Surf and TurfCrustacean, BeefPubLargeGlim.png 360 71 72 Fried MushroomsMushroom, FatExoticRegularGlim.png 370 72 73 ChilaquilesFireglow, Corn FlourExotic, BreakfastLargeGlim.png 390 73 74 Fried ChickenChicken, FatComfortLargeGlim.png 390 74 75 DakgangjeongFireglow, ChickenExotic, ComfortLargeGlim.png 390 75 76 Meat PieMeat, Flour (not Rice Flour) Old FashionedLargeGlim.png 400 76 77 Cup of TeaTea LeavesStimulantSnackGlim.png 400 77 78 CrepesWheat Flour, Milk/CreamDessertRegularGlim.png 410 78 79 Wonton SoupRice Flour, MeatExotic, SoupRegularGlim.png 420 79 80 Sweet YoghurtYoghurt, SweetenerDessert, BreakfastSnackGlim.png 430 80 81 CandySweetenerDessertSnackGlim.png 450 81 82 Scrambled EggsEgg, DairyBreakfastSmallGlim.png 450 82 83 OmeletteCheese, EggBreakfast, PlainLargeGlim.png 450 83 84 Crême brûléeEgg, SweetenerDessertRegularGlim.png 455 84 85 FrittataEgg, FatExotic, BreakfastRegularGlim.png 465 85 86 Tomato PizzaWheat Flour, TomatoComfortRegularGlim.png 470 Buck86 87 SchnitzelFat, PorkOld FashionedRegularGlim.png 490 87 88 Cheese FondueCheeseComfortRegularGlim.png 500 88 89 Bacon and EggsEgg, PorkBreakfastLargeGlim.png 515 89 90 English TeaTea Leaves, DairyStimulantSnackGlim.png 525 90 91 Cheese SticksCheese, FlourPubLargeGlim.png 560 91 92 Sweet TeaTea Leaves, SweetenerStimulantSnackGlim.png 580 92 93 Grilled SteakBeefComfortLargeGlim.png 600 93 94 Garlic BreadWheat Flour
Sours: https://spiritfarer.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Recipes

Dishes collection spiritfarer

Spiritfarer: Where to Find Every Ceramic Figurine Collection Location

Collect the four ceramic figurines in Spiritfarer throughout the world to obtain the Blackberry Outfit from the walrus lady.

By MJ CoxPublished


In Spiritfarer, players can play as Stella, a young woman with a trusty pet cat, that has been instructed to help spirits pass on. Players will need to build a boat, interact with animal characters, and complete quests to help them pass on to the afterlife. Because Stella has to make sure that the spirits are happy and comfortable before they pass on, she will commonly have to get food and other resources around the magical world to please them. Many of the spirits are people that were close to Stella in life that met unfortunate ends or were somewhat dissatisfied in life.

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There are many things that can be collected in Spiritfarer to earn outfits. Players can collect dishes, metals, gems, fish, and figurines. Find all of the ceramic figurine locations below.

Where to Find Ceramic Figurines in Spiritfarer

In Furogawa, go up the ladders and speak with the tall red spirit. He will have you perform a fetch quest to find a wood block print that a local shopkeeper has been hiding from him. Visit Theodore, the tanuki shopkeeper found in multiple locations throughout the game, to try to get the print on the penguin’s behalf. He will reveal that a walrus lady has already purchased it. Report back to the red penguin. He will be surprised to hear this and the player will receive a figurine to show the walrus lady. 

Go to Hummingberg to collect the next figurine in the set. Pass Theodore’s stall and enter the next house through the front door. Go through the rooms to pick up the ceramic figurine. 

At Mount Toroyama, go up the ladders and up the hill. Enter the red door in the mountainside. Follow the tunnels until the updraft is reached. Continue following the tunnel and then take the ladder up. There will be a tunnel to the left and right, and a hidden tunnel going up. Take it to the left. Here is where the figurine is hidden. 

In Graymist Peaks, hop up on the side of the tree to the tent. Bounce on it a couple of times to reach the next landing. Then, take the telephone wire down and drop down a couple of ledges. Keep taking ledges over and to the left until the figurine is reached. 

In the area with the four trees on either side of the ladder, climb it to reach the walrus lady and show her the collection of figurines. Here, she will give the player the Blackberry Outfit. 

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Spiritfarercan be played on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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