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2 New Motorcycles From Kyosho

Just announced by Kyosho are a pair of new motorcycles in their “Hanging On Racer” series. The first bike is a 1991 Honda NSR500 with the second being a 1992 S.R.T. SUZUKI RGV-Γ. Both bikes will come as kits and feature a rider that sways side-to-side as the bike leans into corners. Scale detailing is high on both bikes, as is their fun factor.

* Realistic chain drive system with sprockets
* Le Mans DM20 brushed motor
* Inverted front forks
* Mono-shock rear suspension
* Twin tube style frame
* S.D.S.S. (semi direct steering system) for full bank cornering
* Amazing scale detailing
* New metal third gear
* Fall prevention guards
* Comes with bike stand
* Length: 270mm
* Width: 98mm
* Height: 190mm
* Wheelbase: 185mm

The part number for the Honda is #34932, the part number for the Suzuki is #34931, and both are expected to start shipping in November.

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Kyosho Honda NSR500 Hanging-On Rider RC Motorcycle Kit 1:8-scale

Since it's first release in 1992, Kyosho's long selling Hanging On Racer model is still as popular as ever. The S.D.S.S (semi direct steering system) delivers high performance fully independent motion with the rider figure construction incorporating 13 different connections so it hangs on to the bike as it leans into corners. The result is driving performance just like a real motorbike that is easy enough for anyone to control. In addition, each section of the bike is designed with an incredible level of scale detail from the body cowl, inverted front fork suspension, brake disk & calipers, wheels, drive chain, sprocket and asymmetrical swing arm to recreate a model of display standard quality. However, as only a few parts are used in construction, even beginners can enjoy the satisfaction of the assembly that only takes a short time to complete. Dive deep into the fascinating realm of R/C electric motorbike driving like never before and discover the pure enjoyment of building, displaying and driving your own Hanging On Racer. ***This is a KIT that requires a number of additional purchases to make the model fully operational, and it requires complete assembly and painting. This is best suited for intermediate to experienced modelers. The pictures showing the assembled motorcycle are for reference only.***.

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Kyosho RC Motorbike

Kyosho Hanging On Racer RC Motorcycle - Rider Lean Mechanism #kyosho #rcmotorcycle #hangingonracer


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Kyosho Hang on Racer NSR500 Shakedown


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