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36 Best MEE6 Bot Commands List for Power Discord Users

MEE6 is one of the most popular bots on Discord. It is a multi-functional bot that can replace a ton of other bots. But many users and admins aren’t able to use it to its full capacity and don’t know about some of the best MEE6 commands.

But there are many underrated features in MEE6 that you can access with commands. Here is a long list of MEE6 commands you can take advantage of to make your server management easier, engaging, and more fun.

Best MEE6 Commands

Before getting started, the prefix of all MEE6 commands are ! (exclamation mark). MEE6 can only read command messages that have this prefix. Unlike other bots, the option to change the prefix is a premium feature. So if you are already a premium user, open the MEE6 dashboard > Settings and scroll down to the commands section where you change the prefix.

But if you aren’t a premium subscriber, you have to rely on the default prefix even if it interferes with other bots sometimes. Anyhow, you can use / (slash) as a prefix for every bot. That being said, let’s get started with moderation commands that most people use MEE6 for primarily.

Moderation Commands

1. Let me club these basic commands that everyone knows. !ban, !unban, !mute, !unmute, and !Kick. Banning, Muting, and Kicking might look similar. But when you ban, the user cannot read or write messages. when muted, he/she can read messages but can’t reply. Whereas Kick means directly removing the user from the server.

!ban @username – Used to ban but you can use the same structure for other commands.

Banning using Mee 6

2. But did you know you can also ban them temporarily?

!tempban @username duration – duration can be something like 4h 30m, or 4d 12h 30m 20s. Similarly, you also can temporarily mute someone with the !tempmute command.

Temporarily banning using MEE6

3.!warn @username – used to warn users. You can also add a reason, in the end, to explain why the user was warned. A series of warnings can decrease users’ ranking if you also use leveling system, also supported by MEE6.

Warning users using MEE6

4.!user-info @username – will be useful to get info about a specific user. That includes what role he is in, what permissions he has, his warning and ban history, Discord joining date, and server joining date.

Similarly, you can also try !role-info [role name] and !server-info [server name] to find details about roles and the server itself respectfully.

5.!Infractions @username – to know past infractions of the specific user. It will display details such as bans, warnings, mute, etc. history in three-time ranges which are past 24 hours, 1 week, and then total. You can also remove infractions from here.

Infraction stats of users in discord

6.!clear-all-infractions @username – to remove all infractions of a specific user.

You can also set automatic moderation controls like banning a user if he gets more than 3 warnings in less than an hour. Warnings can be given for using specific words also. A set of automatic moderation controls will help maintain a healthy server without much effort.

Music Commands

Here are some music commands that you might like. We have also covered music bots for Discord before should you be interested.

7.!play [URL] or [song name] to start playing the song, !resume to resume, !queue to start to a queue, !add [URL] or [Song name] to add to queue, !clear-queue to clean the queue, !skip to skip to next song and !previous to go back to the last song.

Playing Music on Discord using MEE6

Here are some commands that you can take advantage of.

8.!seek [position] to change the current track’s position. For example, !seek 1m25s to start playing the current song from that time onwards where m is minute and s is for seconds.

Seeking to specific part of song with MEE6

9.!join to add a bot to your voice channel. So when you are switching voice channels, the bots follow you instead of you having to change the channel for the bot every time. You can also use !leave to make the bot stop following you.

10.!vote-skip – you can use this MEE6 command to create a vote to skip the song instead of skipping on your own. Might be useful if there are a lot of people on the server.

11.!start-quiz – one of the features that most people don’t even know exists. It starts a music-based quiz show on your channel. Just use the MEE6 command !stop-quiz to stop the quiz.

Music Quiz on Discord using MEE6

Levels Commands

While the levels feature works completely automated, there are few commands that help users on the server to check their stats.

12.!levels – to get a link to the leaderboard for your server.

13.!rank – to get your rank details.

Ranking System on Discord

14.!rank @username – to get the rank details of the specified user.

15. Admin can use !give-xp @username and !remove-xp @username to add and remove points that basically affect the user’s rank in the server. But, it is a premium feature.

Birthday Commands

This is a recent addition to MEE6 bot where you can get the birthday details of users on the server. It will grab details from their profile and make a list to send reminders later.

16. !next-birthday – displays list of next 10 birthdays in the server.

17. !birthday @username – to view a specific user’s birthday.

18. !remember-birthday [date] – to add your birthday. Add the date in YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD format.

Enterting Birthday in MEE6

19. !set-user-birthday @username – to add other user’s birthday.

20. !forget-birthday – to remove your birthday.

Removing Birthday details from MEE6

21.!unset-user-birthday @username – to remove other user’s birthday.

Search Commands

MEE6 offers some search commands to find things directly from Discord. You have options like !anime [search] to search for anime, !manga [search] to search for manga, and also pokemon if you are a fan.

But there are even more Discord MEE6 commands that you will find useful or even just fun.

22.!imgur [search] – This will post a meme trending on keyword right now. So you can try something like !imgur dogecoin.

Memes on Discord using Imgur command of MEE6

23.!youtube [search] – to search YouTube and play videos inside Discord where everyone can watch it. The video will be embedded.

24.!twitch – to search Twitch streams from inside Discord.

Message Commands

These are commands that control messages in the Discord server.

25.!clear [ 1 -1000] – to delete X number of messages.

MEE6 deleting messages in discord

26.!slow-mode – enables slow mode with the set time. So, if time is set to 10 seconds, users will have to wait for 10 seconds before sending another message. Useful to control spam.

Temporary Channel Commands

MEE6 has an option to create a temporary channel called Hubs. It will be enabled by default but if you are an admin, you can disable it from the MEE6 dashboard. But you need to be a MEE6 premium subscriber to access this feature.

27. !Voice-claim – to claim ownership of the temporary voice channel.

28.!Voice-clean – to delete all temporary in-active voice channels.

29.!Voice-owner – to find the owner of each voice channel.

30.!voice-limit [number] – to limit users to that specific number.

31.!voice-transfer @username @username – to transfer ownership from first user to the second user.

Economy Commands

The Economy is an underrated MEE6 command where you can gamble and play games on your server with a fake currency called MEE6 currency. You can change the name of the currency from the dashboard > Economy. People can also create fake items and sell them for fake money.

32.!daily – to claim your daily rewards.

Daily reward points of MEE6

33.!coins – to get the amount of coins everyone have in the server.

34. !guess – play Guess the Number game to win coins. You get five chances to guess the exact number bot is going to reveal.

Guess the number game of MEE6

35.!rps – play Rock Paper Scissors to gain coins.

36.!richest – to know the richest player on the server.

Wrap Up – Best MEE6 Commands List

I have listed out all the best MEE6 commands that may help you use the popular bot effectively. You may find a few other commands like !pokemon to know more about particular pokemon, but I have neglected them to keep the list short.

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Sours: https://techwiser.com/best-mee6-commands-discord/

Last Updated on 11 August, 2021

Discord MEE6 Bot Commands – Full List – All the search & moderation commands, and how to create custom commands with MEE6 Bot


Discord MEE6 Bot Commands – Basic Discord chat commands

These commands don’t require MEE6

  • /giphy [word or term]: to search for animated GIFs from Giphy’s site
  • /tenor [word or term]: to search for animated GIFs from Tenor’s site
  • /tts [word or phrase]: to read your message to all users currently in the channel
  • /me [word or phrase]: to stand out a message in the channel
  • /tableflip: inputs some emotes
  • /unflip: inputs some emotes
  • /shrug: inputs some emotes
  • /spoiler [word or phrase]: to mark the message as spoiler
  • /nick: to change nickname

Discord MEE6 Bot Commands – Exclusive

Moderation MEE6 Commands

These are MEE6’s exclusive commands:

  • !ban [member] [optional reason]: to ban a member, reason in optional
  • !tempban [member] [duration] [optional reason]: to ban a member during certain time, reason in optional
  • !mute [member] [optional reason]: to mute a member, reason in optional
  • !tempmute [member] [duration] [optional reason]: to mute a member during certain time, reason in optional
  • !unmute [member]: To unmute a member
  • !slowmode [optional timeout] [optional off]: to enable slowmode, timeout is optional, and to disable !slowmodeoff
  • !kick [member] [optional reason]: to kick a member, reason in optional
  • !infractions [member]: list of member’s infractions
  • !warn [member] [optional reason]: to warn a member, reason in optional
  • !clear [optional member] [optional count]: to clear channel’s messages

Search MEE6 Commands

These are MEE6’s exclusive commands:

  • !youtube [search]: search a youtube video
  • !twitch [search]: search a twitch stream channel
  • !imgur [search]: search a imgur meme
  • !urban [search]: search a urban slang
  • !anime [search]: search a kitsu for anime
  • !manga [search]: search a kitsu for manga
  • !pokemon [search]: search a pokeapi pokedex for pokemon

Discord MEE6 Bot Commands – Custom Commands

These are the steps to create custom bot commands with MEE6_

  1. Log in (MEE6 Dashboard)
  2. Go to Dashboard button: To select the discord server
  3. Custom Commands tab
  4. Create a Command
  5. Type the command name after the exclamation point and enter the response (the bot will respond with the text when someone uses your command). You can also add a command description and edit the allowed roles
  6. Click the Add button
  7. See how your new command works

Other chat commands guides:

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The MEE6 bot offers a wide range of features such as creating custom commands, leveling roles and XP, Moderation, making announcements, visual music player, and much more. All these features help a discord owner greater help in handling their increasing audience and keep them engaged in the server. 

There are times when some arguments lead to heated debates in the server ruining the experience of the other users in the server, in that case, the MEE6 bot helps to moderate the server by muting, kicking, or banning the user based on the rules by the server owner. This greatly helps to maintain the quality of the discord server.

The content creator uses the MEE6 bot to integrate various platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, etc with their discord server so whenever they post a new content the MEE6 bot shares the content to the users in the server, in other words, it acts as an automated social sharing bot. 

The other benefit the MEE6 bot offers is the visual player unlike the other music player bot such as groovy or rhythm where the user has to put in various commands to play, resume, skip, queue, and other many functions which the MEE6 bot can provide simply with their visual music player. 

To keep the users engaged in the server the MEE6 bot offers a leveling system through which users can unlock ranks whenever they level up in the server. Also, another great time passes feature MEE6 bot offers is the music quiz feature which comes with their visual music player. 

How to add mee6 bot to discord?

Setting up the MEE6 bot is pretty much the same as adding any other bot to your discord server.

STEP 1: Go to the official website of the MEE6 bot. You can either search for “MEE6 bot” on google or you can go directly to their official website which is – Mee6.xyz.

STEP 2: When you are on the official website of the MEE6 bot, then you can click on the pink button that says “Add to Discord” or you can also click on “Add to Discord” on the upper left corner. This will invite the MEE6 bot to your server.

STEP 3: So when you click on the “Add to Discord”, then it will ask you to sign in to your discord account. When you have signed in or you are already signed in to the discord then you will have to select the discord server to which you want to add the groovy bot. 

STEP 4: After you have selected the server to which you want to add the groovy bot then it will ask you for permission access. It will automatically have administrator access, you can untick the administrator access if you don’t want the bot to have complete access to your server. Then select the Authorize button. 

The MEE6 bot is added successfully to your discord server !! You will be able to see the groovy bot confirmation message on the right sidebar

Features of MEE6 Bot Discord

Create Custom Command

In the MEE6 dashboard, you can easily create your custom commands for various purposes such as removing roles, sending messages in the discord channel, or sending personal messages as DM, and similarly, for many more features you can create the custom command.

Welcome New User

The MEE6 bot offers the facility to welcome the new user. It can inform the new user about the server rules, information about each channel, ongoing or upcoming event information, or information about some important topic related to the discord community. Also, the MEE6 bot can provide roles to the new user right after they have joined the discord server, or simply give them a warm welcome.

Leveling Roles

The leveling system in MEE6 offers the feature to rank the users based on activity in the community. The MEE6 bot can reward the user based on how active the user is in the community. The MEE6 bot can reward the most active members with access to exclusive channels and privileged permissions in the server. You can create custom ranks for the user, so as the user levels up based on their performance they can achieve a customizable rank card and they can show off on the leaderboard. 


The MEE6 bot offers an easy-to-use moderation system. The moderation system allows server owners to protect their servers from spammy links, heated debates, unwanted ads, excessive emojis, and many more. With the moderation system, the server owner can automate actions such as muting, banning and unbanning, kicking, etc if they act against the certain rules that you can set. 

With the moderation feature, you can keep track of what’s happening in your server by setting up a private channel where you and other privileged users who have access to the private channel will be notified whenever someone is kicked, banned, muted, etc the server. 

The moderation helps to maintain the quality of the server and reduce the manual task.

MEE6 Bot Moderator Commands

!ban – Bans the user from the server

!tempban – Temporarily bans a user from the server

!clear – Delete the message based on specific rules

!infractions – Display the number of infraction by the user

!kick – Kicks a user from the server

!mute – Mutes the user on the server

!tempmute – Temporarily mutes the user on the server

!role-info – Provide information about the specific role

!server-info – Provide information about the current server

!slowmode – Enables or Disables slowmode

!unban – Unbans a user from the server

!unmute – Unmutes a user on the server

!user-info – Provide information about a particular user

!warn – Warns a user

Making Announcement

This feature of the MEE6 bot tends to be very useful for the content creator. For example, if you have a youtube channel then you can use this bot to notify your server whenever any new video is uploaded. This can be followed by another content creator, whenever your favorite creator begins to stream, upload, or post content you can easily alert the server. This bot allows you to upload alerts for Mixer and Twitch, upload alerts for YouTube, and post alerts for Reddit and Twitter. 

Visual Music Player

The MEE6 bot also allows you to play music and manage your playlist with the help of a visual music player dashboard and away from complicated commands for playing the music. In the Visual music player the user can directly search for the specific song, loop the songs, play and pause, next or rewind all with the help of simple visual icons. You can stream the music 24/7 without interruptions. It also allows discord members to vote for a song and also skip the song if they don’t like it. The visual music player can play the song from various sources such as Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitch, and many more. You can also create a music quiz with this feature where the first person to guess the song and artist within the given time earns the point. 

MEE6 Bot Music Commands

!play – Plays the Music from the Queue

!search – Search the song

!record – Record the current conversation in a voice channel

!seek – Jump to the specific time in the track

!volume – Increase or decrease the volume by 200%

!add – Add the song in the queue

!queue – List the song present in the queue

!clear-queue – Remove all the songs present in the queue

!skip – Skip the current playing song

!vote-skip – Starts a vote to skip to the next song in the queue

!join – Make the MEE6 bot join the voice channel

!leave – Disconnect the MEE6 bot from the voice channel

!stop – Pause the currently playing song

!start-quiz – Start a music quiz on the discord channel

!stop-quiz – Stops the current music quiz

!stop-recording – Stop the recording and get the link to the audio file.

Some Great Music Bots

Rythm Bot– It is the second largest music bot. It has all features of play, pause, resume, loop, queue, etc. to have fun with music.

Hydra Bot– Hydra is also a great music bot. It will connect to the voice channel and play music same as other music bots. The best thing about Hydra Bot is that you can control the songs and queue with the help of emotes that are present beneath the song thumbnail.

Octave Bot– Octave Bot is maintained by the same team that is running the Dank Memer Bot (one of the largest discord bot). Earlier, Dank Memer contained music feature but later they decide to separate it into a separate music bot (octave bot).

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Since the first day, the number of registered discord users is growing rapidly due to its convenience and a long list of multi-purpose benefits. It is respectable, and all but handling a massive audience on a particular discord server can become challenging more often than not. There are times when you are unavailable, or some troublemakers are making your life hard by breaking the set of rules and regulations. At the same time, there are also plenty of dedicated users that play a significant role in the growth of servers by benefiting the community one way or the other.

Nowadays, many users manage multiple discord servers and integrate to the audiences of various platforms simultaneously. The best examples are none other than Reddit, YouTube, and popular live-streaming platform Twitch. In order to manage and create a more engaging community on Discord, the MEE6 Bot is the perfect solution for your server.

Why do you need a MEE6 bot?

The number of benefits that the MEE6 Bot offers is striking, to say the least. When you have more than one channel or a limited workforce to manage data, this is where the MEE6 Bot shines the brightest. Handling a growing audience and avoiding actions that might unknowingly lead to a heated debate can become rather severe and challenging. So, bots such as MEE6 are ideal with their vast range of features and commands. Whether it be custom commands, playing music, welcoming new members, or assigning levels, the MEE6 dashboard has all the necessary features that you need for your discord server.

What is the MEE6 Bot?

Basically, the MEE6 discord bot is a chat-bot that provides management options for the online discord community, much like Rythm Bot, YAGPDB Bot, or Groovy Bot. It enhances your discord experience by introducing high-spec moderation and integrations to popular sites, i.e., YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, and engagement gamification features. If you are a live streamer or YouTube content creator, you can generate a notification when you go online. Moreover, whether it be displaying automated messages to welcome new members, play your favorite music, deal with troublemaking members, or any other unique features, the MEE6 Bot has it all in store for you.

The ease-to-access MEE6 dashboard lets you configure a wide range of settings for your discord server and collect valuable user data simultaneously. This bot also enables you to assign particular roles to your members depending on the number of predefined privileges. MEE6 bot is totally free of cost and comes with a premium version that costs few bucks in exchange for additional features.

MEE6 Bot Features

Aside from the moderation and customization, the MEE6 dashboard offers plenty of features to enhance the user experience on the platform. It lets you send messages to your members directly to maintain privacy, generate useful statistics concerning major events happening across the globe, create polls for specific topics, and much more.

MEE6 Bot is especially helpful for its announcement functions for streaming and content creation platforms. Based on the user data and experience, new exciting features get introduced often and make having the bot on your server all the more worthwhile.

The Best Visual Music Player

MEE6 Bot is best known for its music player, allowing you to play music and manage your customizable playlists. MEE6 dashboard lets you directly search your favorite music without needing to insert any complicated commands. If you are playing the music on the discord server, it enables the user to cast votes on replaying or skipping the music. You can also set up challenges for members to guess the song and artist's name to earn points.

Custom Commands

Custom commands let you manage assigned roles to different members, send automated messages, deliver the important notification, inform members about ongoing and upcoming events, and much more.

Leveling and XP

Leveling is something that the admin enables and defines specific instructions that grant the users XP upon sending a message on the server. You can define the thresholds required to reach the next level and notify the member regarding their achievement either publicly or through DMs. The XP gain for server members gets displayed on the dedicated server leaderboards. You can insert commands and familiarize yourself with your total XP, member rankings, and levels. Grinding it can become rather interesting when certain rewards await upon hitting a specified landmark, such as rank cards.

Private Channels

MEE6 Bot lets you choose a private channel and keep you updated regarding the activities happening on the discord server. It can be related to members getting banned, muted, kicked, and more.

Custom Moderation Options

MEE6 bot moderation system plays a major role in managing your server from harmful advertisements, unsafe links, disturbing content, swearing, and other online problems. You can set up actions that let you keep track of user's infractions committed and control the traffic with automated timers. It saves the trouble of manually dealing with every member, whether related to bans, muting, or kicking the troublesome members.

MEE6 Bot Commands

When it comes to the MEE6 Bot, the discord server's moderator has a particular collection of commands that they can implement to control their server. Aside from the custom commands, these special commands cover a wide range of functions that are convenient and necessary to manage the unpredictable nature of online communities. MEE6 bot commands are mentioned below:

!ban – Command for banning a designated user from the discord server
!tempban – Command for restricting a user from the discord server for a temporary duration
!kick – Command for kicking a user from the discord server
!mute – Command for muting a user from the discord server
!unmute – Command for unmuting a user from the discord server
!tempmute – Command for temporarily muting a user from the discord server
!clear – Command for clearing the messages of a channel
!role-info – Command for extracting the information related to a specific role
!user-info – Command for getting information about a user
!server-info – Command for getting information concerning the existing server
!infractions – Command for displaying the infractions of a particular user
!slowmode – Command for disabling or enabling the slow-mode feature in a channel
!unban – Command for unbanning a user from the discord server
!warn – Command for issuing a warning to a particular user

MEE6 bot also grants you the freedom to add custom commands to your discord server. These commands could be using specific arguments or defined variables or using both simultaneously. The variables mainly refer to the users, server, channels, and even be miscellaneous. Some of the common examples include {user. name}, {channel. id}, and {user. avatar}, etc.

When it comes to using arguments, the custom commands let you copy a specific argument and even multiple arguments by combining the commands. You can even define a default value if the user did not specify a particular value for the argument. You can do it by adding {: default text} after the code ends.

How to Set Up MEE6 Bot?

It is incredibly straightforward to set up the MEE6 Bot for your discord server. All you need to is:

  1. Visit the official MEE6 Bot's website and click on the Add to Server option.
  2. Then simply login or register your discord server.
  3. After logging in, select the server from the list where you wish to display the MEE6 Bot.
  4. Afterward, provide authorization for the Bot in order to regulate and control your discord server.
  5. Check the Add bot to a server and press the Authorize option.
  1. Now you only need to apply the Command Prompt commands, and your discord server will be ready to go for the customization process.

If you want to explore more awesome Discord Bots check out this article about the best discord bots!

Sours: https://thesmartcoder.dev/mee6-bot/

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All of Mee6's Commands and the most Useful ones!


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