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How to fast track past eBay seller limits (fall update)

eBay seller limits

When you sign up for an eBay store, there will initially be eBay seller limits in place.

Limits vary, but if you&#;re new to eBay your limits will probably be around 10 items and $

Limiting sales for new sellers helps to keep eBay a trusted marketplace.

To help you stay within these allowances, new sellers can only use bulk listing/editing tools after 90 days and receiving at least 10 positive Feedback ratings.

3 types of eBay seller limits may apply, depending on the seller:

  • Account-based selling allowances.
  • Category-based listing allowances.
  • Item-based listing allowances.

eBay seller limits are not directly related to your level of shop subscription. Store subscription will not automatically increase your eBay seller limits .

Account based eBay selling allowances

These allowances vary between sellers. They may be increased based on your selling activity.

Account-based selling allowances don&#;t apply to the following categories:

Going to the monthly selling allowances section of my eBay>selling will show your allowances. A red alert will show once you reach your monthly selling allowance. At that point you won&#;t be able to list any more items that month.

Good &#;til Cancelled listings count towards your selling limits. They won&#;t renew automatically if you&#;ve reached your listing limit.

When you get close to your monthly sales limit eBay will message you to let you know. At that point, if you want to, you can request a higher selling allowance.

If you have more than one seller account, you may be able to raise your eBay seller limits by linking your more established seller account to your new one. If your accounts can be linked, you&#;ll see that option when you select Request higher selling limits in the Monthly selling limits section of My eBay&#;s All Selling view.

It&#;s important to maintain high seller performance. Falling below eBay’s minimum performance standards can cause restrictions to be placed on your account and how much you can sell.

One way to boost your seller performance is to increase your visibility for relevant searches. The best way to increase your relevance is to make use of as many item specifics as you can.

We&#;ve written a great post on item specifics here: Boost your eBay sales in 2 easy steps with Item Specifics.

Category-based listing allowances

If you&#;re new to selling in a particular category, eBay may limit how much you can sell. This is to help give you time to learn about selling in that category and any rules that may apply.

Once you have built some experience selling in a category and eBay can see that you understand the rules and customers are happy with you, most selling limits will be lifted.

If you reach your selling limit for a category where you&#;re waiting to list more items, you should wait for your next monthly listing allocation to become available. Items listed in the wrong category are seen by less people and have poor sales. In addition, listing items in the wrong category violates eBay policy and so could lead to more serious restrictions for your account.

Being patient, offering great service and encouraging customers to leave feedback is the best way to increase category-based listing allowances.

Item based listing allowances

eBay’s VERO programme allows rights owners to report infringements and has helped eBay to become one of the most trusted places to buy designer goods online.

Item-based listing allowances are in place to protect against listings for counterfeit items, fakes, replicas, or unauthorised copies. If you sell designer handbags or shoes, or any other item that is at high risk of counterfeit, you are likely to experience this restriction.

When you’ve been a seller for at least 90 days with good detailed seller ratings, you may be eligible to have your listing allowance increased.

When looking to increase sales allowances, eBay consider:

  • Buyer Feedback.
  • No Unresolved requests from buyers.
  • Selling history and activity as a seller on the site.
  • Absence of Feedback questioning the authenticity of items.
  • PayPal verification.
  • History of following eBay policies.
  • General good standing of the account.

If your selling performance and sales metrics are strong, you may be able to have your limits increased.

Often, eBay will need more information – where you source stock to know it is genuine, for example.

If you ask to have your eBay seller limits increased but don&#;t yet qualify, don’t lose hope.

Item based listing allowances are reviewed every 30 days. If your eBay selling limit is lower than you want, it’s best to sell as much as eBay will allow and check again in 30 days. If you&#;ve been following eBay protocol and selling well, you&#;ll probably be able to list more items in this category or type at that point.

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Opening a new store on eBay is never a bad idea, but it is not as easy as a newcomer might think it is. For instance, when starting from scratch, the first limitation a new eBay seller faces is the eBay selling limits. In the beginning, your store will be limited to 10 items that are valued at no more than $. This limit was created by eBay to let sellers demonstrate their credibility before getting wider access.

Let&#;s dive further into this starter&#;s limit. You will be given a 10 item limit &#; this means you can list 10 items only throughout that month. Whether you choose to list one product with a quantity of 10 units, or 10 different products each with only 1 unit/variation &#; it will still count the same.

Furthermore, if you listed ten items and one of them was sold immediately, your monthly limits will reduce from 10 to 9, until the limit bucket renews next month.Let’s demonstrate the eBay limits using an edge case: if you are to list just one item worth $, your eBay store’s limit will be reached as well and you won’t be able to list more items, even though you listed just the one.

It&#;s time&#;

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How to find my eBay selling limits?

There are two pages on which you can see your monthly selling limits on eBay. The first is your All Selling page. It is showing right after &#;your performance&#; box. There you will get to know how many items you have sold and for how many $$, how many items you have listed and their value in $$, and how many items you can still list in both quantity of items and volume.

eBay monthly selling limits

The second place to find your selling limits is the Overview page of your seller hub. I prefer to work with the seller hub as it is much more pleasant on the eyes and easy to navigate. It will look like this:

eBay selling limits

If you are new to the Seller Hub and just opted in for the first time, there&#;s a chance you won&#;t find it straight away. In that case, go to customize on either the top right corner or the bottom of the page and click on the Monthly selling limits.

customizing ebay seller hub

Remember that eBay seller limits are not directly connected to the level of your account subscription. So if you will buy a bigger store subscription, it will not automatically increase your eBay seller limits. How can you increase your seller limits on eBay then? 

Will eBay increase my selling limits automatically?

Overall, eBay reviews the sellers’ accounts on the20th of every month and can update your selling limits without you even asking for it. They will reset the existing account limits at the end of the month.

The automatic increase usually happens after 90 days for new sellers, in case they meet eBay criteria and show active selling metrics and performance.  Though,  you should never wait for it:

We&#;ll review your account every month and adjust your limit automatically based on your sales volume and the feedback you get.
eBay on selling limits.

But new eBay dropshipping sellers who are trying to start a business online are often selling products at a rate that is higher than 10 per month. Methods to increase the selling limits were developed by dropshipping experts over the years and made it possible to grow faster regardless of eBay&#;s automatic evaluation process.

How to increase my eBay seller limits?

There are few ways to get your selling limits raised. The easiest one is to click on Request to list more button right under your Monthly limits information:

request your limits button

Requesting to increase your limits will direct you to at least one of the two options:

  1. Contact via phone &#; You will be presented with a number to call and with a one-time passcode to enter for verification.
  2. Contact via text &#; There you could write an application explaining why you would like to request a limits increase 
requesting higher ebay selling limits

If you choose the call, which is the recommended option, you will be asked to give some personal & business information about you and your store, like your email address, business address, what kind of items are you selling and where do you get them from among other questions. They are basically trying to verify your identity and make sure you’re not selling anything prohibited and that your suppliers are reliable.

Since dropshipping on eBay from retail websites stands against the eBay dropshipping policy you should probably consider to avoid mentioning the word dropshipping and rather refer to them simply as suppliers you work with. 

For beginners, it is also recommended to start dropshipping from Ali Express to eBay and not from US retailers which will also allow you to say you are sourcing products from Chinese suppliers you find online.

Take into account that if you haven’t produced your first sale, or yet to reach that initial limit, there’s a good chance you will be denied. Worry not, despite what some would think, nothing stops you from calling again after a day or two.

In the case you already have an established account with bigger limits and a selling record, you can contact eBay using the same way, identify yourself as that account holder and ask to link the new store to it, or by clicking on the request button.

However, there are some qualifications on which eBay pay attention in reviewing your request: 

  • that your selling account is open for at least 90 days; 
  • it has no open cases;
  • your buyer feedbacks;
  • it has a high/active selling performance;
  • PayPal verification;
  • not violated eBay policies;
  • No comments from your buyers about the product’s authenticity.

 Although, failing to reach the mentioned criteria doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t at a minimum ask.

The increase of eBay selling limits was declined. What to do?

It can happen. In case of a refusal, you can request an increase of your account selling limits in a few days again, for example by calling them. In general, you are allowed to request higher selling limits once in 30 days, but anyway keep attempting more often than that, especially if your sales are growing.    

Tips: In order to be able to request the increase of your account limits, you need to sell as much as you can and get the feedback. How can you do it? 

  • Try to sell cheap products on-demand at very competitive prices. It will raise your chances of sales. 
  • Remove the products that didn’t have a sale for a long time and list a new one.
  •  If you have a product with multiple variations, you can also remove a few of them to get more space for well-selling products. 

Please remember: eBay does want you to increase your limits since the bigger amount of listings you have, the more you can sell and eBay will get more money and buyers.

Why does eBay have selling limits?

Trust. A seller has to prove that he can deliver, and not just sell before he can get a chance to scale up. The limits are applied to all new selling accounts and are protecting both sellers and buyers from scammers and to make people look to start a side hustle like eBay dropshipping to grow slower. That method helps to minimize the risks of bad buying experiences and policy violations, so buyers will keep coming back for more.

Obviously, it&#;s not only delivering the packages that count. Sellers also have to prove their customer service skills and the handling of after-sales requests like returns or cancellations. Oh, and the products they sell must be authentic and accurate according to their descriptions, titles, and images.

eBay & PayPal payment holds                (The “PayPal Jail”)

During your first three months selling on eBay using PayPal, you will witness some payment holdouts. These apply to sellers that have yet to complete 25 transactions, haven&#;t reached $ in gross sales and are rated below standard. The holds will last for one of three options:

  • Payments can be released after 3 days from the confirmation of the item delivery, using the validated tracking information that was uploaded by the seller.
  • They can also be released just 7 days after the seller&#;s estimated date of delivery.
  • In the case that the seller has failed to upload tracking information but did mark the item as shipped and the buyer hasn&#;t opened any complaints, the payment will be released 21 days after the buyer paid.

Besides completing 25 transactions successfully, reaching $ in sales or waiting 90 days, sellers can also try to improve their seller rating, offer fast shipping and handling, upload validatable tracking numbers and provide excellent customer service in order to be relieved of those payment holds.

Have any interesting stories about your selling limits increase requests? Do share with us in the comments below!


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Trust is the bedrock of eCommerce. Providing a reliable service keeps customers coming back, but how does eBay make sure everyone is playing by the rules? The system of eBay selling limits gives you an opportunity to show your credibility, without reducing opportunities to sell. Let’s learn more.

What are eBay selling limits?

eBay selling limits, sometimes called selling allowances, are restrictions placed by eBay on the number of listings some sellers, particularly new ones, are allowed to post. This is to protect customers from the possibility of fraud, or being sold fake or stolen goods.

For new eBay sellers, the limit begins at 10 items per month, with a total value of $ More established sellers who demonstrate credibility can apply to have their eBay selling limits raised.

You demonstrate this credibility not just by selling more items, but by delivering on time and providing good customer service to gather positive feedback.

What types of eBay selling limits are there?

eBay has a sophisticated system in place to keep an eye on possible scams while still providing an open, welcoming marketplace for sellers and customers. This involves three types of selling limits:

  • Account-based selling limits which are placed on you, the seller
  • Category-based selling limits, placed on certain types (categories) of product
  • Item-based selling limits, placed on specific items

Account-based selling limits

Account-based selling limits let eBay check your account and confirm personal information to be sure you are who you say you are. Certain product categories have their own limits and aren’t affected by account-based limits, including:

  • Property
  • Business, office, and industrial
  • Cars, motorcycles, and vehicles

It’s easy to see why these three aren’t subject to account-based limits. Any sale of property, for example, is likely to fall above that $ introductory threshold.

For everything else, the specific limits applied to each account can vary from seller to seller. The Sell Your Item form will show your account’s limits whenever you post a listing.

How do account-based eBay selling limits work?

eBay limits the number of sold and active items allowed on your account each month. Items officially count towards the limit when they’re sold; an unsold listing which expires does not count towards the monthly allowance.

So for example, say you open a brand-new account with a limit of 10 items. You list five and successfully sell three, the other two expire. You’re left with seven listings to use up for the rest of that month.

eBay may end listings which push you over your limit. Good ‘Til Cancelled limits, for example, won’t auto-renew if you find yourself over your account-based selling limit.

eBay selling limits are there to incentivize sellers to provide a good experience for customers. Not only can your account’s selling limit be relaxed if you deliver that experience, it can be tightened if you fail to meet eBay’s performance standards.

You can review any additional restrictions on your account from your Seller Dashboard.

Category-based selling limits

Even if you’ve been successfully selling for a while, eBay selling limits may be placed on your account if you branch out to a new category of product. This is to give you time to manage inventory and learn the nuances of this new area.

Category-based selling limits may be applied to you if:

  • You’re still within 90 days of your first successful sale
  • You’re new to selling items in this category
  • It’s been over a year since you sold an item in this category
  • More than 3% of your transactions over the past year have resulted in cases being opened against you

Item-based selling limits

It’s a sad fact of eCommerce life that some items are simply more prone to fakes or unauthorized replicas than others. Designer handbags and watches, for example. If you start selling specific items with a high risk of counterfeit, you may have additional restrictions imposed for a time.

This is connected to eBay’s Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program. eBay is committed to supporting everyone on the platform, whether shoppers, sellers, or those holding the intellectual property rights to products.

Item-based selling limits ensure everyone plays fair, and contribute to eBay’s status as one of the most trusted marketplaces on Earth for buying and selling luxury goods.

How to find your selling limit

When you post a new listing, any eBay selling limits on your account will be shown on screen. There are also two ways to check any limits without trying to post a new listing:

  1. Click My eBay in the page header
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to Sell or Selling Manager on the left-hand side of the page


  1. Go to your Seller Hub
  2. Navigate to the Overview section
eBay selling limits

How do you increase your selling limits?

Since eBay selling limits of all types are there to protect customers from unreliable sellers, many limits get lifted automatically once you’ve proven you’re the real deal. Selling reliably and gaining good feedback for 90 days or more can lead to restrictions being lifted without you needing to request a review.

Requesting a review of eBay selling limits

eBay proactively prompts sellers when they’re approaching their monthly selling limit, as well as when they’ve reached it. In most cases, these prompts will come with the option to request a review of your account activity. If you’ve been providing a good service for long enough, your selling limits might be loosened.

You can also find a link to request a review of your account’s limits by:

  1. Clicking on My eBay in the page header
  2. Going to the All Selling section
  3. Navigating to Monthly Allowances


  1. Going to your Seller Hub
  2. Selecting Overview

eBay might also contact you occasionally to verify your personal information, contact details, and information about your business. Providing and confirming this information can lead to restrictions being loosened on your account.

Selling limits on multiple eBay accounts

It’s possible you might use different accounts to sell on eBay. Linking a more established seller account to a newer one might mean fewer limits. For this to happen, the older account must have:

  • No unresolved cases
  • Detailed seller ratings of or higher in all areas
  • Feedback from a successful sale from at least 90 days ago

If these criteria are met, you can request higher selling allowances.

Selling limits for established sellers

If you’ve been selling on eBay for a long period of time and providing a good service, you’re far less likely to face restrictive selling limits. You can request a review at any time, and it helps to have:

  • Positive feedback from customers
  • No unresolved cases
  • An established, active selling history of at least 90 days
  • No questions over your product’s authenticity
  • PayPal verification
  • A good track record of playing by eBay’s rules

What if my request for higher eBay selling limits gets denied?

If you apply for looser eBay selling limits, but you don’t currently meet the criteria, don’t worry. You can re-apply later once you’ve built up the good standing of your account. You can also simply wait and post more items next month when the limit refreshes.

Remember also that restrictions might apply to some items but not others. If you’ve just branched out into a new line of products, category-based limits might apply only to those products, leaving the rest of your stock unaffected.

Final thoughts

eBay has done a great job of protecting customers from eCommerce villains, without creating an environment that unfairly punishes honest sellers like you. Most are in this game for the long term, so that day initial limit passes in no time. Going forward, it gets even easier. Customer feedback is critical, so the best way to increase your selling limits on eBay is to provide excellent customer service at all times.

Try a better way to support your customers. Sign up for a free day trial today. No credit card needed.

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How To Increase eBay Selling Limits Fast - For Beginners

Selling Limit and Zero Insertion Fee Listings

eBay limits are designed to help new sellers to get acquainted with the marketplace, build a positive sales history, meet buyers demands, and lay a solid foundation for a new business.

All new eBay sellers have a Selling limit and Zero insertion fee listings.

Selling limit

This is an account-based limit.

New sellers have a 10 item selling limit with a total value of $ per month. This means that, during the month, you can sell no more than 10 items for a total of $ This is the standard limit for all new eBay sellers.

The selling limit depends on what will be reached first — the number of listed items or the total sum of items in the active listings.

Example: You have created 2 listings on one of them lists one item, the second — nine items. Thus, you have reached your selling limit by the number of listed items.

  • each item is counted in the listing;
  • if you have at least one active listing by the end of the month, items in it will be taken into account in the selling limit for the next month;
  • If you have reached your selling limit per a calendar month, you will not be able to create additional listings, raise prices, or add items to your listing till one of the active listings ends, or till the first day of the next calendar month.

To see what is your eBay selling limit:

  1. Go to My eBay.
  2. Open Activity tab.
  3. In the Sell section click on the All Selling.
  4. Find the Monthly limits section to view your current limit.

You should not use other accounts for sales or create new ones when you reach the selling limit. It violates eBay policy. In this case, all of your accounts may be suspended indefinitely.

If you've reached your monthly selling limit, you can request a limit increase and we will consider it. To request a limit increase:

  1. Go to My eBay.
  2. Open Activity tab.
  3. In the Sell section click on the All Selling.
  4. Click the Request a limit increase link in the Monthly limits section and follow the on-screen instructions.

We'll review your account every month and adjust your limit automatically based on your sales volume and items total value.

Zero insertion fee listings

The number of zero insertion fee listings per month is not related to the account's selling limit.

If you are registered on, you receive zero insertion fee listings per month. This means you won't be charged insertion fees for these listings. You'll only pay insertion fees after you've used up those listings.

Example: you've listed items on during a month. You will be charged insertion fees for one listing.

This offer is available only on On other eBay sites, a number of zero insertion fee listings may differ or be unavailable.

The available allotment Zero insertion fee listings include fixed price listings, listings with the Buy it Now option and auction-style listings.

If you need more zero insertion fee listings set up an eBay Store. The number of zero insertion fee listings increases depending on the level of eBay store.

The number of zero insertion fee listings cannot exceed your selling limit.

Example: if your selling limit is 10 items / $ per month, and you have zero insertion fee listings, you still can’t list more than 10 items with a total value above $ per month.

To check how many zero insertion fee listings have you got:

  1. Go to My eBay.
  2. Open Activity tab.
  3. In the Sell section click on the All Selling.
  4. You can see the number of used and available zero insertion fee listings in the Promotional Offers section.

Selling limits help new eBay sellers to avoid too many mistakes while taking their first steps on eBay. And zero insertion fee listings helps you to grow your business.


Ebay selling limits

Ebay Selling Limits &#; How To Check, Get Around and Increase Seller Limits

Every business needs to grow and scale to succeed, but new businesses need to do it slowly. Ebay is no exception, and that’s why new sellers have to work their way up carefully with eBay’s selling limits.

This guide will walk through everything you need to know about eBay selling limits. By the end, you’ll know what they are, how to be eligible for a limit increase, along with multiple methods to increase your eBay seller limits.

What Are eBay Selling Limits?

ebay monthly limits

Selling limits are eBay’s way of limiting new sellers on their platform from growing too fast. But, why would they want to do that, you ask?

Think about it &#; if there weren’t any selling limits, anyone can open a seller account, list expensive products, sell them, not ship out anything and keep the money.

To avoid such scenarios from occurring, every new seller starts with a low limit of up to 10 items and $. Both of these limits include the number listed and sold combined.

How Do eBay Selling Limits Work?

how selling limits work ebay

To understand how eBay selling limits work, we need to familiarize ourselves with how the item quantity/ $ Amount limits work and the monthly listingrenewals.

Item Quantity / $ Amount Limit

We’ll demonstrate how eBay selling limits work on a starting limit of 10 items and $. So, let’s say we listed 1 item for $. This will update our limits to 9 items and $.

Now, let’s say that item sold a couple of days after listing it. Our limits will update to 8 items and $. That’s because, as explained above, eBay counts both the amount listed and sold.

Therefore, start with cheap items, and don’t let one expensive item hog up your limits. The more items we have, the higher our chances to sell and get the ball rolling.

Monthly Listing Renewals (Good &#;Til Cancelled listings)

All of the eBay selling limits renew at the beginning of each month. Meaning, we begin every month with 0 items and $0 amount listed and sold.

And, every calendar month, eBay also renews the listings on our stores. That’s because our fixed-price listings automatically come with the ‘Good &#;Til Cancelled’ option.

For example, if we add a new listing on January 5th, then on February 5th, the listing will renew itself. Renewing means it will take up space on our monthly selling limits (and insertion fees on our store subscription.)

Therefore, it’s essential to check our listings’ performance the day before they renew themselves. 

Then, we can remove those that aren’t performing well and replace them before taking up space on our monthly selling limits.

Where Are My Ebay Seller Limits?

First, head to the seller dashboard by hovering over ‘My eBay,’ then click on ‘Selling.’

where are ebay seller limits


We can find our selling limits and additional data regarding our sales, performance, traffic, promotions, and more on the seller dashboard.

If you don’t have a monthly selling limits chart on your seller dashboard, click on the ‘Customize’ link on the top right to activate it.

ebay seller dashboard monthly limits

Furthermore, we can rearrange the charts on our seller dashboard to best suit our needs. 

As a result, every time we enter our seller dashboard, we’ll see our monthly limits along with how much we have left.

So now we know what eBay limits are and how they work. We also know that every new eBay seller starts with low limits.

We bet your next question is, “How do I increase my eBay selling limits?

The million-dollar-question, with all of its solutions, down below.

What To Know Before Increasing Ebay Selling Limits

what to know ebay selling limits

Before we take action to increase our eBay seller limits, let’s go over the ground rules and conditions.

If your eBay store does not meet all of the following criteria, fix whatever is necessary to make sure you’re clean before attempting to raise your eBay selling limits.

1. Make Sure Your Limits Are Full

ebay full limits

First and foremost, before thinking about a limit increase, make sure your current limits are full and in the red zone. 

Otherwise, eBay will reject any attempt to increase your selling limits, as you’ll still have more room to list new items.

If you’re not in the red zone yet, continue adding listings every day until you reach the sweet spot.

2. No Open Returns/Cases Or Unresolved Buyer Requests

ebay open returns

On the seller hub, check out the ‘Orders’ section and ensure that there are no open returns/replacements. 

Also, the resolution center and order cancellations should be clean. 

If there are any open cases/returns/unresolved buyer requests, close them before requesting a limit increase.

3. Seller Level Is In Good Standing

good ebay seller standing

Next, we want to make sure that our eBay seller accounts are in good standing.  This piece of information is also available on our eBay seller dashboard.

To be eligible for a selling limit increase, eBay is looking for seller levels ‘Above Standard’ and above (Top Rated.)

If your eBay seller level is ‘Below Average’, improve your eBay seller rating by:

  • Shipping your items out on time according to their shipping policies. 
  • Updating tracking information on time according to the handling time in your shipping policies.
  • Closing cases (to your favor) between you and the buyer, and without asking eBay to intervene. 

4. Items Are In Stock

items in stock ebay


The next condition before increasing our eBay limits is to ensure that all of our active listings are in stock. 

On the eBay seller hub, click on the ‘Listings’ tab to open up your active listings. Then, sort the quantity from smallest to largest to view the out-of-stock listings first.

Remove the out-of-stock listings and replace them with items that are available.

If you have an eBay seller account with bigger limits, you don’t have to completely exhaust the limits by %. Anywhere between 90%% will suffice.

5. Verified Paypal Account

paypal verified account


The final step to prepare for an eBay selling limit increase is to verify your PayPal account.

For those in eBay’s Managed Payments service, you can skip this step.

In your eBay account settings page, on the left menu, click on ‘PayPal account.’

Then, under ‘Verify Your PayPal Account,’ there will be a link that directs you to the verification center in your PayPal account.

If there is no link available, then your linked PayPal account is verified.

How To Increase eBay Selling Limits

increase ebay seller limits

Once all preparations are complete, we can proceed to request a selling limit increase. 

Here are the five methodsto increase your eBay selling limits:

1. The Automatic Method

automatic seller limit increase

Our favorite method is the automatic one. 

If our seller accounts meet all of the requirements to be eligible for a limit increase, and we’re making constant sales, eBay will automatically increase our selling limits

They have special algorithms that scan our stores once a month for our seller metrics and performance.

As soon as it happens, they’ll send a ‘Now your can list even more’ email with all of the information inside. (See screenshot above.)

Getting automatic selling limit upgrades is a sign that we’re in the right direction. Our seller accounts are healthy, our store’s sale conversions are high, and our customers are happy.

If you got an automatic selling limit increase, give yourself a pat on the back!

2. Request To List More

request higher limits ebay

The second method to increase your eBay selling limits is by clicking on the ‘Request to list more’ link. 

You can find it on your eBay seller hub in the monthly limits section.

Once you click on it, eBay will run a quick scan on your seller account and will let you know within seconds if they increased your limits or not.

Keep in mind that you can only use this option once every month

So, whether the answer was negative or positive, you’ll have to wait at least 30 days before eBay will scan your store again through that link.

Therefore, go over all of the steps to ensure you’re eligible for a limit increase before trying.

3. Contact eBay Via Phone

contact ebay by phone

The third method to increase our eBay selling limits is by contacting eBay by phone.

Calling eBay is the preferred method since they rarely log calls. Meaning, if for some reason, we fail, we can try again instead of waiting one month before each attempt.

To get an eBay representative on the phone, get to their selling limits help section by clicking on that link or by clicking on ‘Help & Contact’ on the top bar:

ebay help contact

Then, scroll down to ‘Browse Help Articles’ and click on ‘Selling’:

browse help articles

From there, scroll down to ‘Listing Your Item,’ and click on ‘Selling Limits’:

ebay selling limits help article

Now, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll have methods to contact eBay on the subject. 

One of those methods should include contacting them by phone, and they will offer a one-time passcode to get to an eBay representative quickly.

ebay contact options

If the contact by phone option doesn’t exist under selling limits, try picking a different help & contact subject and scroll to the bottom of the page. 

On some help subjects, the contact by phone option exists, while on others, it doesn’t. It differs from seller account types and locations.

Before making the call, make sure to go over eBay’s Selling Policies and get familiar with what they’re looking for in a seller.

In general, eBay is looking for overall buyer satisfaction, fast shipping times, clear shipping & return policies, and overall professionalism.

Keep in mind that they want you to sell more and have more listings, as they’re profiting from it, too.

After a quick verification process, they’ll want to know what type of items you’re planning on selling and how much, your shipping times, your item’s locations, and making sure you’re complying with their policies.

Then, they’ll quickly scan your seller account and will let you know if you’re eligible for a limit increase and by how much.

4. Contact eBay Via Email

ebay mail contact

The fourth method to increase your eBay selling limits is by contacting eBay by email.

The process is the same as contacting them by phone, as shown above. 

Head to the Help & Contact section, navigate to the seller help section, get to the bottom of a help article until you reach the ‘Need more help?’ section with contact options.

One of the options is the ‘Email us’ link which will direct you to fill in a text form. There, politely ask for a limit increase, and show your professionalism.

You will get a response within 48 hours by email. If the eBay representative didn’t agree to raise your limits, you can try again in a month.

5. Contact eBay Via Chat

ebay chat contact

The fifth method to increase your eBay selling limits is by contacting eBay via chat. Yes, you can chat live with an eBay representative!

However, keep in mind that eBay logs the chats, so this method can also be used once a month to be effective.

To get to the chat, the process is the same as the two examples above. 

On eBay’s help section, some of the help sections have a chat option when you scroll to the bottom. 

They change from time to time, so be sure to check a few help sections until you find the option to chat.

Be kind and courteous to eBay’s representatives. Show them that you are serious about your business, and that customer service is at the top of your priority list. 

And, that needs to be true if you want to succeed in this business!

What To Do If I Am Not Eligible For A Limit Increase?

not eiligible selling limit increase

Not eligible for an eBay seller limit increase? Not to worry. 

Here’s what you can do to improve your chances to get that limit increase on your next try.

1. Make Sure You’re Eligible For A Limit Upgrade

While it should go without saying, make sure you read all of the steps above (What To Know Before Increasing eBay Selling Limits).

Go over each step carefully and see what needs tweaking on your seller account before trying again. 

2. Get More Sales

Just because new seller accounts only have a limit of ten items, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t focus on them.

If we work harder on our product research, we’ll find items with a much higher chance of selling.

Replace poor-performing items with cheaper, trendier products and optimize your product pages.

Then we’ll have a better chance of being eligible for a selling limit upgrade, whether by reaching out to eBay or having eBay automatically increase our limits as explained above.

For help on finding winning products to sell, be sure to check out the 99+ Best Dropshipping Products To Sell In .

3. Try Again Instantly (Phone) Or After One Month (Chat, Mail)

calendar month

If you chose to speak with eBay by phone, and they didn’t raise your limits, you can simply hang up and try again. They rarely record calls for a reference.

However, if your method was to use the ‘Request to list more’ link or contacting eBay by chat or email, you’ll have to wait one month before trying again (even by phone).

Go through all of the steps to make sure you’re eligible, wait for the right time, and try again. Success is just around the corner.

Final Thoughts

Now that we know what eBay selling limits are, how they work, and what we need to do to increase them, the road becomes more clear.

Take all of the steps in this article to reduce failed attempts and get on the path to higher selling limits, which will ultimately bring in more listings, more sales, and higher profiting.

Once you become an expert in increasing your eBay selling limits, you can start implementing the Big Numbers Strategy and really start taking your online business to the next level!

The Fastest Way To Double Your eBay Selling Limits

Selling Limits on eBay and how to increase them

When you sign up for an eBay account, initial eBay seller limits will be put in place.

The eBay limit for new Printify sellers is 10 items or a total retail value of $

Each item is counted, including the size and/or a color variant of a product.

To help you stay within your limits, Printify has pre-added them to your Printify account. Every time you publish a product, the limit count decreases and restricts publishing when you reach 10 items or $ retail value. 

Once you have reached the limits, you will not able to publish new items to your eBay account.

It is important to note that new sellers can only use bulk listing/editing tools after 90 days and after receiving at least 10 positive feedback ratings. 

eBay selling limits are designed to help you grow your business in a manageable way and ensure you can give your buyers the best service. As you get more comfortable meeting buyers&#; demand, eBay will increase your limits.

You can only increase your limits if your selling performance and sales metrics are strong. eBay reviews your account every month and adjusts the limits automatically. You can also request a higher limit increase by linking to your other, more established seller account. Learn more about eBay selling limits and how to increase them here.

We hope you don’t get your account suspended, but it happens. Don’t panic, the next article will show you what to do.

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