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We used the Innova 7111 Smart Diagnostic OBD2 Tablet to help us diagnose and solve problems across several vehicles. With a large easy-to-use LCD screen and wide vehicle compatibility, this tool does a bit more than your entry-levelOBD2 scanner might accomplish.


  • Easy to use with intuitive LCD interface
  • Wide vehicle coverage
  • Does much more than just read engine codes


Innova 7111OBD2 Tablet Overview

The price of the Innova 7111 Smart DiagnosticOBD2 Tablet clearly sets this unit up as a device targeting more seasoned users. DIY mechanics and consumers have several less-expensive options if all you want to do is diagnose check engine lights and reset your oil change and filter reminders. This particular Innova OBD2 code reader includes several additional features and functions that let advanced users do more advanced maintenance tasks and diagnostics on a variety of vehicles.

Innova OBD2 tablet main screen

The Innova 7111, while not a factory or dealer level diagnostic tool, does give you a ton of useful functions. You can perform service resets for oil, engine, filter, and other systems. Beyond just reading codes, you can also do a custom scan and get real-time data from your vehicle.

Most entry-levelOBD2 scanners let you translate an engine light or other indicator light into English so you can do something about it. The Innova 7111OBD2 tablet goes a few steps further. The basic features provided by this smart diagnostic tablet include:

  • Vehicle scanning
  • Diagnostics
  • Perfoming a network scan
  • Scanning and testing selected modules
  • Reading live vehicle data
  • Erasing diagnostic trouble codes

Additional Tests with the InnovaOBD2 Tablet

However, the Innova 7111 DiagnosticOBD2 Tablet gives you some additional tests as well. Among these, you can:

  • View in-use performance tracking (IPT)
  • Perform service resets
  • View drive cycle procedures

And, for those auto-nerds out there (you know who you are), you can also see real-time data on the various sensors and input/output data while your vehicle runs. Once you make the appropriate repairs or take care of any flagged maintenance items, the Innova 7111 lets you clear out or reset the lights to complete the job.

Using the Innova 7111 Smart DiagnosticOBD2 Tablet

I’m not sure Innova could have made an easier interface for connecting the 7111OBD2 tablet to your vehicle and starting a diagnostic scan.

You start with the ignition off and plug the 7111 cable into the 16-pin data port on your vehicle. Then, turn the tablet on. To initiate a diagnostic test, turn on the ignition (but don’t start the engine) and tap the Global OBD button at the top left quadrant of the screen. This brings up a “Scanning OBD” progress bar as the Innova 7111OBD2 tablet scans the vehicle. It may take a couple of minutes for this to complete—particularly on newer vehicles that have many more sensors.

Innova 7111 OBD2 Tablet vehicle scanning

It next asks you to enter the vehicle mileage at which point it displays the results of the scan. If you go back later, you access this data via the Global OBD results screen. It includes the global onboard diagnostics (OBD), scheduled maintenance, predicted failures, technical service bulletins (TSBs), and even recalls.

DTC diagnostic troubleshooting codes

Erasing Diagnostic Trouble Codes

The Innova 7111OBD2 tablet also makes it simple to erase diagnostic trouble codes. After performing a scan of the vehicle, you can select “Erase DTC” from the main menu.

You simply tap the checkbox(es) next to each trouble code you want to erase. Once selected, hit the “Erase DTCs” button. It will give you a confirmation popup confirming you want to erase the DTCs.

Performing Service Resets

Some newer vehicles let you easily reset common service reminders and codes using the dash computer. Others force you to mess with the ignition and perform a series of bizarre tasks to clear an indicator. For more advanced service resets—like dealing with electric parking brakes or bleeding the ABS, many people give up and choose to visit the dealership.

We love that the Innova 7111 tablet lets you easily perform service resets. Access the Service Reset screen from the bottom right of the main screen. It gives you options for performing the following service reset procedures:

  • Oil Light Reset
  • Battery Reset
  • Electric Parking Brakes
  • Steering Angle Reset
  • ABS Bleeding
  • Battery/Alternator Test

If a particular service reset feature is unavailable for your make and model, the tablet informs you with a message. You also get a confirmation before theOBD2 system performs the reset.

service reset screen

Replacing the Brakes on a 2011 VW CC

We used the Innova 7111 when replacing the brakes on a 2011 VW CC which uses electronic parking brakes in the rear. An electrical servo motor extends force on the hydraulic brake piston in the rear calipers to set the brake. Ordinarily, doing any kind of rear brake work involves a trip to the dealer or a mechanic’s shop since proper equipment is required. This is where the Innova 7111 came in. I was able to do the brake service sequence in the software of the 7111 which released the rear calipers. Next, I swapped out the pads and used the software to reset the parking brake servo.

Everything was accomplished without a single issue—just as if I was using the factory computer system.

2011 VW CC

Real-Time Live Data Mode with the InnovaOBD2 Tablet

The InnovaOBD2 tablet lets you both view and optionally record real-time live data. In Live Data mode, you can see the battery performance, rpm, temperature, speed, and more. You can also access output from the vehicle sensors, switches, and actuators including fuel system status, and more.

Basically, the Innova 7111OBD2 tablet can supply information for each parameter identification data (PID) sensor, actuator, switch, or status that is supported by the vehicle.

You can record this live data into the tablet’s memory. Just select Live Data mode and tap the Record button at the top right to begin recording Live Data. Tap the Stop button at the top left to stop recording at any time. The tablet asks you whether or not you want to save the data or erase it.

  • Innova 7111 live vehicle data 2
  • Innova 7111 live vehicle data


We easily saved ourselves several hundred dollars in diagnostic and service fees by using the Innova 7111 Smart DiagnosticOBD2 tablet. Using this tool on several vehicles, we found it offered a bit more capability than even the well-regarded Innova CarScan Pro 5610. You can certainly do a lot with less, but if you consider yourself a true automotive enthusiast or even an entry-level Pro, the Innova 7111 provides a higher-end solution forOBD2 scanning that includes more features than those found on entry-level diagnostic tools.

While Innova has basicOBD2 scanners starting at around $60, the Innova 7111 Smart DiagnosticOBD2 tablet makes our recommended list at just $599.99.

Innova 7111 CarScan Pro Specifications

  • Model: 5610
  • Read and clear codes on domestic, Asian, and European vehicles
  • Bi-directional control/active tests
  • Enhanced view live data stream
  • Full vehicle module scan
  • TPMS scan
  • ABS/SRS scan
  • Oil light reset
  • Battery initialization/reset
  • SMOG check LED indicators
  • Code severity levels
  • DPF regen
  • Removable VCI for wirekless diagnostics
  • RepairSolutions2 app for your phone via Bluetooth


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Our Verdict

Innova's CarScan Inspector 5310 OBD-II diagnostic scanner shows you what's going on under the hood and recommends repairs and parts. It offers an excellent balance between abilities and price tag and should fit into any amateur mechanic's toolbox.


  • Great value
  • Resets oil light
  • Offers repair instructions and part pricing


  • Interface can be confusing
  • Lacks high-end features that more expensive scanners have

Today's best Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 deals

Innova CarScan Inspector 5310: Specs

Size: 6.9 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches
Weight: 10 ounces
Live data: Yes
Display type and size: Color, 2.8 inches
Number of keys: 9
Bluetooth & app: Yes
Handheld: Yes
Warranty: 1 year

Innova's CarScan Inspector 5310 OBD-II automotive diagnostic scanner improves on its predecessor, the Innova CarScan Advisor 5210, by adding the ability to reset the oil-maintenance light but keeps the ability to connect via Bluetooth as well as a cable.

The Innova's phone and tablet apps, repair suggestions and access to part pricing set it apart from the rest of the OBD-II scanner crowd.

The Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 may not have it all, but this $140 scanner should satisfy most weekend mechanics short on time. It's one of our two Editor's Choices among thebest OBD-II scanners.

Read on for the rest of our Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 review.

Innova CarScan Inspector 5310: Pricing and availability

At $140, the Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 is an excellent value because it has all the major features you would want in an amateur mechanic's OBD-II scanner. By contrast, the $100 Innova CarScan Advisor 5210 lacks the ability to turn off the oil light while the $330 Innova CarScan Pro 5610 adds high-end items like resetting the battery indicator and monitoring the transmission temperature.

Innova CarScan Inspector 5310: Design

At 6.9 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches and 10 ounces, the black CarScan 5310 should easily fit inside a car's glove compartment. It's 38% smaller and 60% lighter than the SeekOne SK860. Unfortunately, it lacks the SK860's rugged design, ribbed hand grips and carrying case.

The CarScan 5310's 2.8-inch color screen and visually oriented operating software combine to display everything from live data to fault codes to a pre-inspection check. Between the screen and the 9-button interface, the scanner's three LEDs show a permanent fault (red), intermittent fault (yellow) or a clean sweep (green).

As good as it is, the CarScan Inspector 5310 takes some getting used to. The interface uses odd abbreviations for its buttons, like LD for Live Data and M for the Main Menu. Still, using the CarScan 5310 is efficient once you get the hang of it.

A handheld scanner at heart, the Car Scan 5310 also has built-in Bluetooth communications to link it with a phone or tablet and integrate online material. It links to the Innova RepairSolutions 2 app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. 

The app provides manufacturers' technical service bulletins, maintenance schedules and even predictive failure warnings to prevent a major component from breaking.

Innova CarScan Inspector 5310: Performance

The CarScan 5310 correctly identified the years and models of both of my cars, but I needed to manually enter each car's mileage. I easily found their vehicle identification numbers (VINs). 

The scanner was able to run cylinder-pressure and balance tests, as well as a charging-system test that can help provide peace of mind to an owner of an older car.

The 5310 goes a step further than most other OBD-II scanners for drivers who want to change their own oil. The scanner can turn off the oil-maintenance light, a task that many other scanners can't do.

The CarScan 5310 showed its abilities when I linked it to my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphone. The RepairSolutions 2 app not only merges instructional videos to show you how to fix what's wrong with the vehicle but provides links to buy the parts you'll need. My favorite feature was the Predictive Repair section, which gives odds on what might break next, along with a repair estimate.

The Innova found the oil-temperature fault I manually introduced on my 2014 Audi A4 AllRoad, then explained which part was causing the problem and gave the fault a severity factor. The scanner was also able to turn off the Check Engine light.

Innova CarScan Inspector 5310: Setup

After I plugged the CarScan 5310 into my car's OBD-II port, it linked with my car's computer in less than 10 seconds. The 62-inch cable is long enough to reach into the car's engine bay and is permanently connected to the scanner. There's also a microUSB port for updating the scanner's firmware.

However, unlike Topdon's ArtiDiag 500 scanner, the CarScan 5310 lacks a battery to run on its own power, so you'll have to keep it plugged into the OBD-II port.

The CarScan 5310 comes with a startup booklet that has a QR code for grabbing the phone and tablet apps. Innova also has a detailed manual available online that explains the ins and outs of the device. The scanner comes with a 1-year warranty.

Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 review: Bottom line

A crossover between handheld and Bluetooth OBD-II scanners, the $140 Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 is a great value for amateur mechanics. The scanner has the ability to diagnose the basics but also turn off the oil light, and the companion app includes repair hints and provides access to parts.

In other words, the Innova CarScan Inspector 5310 can help any backyard mechanic for far less than what a professional scanner might cost. 

Brian Nadel is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in technology reporting and reviewing. He works out of the suburban New York City area and has covered topics from nuclear power plants and Wi-Fi routers to cars and tablets. The former editor-in-chief of Mobile Computing and Communications, Nadel is the recipient of the TransPacific Writing Award.

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Best OBD2 Scanners For 2021

“OBD” stands for “On Board automotive Diagnostics,” and OBD-II (oft abbreviated to OBD2) is the second generation of this technology. A vehicle’s computers monitor the data from multiple components, keep track of what they’re doing and if something’s wrong. When a fault does occur, it’s stored in the computer as a diagnostic trouble code, and sometimes triggers the check engine light on your dashboard. Every gasoline-powered vehicle built since 1996 and every diesel since 2008 is equipped with an OBD2 port to get access to that information. The port’s design is standard across different makes, it’s always located within 3-feet of the driver and can be accessed without tools.

 In the early days, only dealerships and independent mechanics had scanners that could read the data and the fault codes. Today, do-it-yourselfers have a large variety of OBD2 scanners they can keep in their home garages, or even in their vehicles. A good scanner tells what’s wrong when the check engine light comes on and allows users to clear the code, turning off the warning light. 

The trouble codes also provide information useful for carrying out any repairs that might be necessary. If the underlying problem isn’t fixed the check engine light will come on again. Fuller-featured models can include Bluetooth connections to smartphones and tablets, a wider array of functions, databases of repair and parts information specific to the vehicle, the issues detected and more. The good news is that most of these more functional scanners are still reasonably priced, but there are some heavy hitters. Our list of the best OBD2 Scanners includes units that range from $60 to $480.

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Innova 3020 code reader How to/review

Innova scan tools are among the best on the market today. The company makes a wide range of them, from entry-level devices to high-end ones that cost thousands of dollars. Some are OBD1 compatible while others are for OBD2 vehicles.

With such a wide selection, how do you pick the best Innova scan tool for you? To make your work easier, we’ve put together this review of the top 9 products from Innova. It contains both OBD1 and OBD2 code readers.

Important side notes if you are new to OBD: OBD is short for onboard diagnostics. It’s a system that vehicles use to diagnose themselves, identify problem areas and report those problems to the user.

For you to view diagnostic reports (usually in form of codes) you need a diagnostic tool. Now that’s where OBD scanners come into play. Cars made prior to 1996 are OBD1 compliant while those made from 1996 onward are OBD2 compliant.

How Did We Choose The Best Innova Scanner Products?

We tested a variety of Innova scan tools before picking the best from the batch. The 9 scanners that appear on this list performed impressively, and each one earned a spot in the review.

The main factors taken into consideration are:

  • Simplicity of use
  • The practicality of functions to the ordinary car owner and DIYer
  • Affordability
  • Compatibility with a majority of mainstream cars

The 3 Best Picks Innova Scan Tools Comparison

Don’t have enough time to read the whole review? Here is a comparison chart that you can skim through.

Let’s see Why it is Recommended!

While Innova is generally a reliable brand of OBD scanners, not every Innova scan tool offers the same functionality. So which one will meet your needs? Here’s our recommendation section to ease you into the product reviews.


INNOVA 3145 OBD1 Code Reader for Ford – Editor’s Pick

4.24.2 / 5

The INNOVA Ford Digital Code Reader is a diagnostic tool specially designed to work with the vehicle’s test connector to communicate with MCU and EEC-IV computers. It uses electronics designed to retrieve engine and transmission diagnostic trouble codes from the vehicle’s computer but does not generate codes

Check Price at Amazon

The Innova 3145 allows you to access the onboard computer on your Ford car and pull engine codes. It’s an entry-level Innova code reader, so as expected it doesn’t cover much beyond the ECM.

That said, it does read and clear engine DTCs, and in doing so allows you to reset the Check Engine Light. The DTCs come as numeric codes, so you won’t face the trouble of having to count flashes.

Perhaps the best thing about this Innova scan tool is its ability to store codes.

It has an inbuilt memory that stores codes after you’ve unplugged the device. That means you can still review the diagnostic data even when the scanner is not connected to your car.


Like the Innova 3123 above, this particular code reader works on OBD1 cars. The difference is while the 3123 is designed for GM vehicles the 3145 covers the Ford brand of cars. You can use it on domestic Fords, Lincolns and Mercury’s manufactured between 1982 and 1995.


  • Package includes a user manual with code definitions
  • Very affordable


  • The included adapter cable is too short, you may need to buy an extension cable
  • Only works on Ford vehicles that are OBD1 compliant
Innova scanner

The Innova 3145 is arguably the best Ford scan tool for OBD1 cars due to its simplicity. You don’t need expert knowledge to find your way around it. In case you need help, it comes with a manual that has a ‘how to’ guide and code definitions. That’s what makes it great for ordinary car owners.

Learn More

Innova 3040e OBDII Scan Tool with Live Data – Editor’s Pick

Innova 3040e

Innova 3040e OBDII Scan Tool with Live Data

4.14.1 / 5

A simple and advanced tool designed to empower any DIYer or technician when it comes to vehicle diagnostics and repair

Check Price at Amazon

Innova 3040e makes up for some of the shortcomings of the 3120 above. For instance, it can generate live graphical data as well as reset the oil light. You can also use the scanner to do battery and alternator tests.

Live data is particularly essential because it enables you to view real-time diagnostic reports.

As such, you can see the issues that have been fixed and those that are still pending during the repair process. This is a great feature for all but especially for DIYers and mechanics.

Innova obd2 scanner

On matters diagnostics, this Innova scan tool can read and clear engine and ABS trouble codes. So if you are looking to reset the Check Engine Light then this device makes for a good option. The same goes for the ABS warning light.


The Innova 3040e works on most domestic and foreign OBD2 vehicles. More specifically, it covers cars, SUVs, hybrids and light trucks made from 1996 to date. That said, there are a few issues about the scanner missing some codes on certain makes and models of vehicles.

For example, it might not be able to pull ABS codes on Honda, Toyota and several other Asian-made cars. But if your car is American-made you shouldn’t have such issues.

Still, on matters compatibility, the Innova 3040e supports PC connectivity. You have to hook it to your computer in order to update its software. It, however, doesn’t work on Mac systems.


  • Conveniently resets Check Engine Light and ABS warning light
  • Comes with free lifetime software updates


  • Has a short adapter cable. You may need to buy an extension cable

The range of functions makes this Innova scanner ideal for DIYers. It doesn’t offer advanced functions that a professional needs. But for a DIY person, the functionality is more than enough to prove a vehicle’s ECM successfully.

Learn More

Innova 3100j ABS SRS Scanner with Freeze Frame

Innova 3100j

Innova 3100j ABS SRS Scan Tool with Freeze Frame

4.34.3 / 5

The all-new 3100j is the perfect entry-level tool designed to empower any consumer or technician when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. This code reader works on all 1996 and newer OBD2 cars, light trucks, SUV’s, hybrids, and minivans. Refer page 34 in the user manual for troubleshooting steps.

Check Price at Amazon

Capable of checking the engine, SRS and ABS for errors, this Innova scanner is an entry-level tool that brings quite a lot to the table. First off it can read and erase ECM, SRS and ABS codes. As such, the scanner can reset the Check Engine Light as well as SRS and ABS warning lights.

Something to note: if your car is not a US-based brand you might only be able to check the engine but not SRS and ABS. That’s a bummer for people who own EU and Asian-made cars.

Secondly, the Innova 3100j supports oil reset. The best part about this function is that you get a step by step guide on how to do it. You don’t need to be savvy with cars to perform this function.

Additionally, this Innova code reader performs emissions readiness tests. Basically, it checks the EVAP system and reports whether your car will pass a smog test.

Something else to note is that it actually feeds the user with a lot of helpful information. You can view freeze frame data of several parameters, including battery status, engine coolant temp and fuel supply.


According to Innova, the 3100j should work on any 1996 or newer car. That’s to say it is designed for OBD2 compliant vehicles that include cars, SUVs, hybrids and light trucks. While that’s the case for US-made cars, it doesn’t support ABS and SRS diagnostics on many EU and Asian brands.

Innova scanner

Still, on the issue of compatibility, this Innova scan tool can hook to a PC and print diagnostic data. But it only works on Windows computers, not Macs.


  • Very light and portable
  • Good deal for money considering diagnostic and data pulling capabilities


  • Compatibility issues with some EU and Asian made cars
  • Doesn’t have the best guide. You may need to rely on the internet for things like code definitions

If you are a professional mechanic who knows codes off the top of your head you won’t need to check online for code definitions. However, you will find the Innova 3100j largely lacking because it doesn’t support advanced diagnostics. Not even transmission system scans.

That’s why it’s ideal for DIYers and beginner mechanics. If you are just starting off it offers enough to give you a hang of diagnostics.

Learn More

Innova 3160g Bluetooth Scanning Tool with ABS SRS Live Data

Innova 3160g

Innova 3160g Bluetooth Scan Tool with ABS SRS Live Data

4.24.2 / 5

An advanced tool for the professional Tech, yet user-friendly for the DIYer. The 3160 scan tool is a great choice for anyone looking to stream & record live data, diagnose check engine, ABS and SRS lights, reset oil & battery maintenance lights, or initialize batteries.

Check Price at Amazon

The Innova 3160g scan tool can diagnose and reset the Check Engine Light. In addition to that, it can pull and clear ABS and SRS codes. Plus it supports emission readiness tests.

So as far as basic OBD2 diagnostics, the only thing you won’t be able to do is to check the transmission system. Regardless, it does offer some additional features that may be handy. For example, it can reset the oil light and battery maintenance light.

Compared to the scanners we’ve covered so far, this Innova scan tool offers the best data stream. With a 3.5-inch screen, it doesn’t just display real-time numeric data but can also show live graphs.

You can record your diagnostic data and analyze it later. Alternatively, you can connect the scanner to a PC and download it there for further analysis.


While the Innova 3160g is generally compatible with OBD2 cars, the range of functions that you will get depends on where your car was manufactured. You can read and erase engine codes (reset the CEL) on any 1996 or newer car, domestic or foreign. That includes cars, SUVs, light trucks and hybrids.

best Innova obd2 scan tool

However, when it comes to ABS and SRS diagnostics, the device doesn’t always work on foreign cars.

There are several complaints regarding compatibility issues with Jeeps, Toyotas, Hondas and many other EU or Asian-made brands. You might want to check the Innova website to confirm whether your car is fully supported.


  • Features a well-lit 3.5-inch screen
  • Has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity
  • Supports ECM, ABS, SRS and EVAP system diagnostics
  • Gives data in numerical as well as graphical formats
  • Built with hotkeys for easy access to essential functions


  • Quite pricey compared to other entry-level Innova scan tools
  • Other than engine diagnostics, there’s no guarantee that other functions will work on a foreign car

The compatibility issues of the Innova 3160g are a letdown. However, if you find that it is fully compatible with your car then you will love its functionality. This is a typical scanner for DIYers and beginner auto technicians.

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Innova 3123 OBD1 Code Reader for GM

Innova 3040e

Innova 3123 OBD1 Code Reader for GM

4.24.2 / 5

The INNOVA GM Code Reader accesses the vehicle’s on-board computer to retrieve engine and electronic transmission codes and ABS vehicle computer codes.

Check Price at Amazon

The 3123 is one of Innova’s premier diagnostic tools for OBD1 cars. Designed specifically for the GM brand of vehicles, this device reads engine (ECM) and ABS codes.

By pulling ECM codes, this Innova scan tool will tell you why your Check Engine Light is on. You can, therefore, reset the light by fixing the issue.

Being an OBD1 scanner, the Innova 3123 is not exactly your high tech scan tool. Besides numeric codes, it also gives DTCs by flashing the engine light a certain number of times depending on the nature of the problem. You need to be keen to count the flashes accurately and interpret them correctly.

Luckily the package includes a user guide with code definitions. With a bit of effort and reading, you will be able to locate an engine or ABS-related problem.

best innova obd1 scan tool


The Innova 3123 is a GM scan tool that works on domestic cars made between 1982 and 1995. Those are basically OBD1 GM cars. If yours was made after 1995 then it’s an OBD2 model and that means it’s not covered by this Innova scanner.


  • Connects to a car’s onboard computers safely
  • Great for pulling ECM and ABS codes; and resetting CEL
  • Comes with the comprehensive user guide that includes code definitions
  • Multilingual menu. Supports English, French and Spanish
  • Small and compact for easy portability and in-car storage
  • Very affordable


  • Flashing codes require time and effort to interpret
  • A cord is too short. You may need to buy an extension cable
  • Can only pull codes, it doesn’t erase them

The simplicity and low cost of this Innova code reader make it perfect for the ordinary car owner. If you own a GM car and don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks to get your engine or ABS codes from a shop then it makes perfect sense to buy this device.

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Innova 3020 OBD2 Diagnostic ABS Scan Tool

Innova 3020

Innova 3020 OBD2 Diagnostic ABS Scan Tool

3.73.7 / 5

An affordable and durable entry-level tool for diagnosing Check Engine Light problems, checking road trip readiness, inspecting used cars and more. No automotive experience needed!

Check Price at Amazon

The Innova 3020 and Innova 3040e are similar in a few ways. For starters, both can perform ECM and ABS diagnostics. It follows that the 3020 can also reset the Check Engine Light as well as the ABS warning light.

Just like the 3040e, this Innova code reader can display up to 25 pieces of information on the screen. It also offers live data, but you don’t get graphical PIDs with this one.

However, its ability to refresh after every 30 seconds means you get real-time diagnostic reports. The benefit of that is that you will instantly know if a problem has been fixed during repair.

The one feature that gives the Innova 3020 an edge over the 3040e is its capacity to run smog test. Built with red, yellow and green LEDs, this device uses color coding to show the status of your emissions monitor.

A red LED means there’s an urgent problem with your emissions system. A yellow means there’s a possible problem while a green one means everything is okay. Simple as it is, this test will help you know whether your car will pass state and federal emission checks.


This Innova scan tool is designed to cover domestic and foreign OBD2 vehicles. It should work on cars, SUVs, light trucks and hybrids. However, like the 3040e above, the ABS check function doesn’t always work on all vehicles. That’s despite Innova’s claim that it checks ABS on ALL OBD2 vehicles.

In fact, there are several complaints about some of the most mainstream brands like Honda, Toyota, GM and Ford. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predetermine whether the ABS diagnostic function will work on your car.

innova obd2 scanner


  • Great for resetting Check Engine Light
  • Ergonomic design with a small and compact size
  • Covers a wide range of car brands including GM, Honda, Ford and Toyota
  • Features a clearly back-lit display screen
  • Can show the status of your emissions monitors
  • Offers good value for money


  • Tends to miss some codes, especially ABS codes
  • Too basic for professional use

It might not be good for a professional mechanic but the Innova 3020 can be a lifesaver for a DIYer or ordinary car owner. It not only checks a car’s engine system but also scans ABS and runs emission tests. That’s what most DIYers and car owners need most.

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Innova 3150f ABS SRS Bluetooth Scan Tool with Charging Test

Innova 3150f

Innova 3150f Bluetooth Scan Tool with Charging Test

4.24.2 / 5

The 3150 code reader is the ideal tool for professional and DIYers alike looking to retrieve Check Engine Light codes, while having advanced features such as ABS, SRS, Oil Light Reset, Battery Initialization, and Battery Light Reset.

Check Price at Amazon

The Innova 3150fis capable of reading and resetting ECM, ABS and SRS codes. By resetting engine (ECM) codes this Innova scanner allows you to turn off the Check Engine Light. Similarly, when you reset ABS and SRS trouble codes you will be able to turn off their respective warning lights.

In addition to pulling and deleting codes, the 3150fcan perform battery maintenance and oil service resets. Basically, it’s a reliable device for getting rid of nagging warning lights.

But you will have to rely on online resources to interpret codes. Its guide and the built-in code definitions are far from dependable.

Beyond that, you can use it to run smog tests. With its ability to probe the EVAP system, this Innova code reader will tell you whether your car meets state and federal emission standards.


This device is meant to perform diagnostics on OBD2 cars, both domestic and foreign. For the most part, it does that, particularly in ECM diagnostics and emission tests. However, like most other entry-level scanners from Innova, the 3150f is mainly targeted for US-made cars.

bluetooth innova obd2 scanner

It should come as no surprise that not all functions work on some of the most mainstream EU and Asian cars. For example, ABS and SRS diagnostics don’t always work on some Jeep, Honda, Toyota, Benz and BMW models.


  • Can reset Check Engine Light and diagnose ABS and SRS
  • Offers live data to help in repair work
  • Built-in Bluetooth allows streaming of data to phone/tablet
  • Comes with free lifetime updates
  • A multilingual menu allows you to choose between English, French and Spanish
  • Features compact and lightweight construction


  • Not universally compatible with all OBD2 vehicles, especially foreign models
  • Doesn’t have reliable code definitions or user guide

Despite the two drawbacks, the Innova 3150f is not a bad scanner at all. It is great for car owners and DIY enthusiasts who may want to do a few repairs here and there. The live data provided helps a great deal with that.

Learn More

Innova 3120 Diagnostic OBD1, OBD2 Scan Tool

Innova 3120

Innova 3120 Diagnostic OBD1, OBD2 Scan Tool

44 / 5

INNOVA 3120 is designed to retrieve diagnostic codes in all OBD2 (1996 and newer) and some of the most popular OBD1 (1981 to 1995) vehicles this item features unique patented all-in-one screen display and LED display for quick emissions check.

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Unlike our first two Innova scan tools that only work on OBD1 cars, the Innova 3120 covers both OBD1 and OBD2. This mid-range diagnostic tool offers a good balance between performance, vehicle compatibility and price.

In addition to reading and clearing engine and transmission codes for OBD1 and OBD2 cars, this scanner also supports ABS diagnostics for OBD2 vehicles. So besides using it to reset the Check Engine Light, you can rely on it to tell you what’s wrong with your OBD2 ABS or OBD1/OBD2 transmission.

The 2.8-inch color screen displays 20 pieces of data at a go. That includes codes and their definitions to help you understand what each one means. During repair, the Innova 3120 automatically refreshes after every 30 seconds to show problems that have been fixed.

Be warned though; while Innova advertises that this scan tool supports both KOEO (key on engine off test) and KOER (key on engine running test), you may have a problem doing KOER tests on OBD1 cars.

Best obd1/obd2 innova scanner


As far as ECM checks and resetting the Check Engine Light, the Innova 3120 works on all mainstream OBD2 cars sold in the USA. That includes cars, SUVs and light trucks made from 1996 onward.

It also does the same for a wide selection of OBD1 cars.

First, it covers GMs made from 1982 to 1995. Secondly, the scanner works on Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars that have EEC-IV systems. Those are basically Fords, Lincolns and Mercury’s that were manufactured between 1983 and 1995.

Thirdly, this Innova scanner is compatible with Toyota and Lexus models made between 1991 and 1995. It also covers Jeeps that were manufactured from 1993 to 1995. Finally, you can use it on a Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicle that was made from 1984 to 1995.

As far as ABS diagnostics, the Innova 3120 covers 1996 and newer (basically OBD2 compliant) cars that fall in the Ford, GM or Chrysler brands.


  • Supports one-click reset of Check Engine Light
  • Provides real-time data to help during repairs
  • Menus and code definitions are multilingual


  • Doesn’t support all-system scans (like SRS)
  • Doesn’t give live data graphs

The fact that this Innova scan tool neither supports advanced nor full system diagnostics means it just falls short for professional use. But if you are a beginner mechanic or DIY enthusiast it covers enough vehicles and offers adequate functionality.

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Innova 3030h Engine Code Reader with Freeze Frame

Innova 3030h

Innova 3030h Engine Code Reader with Freeze Frame

44 / 5

Diagnosing Check Engine lights is now even easier, with the affordability and simplicity of the Innova 3030h. Verify your car’s emissions test status, check road trip readiness, and many more features.

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The Innova 3030h is as basic as a code reader can get. It offers two of the most essential diagnostic functions.

First, it reads and erases DTCs related to the Check Engine Light. Those are basically ECM codes that usually trigger the Check Engine Light. In doing so it allows you to turn the light off.

Secondly, this Innova code reader performs emission tests. It uses color coding to indicate whether your car will pass a smog test. Just below the screen are three LEDs, one red, one yellow and one green

When the red one comes on it means your car’s EVAP system needs immediate attention. A yellow LED means there MIGHT be a problem while a green one indicates that your car’s EVAP is in perfect condition. It’s that straightforward.

Basic as it is, the Innova 3030h does offer a wide range of helpful data. For one it shows freeze frame data for various parameters like engine coolant temp, battery and fuel supply. It also notifies you when a critical DTC pops up so that you act on it with urgency.

More importantly to the DIY people, this Innova scan tool refreshes data after every 30 seconds. That slows you to identify problems that have been fixed and those that are still pending.


This Innova code reader is for OBD2-compliant cars. It covers domestic as well as foreign vehicles that have the 16-pin OBD2 port. That goes for cars, SUVs, light trucks and hybrids.

Innova 3030h best obdii scanner

It does work as advertised when reading codes. The problem comes when you want to erase a code on a foreign car. On average it will probably clear less than 75% of all the codes on a European or Asian car.


  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Basic but supports CEL reset and emission tests
  • Will tell you how severe a code is
  • Supports English, Spanish and French languages
  • Updates easily on PC (software upgrades are free)


  • Doesn’t diagnose important systems like ABS, SRS and transmission
  • Too basic for professional use
  • Problems erasing codes on some foreign cars

The Innova 3030h is for the ordinary car owner. As long as you are not trying to do any major repairs it will offer just enough for you to maintain your engine and EVAP systems.

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What’s the difference between OBD1 and OBD2?

The OBD1 system was used until 1995 after which the OBD2 system was introduced in 1996. Both have the same underlying principles but vary in functionality.

Where is the OBD port in my car?

Most cars have the OBD port under the dashboard, just below the steering wheel. However, some have it under the gearbox, just above the pedals or in the passenger compartment. It largely depends on the type of car.

What is Check Engine Light?

It is a warning light that indicates a malfunction in the engine control unit (ECU) or engine control module (ECM).

What is ABS?

Anti-lock braking system prevents a vehicle’s wheels from locking up when you brake. It’s essential to a car’s control and safety.

What is SRS?

The supplemental restraint system is basically a system that controls the airbag(s).

What is the EVAP system?

The evaporative emission control system prevents gas from leaking and escaping into the atmosphere. Essentially it ensures minimum pollution if any.

How can I know if an Innova scan tool is compatible with my car?

In addition to checking our reviews above, visit Innova’s website and search for the tool you are interested in. Check whether your car is listed among those covered by that scanner.

Can I use one tool for several cars?

Yes, provided all the cars are compatible with the device.


Obd2 innova

FIXD vs. Innova CarScan Pro 5210

Looking For an Easy-To-Use OBD2 Scanner That Won’t Break the Bank? If You’re a DIY Mechanic, the FIXD Vehicle Health Monitor and Mobile App Is What You Want.

Like all technology these days, no two OBD2 scanners are the same, and a quick Google search shows there are hundreds of options with different features, functionality, and especially price. In this article, we compare the FIXD vs. Innova CarScan OBD2 scanners, so that you can make an informed decision as to which scan tool works better for you.

What Should I Know Before Buying An OBD2 Scanner?

Since 1996, every gas-powered passenger vehicle in the U.S. has come equipped with an OBD2 port that is located somewhere under the dash… usually on the driver’s side of the vehicle. By accessing this port, you can read your vehicle’s Onboard Diagnostics (OBD2) System and understand the check engine light without paying repair shop diagnostic fees, which can sometimes cost more than $100.

So, if you’re looking to perform DIY repairs on a 1996 or newer gas-powered vehicle (or diesel-powered vehicle from 2008 and newer), you can save time and money by diagnosing car problems at home. All you need is an OBD2 scan tool that is compatible with your car. 

>> Use FIXD Compatibility Checker

Key Features To Look For In An OBD2 Scan Tool

Diagnose and Reset CEL

If nothing else, an OBD2 scanner needs to be able to read most engine fault codes and reset the check engine light. This feature alone can save you the time and money of having to go to a repair shop to have the issue diagnosed. Most scanner tools (including FIXD and the Innova CarScan) are not able to read trouble codes for systems such as anti-lock brakes (ABS), tire pressure monitoring (TPMS), and airbags.

Know Issue Severity

Ever been scared to drive with a check engine light? Some OBD2 scanners not only tell you what your check engine light means in simple terms, but also how severe the issue is so you know if it’s safe to drive.

Real-Time Vehicle Health Monitoring

To get the most value from your car scanner, look for a device that you can leave plugged in to monitor vehicle health 24/7. Even better if your scan tool gives you the option to view live vehicle data, such as oxygen sensor voltage, fuel trims, vehicle speed, and more while you drive. This makes it easy to check car performance on the go.

DIY Repair Guidance

If you’re a hands-on driver interested in saving money with at-home repairs, you’ll need a scan tool that accurately diagnoses engine problems and suggests possible fixes with helpful blogs and videos to walk you through repairs.

Automated Maintenance Alerts

This is a rare feature with OBD2 scanners, but extremely helpful in extending the lifespan of your vehicle. Look for a scan tool that sends automated maintenance alerts based on your specific make, model, and mileage so you never miss an important oil change or other service.

Connect Wirelessly via Bluetooth

When you’re stuck on the side of the road, the last thing you want is to be searching through your glove compartment and untangling messy wires. Make sure your OBD2 scanner is wireless and connects to your iOS or Android smartphone using Bluetooth technology for the fastest possible engine diagnostics.

Transparent Pricing

There are many great OBD2 scanners under $100 on the market today. Unless you’re a professional automotive technician or specialist, there’s no need to fork out thousands for a scanner. Just be sure to find a tool that offers transparent pricing so you know exactly what you’re getting.

FIXD Overview

FIXD OBD2 scanner and app

More than 2 million FIXD Sensors have been sold, and the free FIXD app has more than 10,000 5-star reviews. It’s priced affordably at just $59 and delivers massive value at that price point. 

The FIXD OBD2 scanner is easy for anyone to pick up and use right away. The data display inside the free FIXD app is much more user-friendly than other scan tools and features a mix of text and visual data, including charts and graphs that make it easy to understand what’s going on inside your vehicle.

It not only reads most engine codes, but it translates them so you don’t have to be a mechanic to understand what they mean. The FIXD Sensor and free app also gives you a list of possible fixes for your specific error code and links to in-depth OBD2 code descriptions and DIY repair articles and videos to help you fix simple issues yourself. 

Plus, it comes with added features that other scan tools don’t have, such as Automated Maintenance Alerts so you never forget an oil change and Multi-Vehicle Health Monitoring. This feature allows you to connect multiple FIXD Sensors to any car you own and monitor their health in real time from your smartphone – even if you’re 500 miles away! This makes it a great choice for parents who want to keep track of the whole family’s fleet of vehicles.

FIXD is an American-owned company based in Atlanta, Georgia that stands behind its quality products with a 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

Pros & Cons of FIXD:

Comprehensive OBD2 scanner that’s a great value at $59Doesn’t read ALL trouble codes, such as ABS and Airbag
Compact scanner designOnly reads Transmission codes in certain makes and models
App is designed for anyone to easily use, even if you know nothing about carsDoesn’t offer ability to custom encode your vehicle
Compatible with iPhone & Android
Translates 7000+ engine codes into plain, simple terms in minutes
U.S. based technology and customer support
Sends automatic maintenance reminders so you never miss an oil change or other important service
Offers users the ability to connect up to 5 FIXD Sensors to one phone, so they can remotely monitor the whole family’s fleet of vehicles and know when it’s time to schedule service – even if the car is hundreds of miles away
Backed by a 1-year warranty, plus no-risk money back guarantee

Best for:

Everyday drivers to amateur DIYers and car enthusiasts with a “hands-on” approach to caring for their cars and saving money with at-home repairs and maintenance.

Innova CarScan Pro 5210 Overview

Innova CarScan Pro 5210 code reader

Innova offers a variety of OBD2 diagnostic scanners that range in price and size, and the Innova CarScan Pro 5210 is one of the company’s entry-level products starting at $99.99. All of these scanners are able to read and clear engine and ABS codes with the CarScan Pro 5210 also able to display real-time vehicle data, perform battery and charging tests, and show emissions/smog readiness. The large size makes the Innova CarScan Pro 5210 easy to hold, while the full-color digital screen provides a clear readout for all data.

According to the Amazon reviews, some users found the Innova CarScan Pro 5210 to be confusing and difficult to use. Even one of the five-star reviews on Amazon pointed out that the scanner’s interface was confusing. Another downside of the Innova CarScan Pro 5210 is that most DIY mechanics tend to have limited tool box space, and the hand-held scanner design will definitely take up a lot of that space. This size also means that you won’t be able to keep the scanner in the car to address potential check engine lights that might pop up when you aren’t near your tools.

Pros & Cons of Innova CarScan Pro 5210:

Innova PROSInnova CONS
Emissions testing capabilityCONS
Able to read and clear ABS codesBulkier scanner design
Shows live vehicle sensor dataProtective case costs extra
Displays freeze-frame data at the time a DTC is triggeredConfusing design
No wireless connection or smartphone app

Best for:

A DIYer who wants a hand-held, plug-in scanner.

FIXD vs. Innova CarScan Key Features at a Glance

FIXD Innova CarScan Pro 5210
Price$59, Free Shipping(includes FIXD Sensor and free app)$99.99, Plus Shipping
Amazon Customer Rating4.1/54.5/5
Technology Designed In USA
Diagnose and Reset CEL
Know Issue Severity
Real-Time Vehicle Health Monitoring
Cordless Design
Automated Maintenance Alerts
Multi-Vehicle Remote Monitoring
Transparent Pricing
Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity
Android & iOS Compatible

FIXD vs. Innova CarScan: Which Is Better?

Whether FIXD or Innova is the best OBD2 scanner depends on who you are and why you need a scan tool. We’ve ranked each scan tool on the following categories to give you a better idea of which to buy:

Budget ShopperEveryday DriverAmateur DIYerRepair Shop
🏆 FIXD🏆 FIXD🏆 FIXD🏆 Innova 
At a cool $59 and free shipping, FIXD is the obvious choice for cost-conscious shoppers looking for a comprehensive OBD2 scanner that won’t break the bank.For everyday drivers who want to understand the check engine light without spending time and money at the repair shop, FIXD is the champ. The app looks great, is ultra-easy to use , and gives you everything you need to know about your car in plain English.Both Innova and FIXD make it easy to read and reset your engine light. But FIXD takes it to the next level with a list of possible fixes and DIY repair guidance. With FIXD Premium, you can even contact a FIXD Mechanic for help with at-home repairs and more.FIXD and Innova both make it easier to read and clear trouble codes. The hand-held design from Innova’s scanner tools are more fitting for a shop environment with a dedicated tool and a number of different options. 

Best Overall Winner: FIXD

Plugging FIXD OBD2 Scanner into OBD2 Port on Car

For the best overall value with transparent pricing and an easy-to-use smartphone app, it’s easy to see that FIXD takes the win over the Innova CarScan Pro 5210 for DIY mechanics.


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