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While BTS‘s Suga looks intimidating and acts tough, in reality he’s just a soft and sleepy guy with a gummy smile that can light up a whole room. So without further ado, here are 10 photos and GIFs of said gummy smile to brighten your day, and put a smile on your face!

1. Introducing lil meow meow

2. Intimidating to uwu real quick

3. His precious smile featuring coca cola

4. Seriously, how can someone not smile after seeing him smile?

5. The pure joy that’s radiating from him is precious

6. Whether at a baseball game or concert, his smile is infectious

7. His smile must be protected at all costs

8. Oh, to be the person he’s smiling at…

9. Just…uwu

10. Never stop smiling and laughing, Suga!

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Your Eomma said you are going to meet my husband-to-be today. But its been an hour since you've waited here at the Coffee Shop. Good thing its near your house.

It was weird that you did not protested. He was a family friend's son and an heir to their company. You don't care if he's rich you just want him to show up.

He better come here or else I'll-

Your thoughts were disturbed as the Coffee Shop's door opened. A guy just entered. He was searching. He roamed his eyes around and then after a while it landed on your table. He smiled.


You got a strange tingling in your stomach.

"Hi. Sorry something came up." He said as he sat down beside me. You just smiled. Damn. I didn't expect this could be so awkward.

"T-thats fine. By the way I'm Nami." He offered his hand to you.

"I'm Suga. But you can call me Yoongi." He bared his teeth. Showing his gums.

"So, have you-"

"Ne. I have. And let's do it right away. Arasseo?"

He look pale and as white as milk. His gums shows whenever he bares his teeth. His clothes states that he is a rebel. But you can feel he's not really like it.

"So..What are you planning for tonight?" Yoongi asked as he put down his cup of coffee.

"Me? I-I..I will just be at my house. Why?" Damn this tongue. Why am I stammering? You looked at him then he smiled.

"Good then let's talk about it at your place. Is that alright?" He said as he leaned closer to you. I nodded and drank my coffee. Yoongi looked at his watch.

"Sht." He whispered then covered hid mouth automatically when he felt your presence.

"You have something to do?" You asked then he nodded. "It's alright you can go. Nice to meet you by the way."

"Gomawo. Nice to meet you too. See you later." He patted your shoulder before finally leaving.


You quickly stood up as you realised something.

I forgot to ask his number.

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“It’s his real smile”

When Suga smile, he will give out the most adorable smile. And I believe ARMY’S will agree with me on that. Everytime he smiled, we can see he really love his members and his fans.

”Smile that will take your heart away”

He doesn’t talk much as other members but that smile, I believe he already wreck your heart.. Am I right?

“That moment he is happy with no worry in the world”

Min Suga is one of the busiest member in BTS. And sometime we can see his lack with energy but when he show us that gummy smile of his, he is happy with his life right now. Life is hard but that moment he is happy.



PROOF that JENNIE \u0026 SUGA are the same person - metamorphosis 1

“Who has the best smile in BTS?” This is a common question for members of the ARMY and for many, the answer is none other than Suga. Min Yoon-gi, more popularly known as Suga and Agust D, is the group's lead rapper. He is also a committed record producer and songwriter. 

For having one of the best smiles in K-pop, Min Yoon-gi's gummy smile has captivated the hearts of many, BTS fans or not. But how does he manage to keep his picture-perfect smile? With great oral hygiene of course! If you want to knowhow to whiten your teeth at homeas well as through a professional service, read on for the 8 effective ways to get a smile like Suga's!

1. Use a sonic toothbrush 

SUGA, Min Yoon-gi of the K-pop band BTS is seen on February 21, 2020 in New York City. Photo: JNI/Star Max/GC Images

First things first, brush daily. But don’t just use any toothbrush. Get yourself a sonic toothbrush as the vibration allows for a deeper clean as it gets between your tooth and gum line in a way that regular toothbrushes can't. This way, you are guaranteed a cleaner and whiter smile.

BURST Oral Care’s Sonic Toothbrush is a professional-grade product that features a powerful motor, charcoal-infused PBT nylon bristles and three brushing modes. This toothbrush also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Use a whitening toothpaste 

Whitening products like toothpaste can help you get a brighter smile like Suga. Photo: BigHit/YouTube

Another popular way to make your pearly whites shine as bright as Suga’s is through teeth whitening products like toothpaste. These products usually contain silica to help remove stains from your teeth.

However, there are also better and less harsh options out there, such as the SuperSmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste. Developed by the Father of Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Irwin Smigel, this toothpaste contains fluoride, calcium, phosphates and their exclusive Calprox formula to remove plaque, remineralize your enamel and whiten your teeth in just five days!

3. Use a teeth whitening kit 

Suga, also known as Yoongs, is famous for his white teeth and bright smile.Photo: BigHit/YouTube

Aside from professional teeth whitening treatments, there are also at-home options that you can try.

Check out Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, which is safe to use for all types of tooth sensitivity. The kit contains a brush, whitening serum and LED light. All you have to do is wear the mouthpiece for around 9 minutes a day, rinse your mouth and voila, you'll have noticeably whiter teeth just like Suga!

4. Use activated charcoal products 

Activated charcoal products is proven to help whiten your teeth and let you smile like our Suga from BTS. Photo: BigHit/YouTube

As activated charcoal is highly absorbent, it can help whiten teeth by binding with pigments and stains on your teeth.

Given that there's a myriad of activated charcoal products available, we recommend you get Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder. Made from organic coconut charcoal and mixed with mint for flavor, this charcoal powder will help bring out the shine in your teeth and smile.

5. Take it slow with hydrogen peroxide

While slower than other steps in this list, hydrogen peroxide is also a great option for ARMYs looking to get teeth as white as Suga's. Photo: BigHit/YouTube

If you’re not in a hurry and want a slower, gentler whitening process, then you should try hydrogen peroxide. Do remember to space out your treatments for safety and maximum effectiveness.

We recommend the Colgate Optic White Pen as it is easy to use and apply. As it's made by a trusted brand, you'll have more confidence in adding this to your teeth whitening routine. 

6. Use a mouthwash 

Mouthwash is great for not only giving you a smile as bright as Suga, but also help reduce bacteria build-up that can lead to tooth decay.Photo: BigHit/YouTube

While having a nice smile is important, so is having fresh breath. The right mouthwash can help you achieve both.

We recommend Perioscience’s AO ProRinse, a powerful antioxidant-based oral rinse that helps soothe your gums, freshen your breath and of course, whiten your teeth. Best of all, this product is also alcohol-free and is great for maintaining teeth and gum health.

7. Limit your sugar intake 

Following a healthy diet can also keep your teeth white and your body fit and healthy like Suga.Photo: BigHit/YouTube

Suga doesn’t get his gummy smile from brushing alone. He also gets it from staying healthy and eating good food, which is also something you should do! Aside from brushing your teeth daily, a diet rich in crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and celery will help brighten your teeth. Dairy products are also a good addition to your daily diet as these will counter acids in your mouth and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Diet-to-Go can provide you with healthy gourmet-style meals delivered straight to your doorstep. Working with top chefs in their USDA-certified kitchen, Diet-to-Go is perfect for people who want to eat healthier but don’t know how to get started. They also have menus for different preferences and you can easily mix and match food options via their app. Their vegetarian menu is perfect for people who want stronger, whiter teeth. Good food will not only strengthen and whiten your teeth but also keep you fit and healthy.

8. Take a trip to the dentist

Lastly, regular dental trips will help you maintain your oral health and smile, just like Suga. Photo: BigHit/YouTube

Most dentists offer professional teeth whitening treatments, which are best suited for severe discoloration.

However, if you're not suffering from that, then a regular dental checkup to maintain good oral health is equally important. Not only will you be able to keep your teeth white, but also keep them strong and healthy so you can keep smiling and shining like Suga.


Smile suga gummy

SUGA’s Be Log feat. Gummy smiles, guitar, squishy cheeks, boopable nose and jokes!

Whenever BANGTAN TV calls, we go! Especially if it's a solo member’s vlog! BigHit released one of the most influential and biggest rappers in the South Korean industry’s vlog today - SUGA’s, also known as Lil Meow Meow. The 1 minute 22 seconds of the vlog, with their title track Life Goes On playing in the background, is just pure happiness! 


The vlog starts with different scenes of Yoongi playing his new favourite instrument, guitar, under the backdrop of a calming view - a bonfire in the middle of what looks like a garden, crossed legs, and a clear evening sky. The scene changes to clips of Yoongi making his signature expression (that makes ARMYs go crazy) - the :] expression! In each clip, the camera zooms in on his face, treating the fans with a handsome visual closeup!


Next up is our stylish 27-year-old rapper in his classic black attire but with an add-on - a guitar bag! We’re then blessed with two very Yoongi-ish jokes (watch the video to know!). The vlog is a treat to the eyes, mind, and soul as we see his goofiness and professionalism both! Especially his signature expression. 


Watch SUGA’s Be-Log here: 



The ending is, arguably, one of the best parts of the video. The second-last clip has a purple sticker in the corner, titled ‘Jungkook Cam’ in a handwritten font. The 5-second clip is of the maknae just zooming in his hyung’s face while he makes a weird expression. If we had tos sum up this vlog in one line, it’s - ‘Watch Yoongi break ARMYs hearts with his various avatars!’. This video also has one of the best endings - an ethereal Min Yoongi, dressed in a black leather jacket, sitting on a set, looking at the fake snowflakes falling around him.


Also Read: BTS member Jin takes us through his everyday life via a new BE Log; Eat Jin returns


SUGA’s vlog has us and ARMY’s all over Twitter, melting. Let’s see what other members’ vlogs have in store for us!


What was your favourite part in the vlog? Tell us in the comments below! 

5 Minutes of Suga's Gummy Smile

Suga Smile

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