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Samsung S-Pen: The ultimate guide

Table of contents

The Samsung Galaxy Note phones are among the most popular and powerful Android devices every year. We are in the tenth generation with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 — remember, Samsung skipped the Galaxy Note 6 and went straight from the Note 10 to the Note 20. Each device has come with a variant of the S Pen, an included stylus the software in the OS supports.

This is no ordinary stylus. Each generation has added functionality as well. Most recently, Samsung pushed S Pen support to the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Most of these features are also available on older Note devices to a certain extent. Let’s get right into this.

About the S Pen

The clicky part doesn't do anything aside from help you take the pen out of the phone.

Let’s start out with some quick specs about the S-Pen itself. Virtually all of this information applies to every S-Pen from the Galaxy Note 9 all the way up to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. We expect Samsung to iterate and improve over time, especially now that the S-Pen comes with Samsung Galaxy Fold 3.

  • The modern S Pen connects to the phone with Bluetooth starting as of 2018. Of course, it still lives within the body of the device unlike most of its competitors.
  • It gets power from a super-capacitor battery instead of the classic lithium-ion batteries of the Microsoft Surface Pen or the Apple Pencil. Samsung claims a full charge takes only 40 seconds.
  • A full charge allows for up to 30 minutes of usage time or 200 button clicks. Users get a notification when the battery is at 20% to remind them to charge. This may change from Note to Note.
  • It uses a wireless charging method while resting within the body of the device to charge. It works differently from Qi Wireless Charging so you can’t charge the S Pen with one of those.
  • Samsung estimates it uses 0.5mAh per full charge. In other words, S Pen shouldn’t affect your battery life at all, even if super-capacitors slowly lose charge over time. For reference, 0.5mAh is 1/9,000th of the 4,500mAh battery in the Note 20 Ultra.
  • The S Pen still works without a charge. You just lose the remote capabilities until you recharge the S Pen again.
  • The tip of the S Pen is 0.7mm thick. It also registers up to 4,096 pressure levels. This is on par with the Microsoft Surface Pen 2 and most Wacom tablet styli.
  • You can buy S Pen replacements from Amazon. Currently, you can buy it in copper and in black.
  • The S Pen operable distance with Bluetooth is 30 feet give or take.
  • A little-known feature of the S Pen is its multiple tips. Every recent Galaxy Note device comes with a little puller tool you can use to remove the S Pen’s tip, which you can then flip. The default is a soft rubber tip, but you can flip that for a hard plastic tip. The puller tool should be in the box.

Basic features

Direct Writing Input is basically exactly what the name implies.

The S Pen comes with a variety of basic features. These work basically all the time, and you can toggle them on and off in the settings menu.

Air View – Air View allows you to glean quick information by hovering the stylus close to bits of information. It works best in Samsung’s calendar and gallery apps. We haven’t seen it work well with third-party apps, like Google Calendar or Google Drive.

Direct Writing Input – This lets you fill out text fields on your phone with actual writing. You can enable this in two ways. The Samsung Keyboard has the Pen Detection option in the Handwriting section of its settings menu to recognize when the S Pen is out and will automatically open the writing pad when blank text fields are selected. On older Note devices, you can simply hover the pen over a blank text field until a pen icon appears.

Screen Off Memo – A classic Note feature. You can take notes on your device without unlocking the screen. Simply remove the S Pen while the screen is off and follow the on-screen prompts to use the feature. You can save these notes to Samsung’s note app, record multiple notes, erase what you wrote, and even change the thickness of the digital ink.

PENUP – This is a social network of sorts for Samsung Note owners. You can create drawings, color in existing drawings, and share your artwork across the collective. It comes stock on the device, but you can uninstall it if you don’t want it. It is also available in the Google Play Store if you change your mind.

Change S Pen ink color – Back in the day, there were some instances (like the Screen Off Memo) where you could only select between white and the color of your actual S Pen. However, these days, you can almost always select your S Pen ink color so this is a non-issue these days.

Visible Pointer – You can set the device to show a pointer graphic when the S Pen is close enough to the screen. This is an old feature and on by default.

Air Command features

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Air Command became a vertical list on newer versions of One UI.

Air Command – This is the native interface for using all of the various functions. It appears by default by removing the S Pen from the device while the screen is on. Earlier versions of the Note used a rotary style graphic. However, Samsung switched it to a vertical list with the Note 10 series and that’s how it is now.

Notes – It’s a Galaxy Note device, so of course you can take notes. There are two Air Command functions for note-taking. The first creates a new note and the second opens the Samsung Notes app to view previous notes. Notes sync across devices via your Samsung account in case you buy a new Note device later.

Screen Write – Screen Write takes a screenshot of the entire screen. It immediately opens an interface where you can write on the screenshot. From there, you can save it, share it, or stylize it in other ways. On newer Note devices, you can also opt to have the screenshot function take scrolling screenshots if needed.

Smart Select – Smart Select is our favorite way of taking a screenshot. You can use the S Pen to draw a shape anywhere on the screen and the phone will screen shot just that portion of the screen. This is so much better than taking super tall screenshots and cropping it down when you just need a little extra information. There is also an option to capture animation within a defined area. Smart Select turns it into a GIF for easy sharing. Seriously, Smart Select is awesome.

Translate – A useful, but somewhat niche function. You hover the S Pen over a word in a foreign language and Translate, well, translates it. It uses Google Translate, and we appreciate Samsung using something tried and true. You can also listen to the word with the small sound icon next to the translation.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Newer One UI versions have the S-Pen battery levels in the Air Command menu.

Magnify – This is another useful, but niche feature. Hover over basically anything and Magnify can make it bigger and easier to read. This is a decent accessibility feature. You can magnify things by 150%, 200%, 250%, and 300%. There is also a toggle to slightly change how the area is magnified, but we couldn’t tell much of a difference. The magnification window is also a decent size.

Glance – Glance is an excellent tool for multitasking. It basically makes any app work in picture-in-picture mode. Open an app, engage Glance, and the app becomes a small thumbnail. Hover over the thumbnail to view the app again in full-page mode. Simply move the little box with the S Pen to put it back in Glance mode. Drag the box to the top center of the screen to trash it and leave Glance mode.

Live Message – Live Message is a fun little feature that debuted a couple of years ago. Write out a missive or draw a simple picture and your Note device will turn it into a GIF. The GIF is shareable basically anywhere and works wherever GIFs work. This has no productivity value whatsoever, but it is fun. This also works with Samsung’s AR Emoji feature and you can write on images you have on your Note device already as well.

Bixby Vision – This one is a bit polarizing. Bixby Vision is meant to identify things on your phone screen and show you information about it, like shopping links. It’s extremely hit or miss and frankly, does not work all that well. Its best use is for extracting text from an image with OCR or scanning a QR code. The rest of its functions simply aren’t ready for prime time yet.

AR Doodle – AR Doodle is a feature on newer Galaxy Note phones. It opens your camera and lets you doodle on stuff. It recognizes surfaces and your environment so you can actually move the camera away from your doodle and start again somewhere else and then move back to the original. It’s fun to mess around with and shows how fun AR can be sometimes.

Add your own – Air Command lets you add your own apps to the rotary wheel of S Pen goodness. We recommend adding apps you use the stylus with a lot. For our testing, we even added the game Draw Something since we use the stylus a lot with that game.

Access S Pen settings – Once Air Command opens, you can click the cogwheel in the top left or bottom left corner (depending on your Note model) to access all of S Pen’s various settings. It’s the quickest way to get to those settings.

Hardware features

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

On newer One UI versions, the battery levels appear in the Air View menu, not the main settings.

There are some extra little hardware features. This section used to be rather boring, actually. However, the addition of a battery, Bluetooth, and remote capabilities added a lot more stuff to this category with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Those features continue to this day.

Alarm when lost – This is the one hardware feature from older versions of the S Pen. When it is removed from the device and separated from it, the Galaxy Note will constantly remind you it is missing until you put it back. It’s a good way to avoid losing it — it’s an expensive accessory, after all.

Power Saver mode – This is enabled by default. The Galaxy Note won’t try to detect the presence of your S Pen while it is in the phone. This preserves valuable battery life by not running a redundant task. You can disable this if you really want to in the settings menu. This is not available on all Galaxy Note devices.

Sound and Vibration – You can set the Galaxy Note to make an audible sound and vibrate slightly when you remove the S Pen from its holster. Both of these settings are set to on by default.

Unlock with S Pen – You can set your device to unlock with the S Pen instead of a PIN, passcode, fingerprint scanner, and so on. It’s a neat trick, but we don’t recommend it. It’s not a good idea to keep the key with the lock, so to speak.

Remote Capabilities – The Galaxy Note 9 variant of the S Pen introduced remote capabilities. This is usable in two ways. The first is allowing the S Pen to perform tasks inside of certain apps. It works with apps such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, and many others. You can view the available controls in the settings menu. They will automatically show up for any app you have that can use them.

Change Remote Capabilities – You can also customize any app that uses remote capabilities. Each app can have up to two functions with a single press and a double press of the S Pen button. These are customizable in the S Pen remote settings. Popular examples include going forward in a presentation with a single click and backwards one slide with a double click. I have my tester device set to have a single click go back a page in Google Chrome and forward a page if I double click.

Open apps with the remote – You can also set the S Pen to open an app with a long press of the remote button. Unlike the actual remote function, you can open any app you want with this setting, but only one at a time. The stock Samsung camera app is the default.

Controls aren’t restricted to just one app – Every app that can use the remote control functionality works. You can switch from the camera app to PowerPoint and then over to Chrome without any hiccups. All apps compatible with S Pen will work unless you turn it off.

Remote Master Controls – The S Pen has master controls for cameras and music playback. These should work in all apps with a camera function or music playback functionality. Music playback remote control worked in all of the music and podcast apps I tried (Samsung Music, Pulsar, Google Play Music, YouTube, and even Pocket Casts). You can turn these off, but you can’t configure them very much.

Allow multiple S Pens – Newer Galaxy Note devices allow support for multiple S Pens on a single device. You can basically use a second S Pen while yours rests inside of your device. This is fun for sharing the phone screen with others, but it’s otherwise not all that useful.

The S Pen has stayed relevant over more than half a decade of smartphone innovation. People love it now as much as they did back then. It can do a bunch of neat stuff and we can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for this neat little stylus.

If we missed any great features, tell us about them in the comments!

How ToSamsung, Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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A cheat sheet for the new Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

In its quest to lure more users to the flagship Note 9 phones, Samsung imbued its S Pen with many new powers. Now in addition to letting you scribble on the screen, the stylus serves as a remote trigger for the Note's camera, letting you launch the app, switch lenses and snap pictures from a distance. However, the new S Pen is not only a camera remote control but also a presentation clicker, a track skipper, a pointer and, at its heart, a very good stylus. Thanks to Samsung's helpful on-screen tips when S Pen remote controls are available, you don't have to dig deep to learn how to use them. But there are a few controls you might not even know exist without a trip to the settings menu. For those who want to get the most out of their S Pen, here's a quick guide.

Remote controls

Thanks to its new Bluetooth Low Energy module, the S Pen can interact with your phone from up to 30 feet away. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure you set your handset to alert you when you've left the stylus behind. By default, this is activated, but if for some reason yours is disabled, go to the Removal section of the S Pen settings (search for "S Pen" in settings, then go about halfway down the page) and slide the Alarm toggle to the right.

While you're here, you should also choose what the phone does when you slide the S Pen out of its slot. By default, doing that opens the Air Command suite of tools on the phone, which is something I found annoying. Now that the S Pen is my remote control, I'm not usually looking to write a note or sketch a friend when I remove it. I generally want to take a quick picture or even use the stylus as a cursor instead, and the Air Command interface gets in the way. You might even prefer it if removing the S Pen did nothing. Or if you're someone who only uses the S Pen to write notes, then set this to "Create note."

In fact, if you don't want to use your stylus as a remote control at all, you can deactivate this altogether by tapping into the S Pen Remote option at the top. On this page, you can not only disable the tool but also delve into deeper refinements.

If you're not a big shutterbug, you can change the app that launches when holding down the pen button to any other app on your phone. It looks like you can eventually set specific actions, too, although none are currently available.

Once you've done that, you should also decide what single and double clicks in compatible apps do. Right now only eight apps on my Note 9 show up in the list with customizable options: Camera, Gallery, Shutter, Media, Chrome, Hancom Office Editor, PowerPoint and Snapchat. In most of these, you can choose from two to five actions for each gesture. For instance, in Media, you can set a single press to Play/Pause, Skip or Do Nothing. It's not the largest set of choices, but hopefully we'll see more developers incorporate this feature with time.

All the default options here are pretty useful, so I wouldn't change most of them. I do recommend tweaking the single-press action for Chrome though. Instead of using it to go back a page (which is easier with the on-screen button), you could set it to scroll down instead -- handy for, say, reading recipes in the kitchen without smudging the screen.

You should come back to this page every so often, or after you install new apps, to see if more integrations are available. When you're satisfied, go back to the S Pen settings page and go to "Unlock with S Pen remote." This is not something everyone will feel comfortable enabling. It will make it so that you can unlock your Note 9 by pressing the S Pen button. It's useful for when your phone's fallen asleep during a long presentation or selfie session: You can wake your handset without having to walk over to where you left it.

But there are security issues: Someone might be able to use this to access your personal data if they have your phone and the S Pen. To be clear, you'd have to have been using the S Pen as a remote control for this to work, which requires the phone to already be unlocked. It also doesn't work when the S Pen is out of power. This means there are very few, specific instances when this can be exploited -- but it's still potentially dangerous.

To mitigate this, only turn this setting on when you think you'll need it -- like right before a long presentation, for example. Disable it as soon as you're finished.

Chris Velazco / Engadget

Stylus and Air Command

The remote controls are neat, but the S Pen is also a great stylus. My favorite feature is Screen Off Memo, which lets you write on the Note even when it's locked. Samsung color-matched the ink on this feature to the stylus, so a neon yellow S Pen writes in bright yellow ink while the lavender one shows up in purple.

It looks great on the Screen Off Memo's black background, but once you save the note to the phone, its background becomes a pale whitish beige. The bright inks are hard to read on this, and there's no option to change the background color after the fact. What you can do is turn off the signature-color setting so you'll write in a boring but legible white (which shows up in Notes in black).

The rest of the S Pen settings here will be familiar to Note users -- like Air View for previews that pop up when you hover the pen over events in your calendar or pictures in your album. Remember to select your favorite shortcuts on the Air Command circle or disable the floating badge for this altogether if you don't use this feature often.


The S Pen is really useful as a cursor when you're editing paragraphs of text or dense spreadsheets on your phone. You can be sure you'll select exactly what you want to by enabling Pointer, which will show a tiny circle where your S Pen is hovering on the screen. Existing S Pen users will again be familiar with this, but it's worth pointing out anyway.


These are some of the tweaks i've found most helpful, but you can pick and choose the ones that work for you. The nice thing about the new S Pen features is how customizable they are: You can fine-tune them to your specific tastes. And if you don't like any of these functions at all, then you'd honestly be better off with an S9+.

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10 ways to use the S Pen on a Samsung Galaxy device

  • To use the S Pen on a Samsung Galaxy device, you'll need to release it from its holder and tap the screen.
  • The S Pen stylus comes with all Galaxy Note devices, and some Galaxy and Galaxy Tab devices.
  • Beyond the traditional stylus actions, there are additional features that can make the S Pen even more useful. 
  • Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

The S Pen is a stylus that's designed to work with the Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Tab phones and tablets. 

If it came with your Galaxy device, you won't need to connect it, but there are still a few steps needed to use it. And the newer your device, the more features you'll have access to with the S Pen.

How to use S Pen on Samsung Galaxy

You can start using the S Pen by pressing on the end of it to release it from your Galaxy device. Your Galaxy will vibrate to let you know that it recognizes you've released it.

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Stylus
Antonio Villas-Boas/Tech Insider

Your S Pen should start working immediately. If it doesn't, hover the S Pen over the screen and quickly double-press the button in the middle of the stylus.

Ways to use the S Pen

You can use the S Pen to do anything that you could normally do with your finger. And depending on the Galaxy Note or Tab model you have, you may be able to use some or all of the following useful features. Test them all out and see which ones you like.

Take notes on the lock screen. Simply take out your S Pen and write on the locked screen.

Customize the pen button. Press and hold the pen button. Go into your settings' advanced features section for the S Pen and select "S Pen remote" or "Air actions." Then tap "Hold down Pen button to" and select the desired option.

Annotate a PDF. Open the desired PDF file in the Samsung Notes app and write your notes on it with the S Pen as you read.

samsung galaxy s pen

Automatically change your handwriting to text. Turn on your S Pen and open the Samsung Notes app. Create your handwritten note and hit save, then tap the handwriting-to-text icon in the lower toolbar. 

Turn your stylus into a remote. Go into your settings, then select "Advanced Features," and then "S Pen," followed by "Air Actions." Then tap the toggle to turn on the "S Pen remote" option.

Remotely take photos and videos. Follow the steps above to use the stylus as a remote. Then, when you have the camera open and ready, simply tap the end of the stylus once to take a photo or begin a video. Tapping twice will switch between the front and rear cameras. This works when the stylus is less than 10 meters away from the device.

Control your music and other media with the S Pen. Once you've set up your S Pen as a remote, you'll also have the ability to start and stop your media by tapping the end of the stylus while watching a video or listening to music.

Customize air actions. Swipe down on your device, and on the notification panel, select "S Pen air actions." Under "App actions," select the app you want to customize. Tap the item you want to customize and select either "Pen button" or "Gestures."

samsung galaxy s pen

Use direct pen input. This is turned on by default and allows you to write in text boxes, like in the Messages, Internet, or Phone app, and also converts your handwriting to text.

Advance through a slide deck. Open a presentation on your phone, then pull down your notification menu and choose to use your phone as a touchpad. Go into presentation mode and click your pen once to go to the next slide, or twice to go back a slide.


S9 pen galaxy

How to Use Your Galaxy S9 Smart Pen

What to Know

  • To access the S Pen settings on your phone, go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen > S Pen remote.
  • In the S Pen settings, tap the blue links under Single press and Double Press to assign app actions.
  • To use the S Pen in PowerPoint, connect your Galaxy Note 9 to a large screen using the DeX connector, then open your presentation.

The article explains how to use the S Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

How to Turn On Galaxy S Pen Remote Features

It's possible to turn the S Pen off for those functions if your phone is running low on power. Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen.

  2. On the S Pen settings page, tap S Pen remote.

  3. At the top of the S Pen Remote settings page, toggle the S Pen remote functions On and Off using the button in the upper right corner. When off, the S Pen still works with other, non-powered functions.

  4. Alternatively, you can use the S Pen button in the Notifications window shade (accessible by dragging from the top of the screen downward) to toggle powered functions on and off.

What Is the Samsung S Pen?

The S Pen for Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, released in August 2018, was an upgrade from previous versions and added a battery and Bluetooth. Along with these new enhancements, it retained all the functions of the S Pen from the previous version, such as Live Messages, Quick Notes, and Screen Write.

Battery Power for Extra Functionality

A battery in the S Pen might sound unwieldy, but the rechargeable battery fits right into the stylus without changing the pen's size. Users who were comfortable with the previous Note stylus are likely to find this one just as easy to use. Although small, the battery is good for a full 30 minutes and can recharge completely in less than one minute. Even on a dead battery, though, the S Pen offers all the functions of the previous version. It requires power only when you're using it in remote-control and Bluetooth low-energy modes.

The powered S Pen functions may change the way you use your S Pen, which results in having it out of the sheath more often. To help prevent leaving your S Pen behind or even losing it completely, be sure to go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen and toggle on the Alarm. If your phone gets too far away from your S Pen with the screen off, an alarm will sound reminding you to return the S Pen to its sheath.

A Remote Control for Entertainment

The 6.4-inch, high-definition screen and the Dolby Atmos-enhanced audio on the Galaxy Note 9 make watching TV and movies, listening to music and audiobooks, and viewing videos on YouTube and other sites a pleasurable experience. On top of that, the powered controls on the S Pen give you convenient control over playback without any additional setup.

Just open your entertainment of choice and start streaming. Some apps, such as Spotify, even have universal controls, so when you want to pause your music, movies, videos, and audiobooks, just press the button on the S Pen. To skip to the next track or song, quickly press the button twice.

You can even set up the S Pen to automatically open your favorite entertainment (or any other app) when you press and hold the S Pen button. Here's how to set that up.

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen > S Pen Remote. An alternative way to get to this screen is to pull down the Notifications window shade, then press and hold the S Pen's Quick Access button. This opens the S Pen Remote setting screen directly.

  2. Tap the Hold Down Pen Button To section.

  3. On the options screen that opens, you can toggle the feature to press and hold the S Pen button on an off, and you can also choose which app you want to open when you perform that action. For example, if you use YouTube a lot, you can select the YouTube icon so that YouTube automatically opens when you press and hold the S Pen button.

  4. Go back to your home screen. There is no need (and no way) to save your changes.

Shoot Like a Pro

With dual 12 MP cameras, the Note 9 lets you take high-quality photos. Even better, you can be part of them when you use the remote shutter control capability of the S Pen. App Actions work with your S Pen even if the camera isn’t the app you choose to open when you press and hold the S Pen button.

App Action options include:

  • Take a picture: Works for both front and back cameras.
  • Switch camera: Switches between front and back camera modes.
  • Record video: Works with whichever camera you have open with the press (or two presses) of a button.
  • Do nothing: Exactly as it sounds.

App actions are customizable. Here’s how to make them behave exactly as you prefer:

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen > S Pen Remote.

  2. Find Camera, and make sure the S pen controls are toggled on.

    The button appears blue on the left side to indicate it’s on, and gray on the right side when it’s off.

  3. Tap the blue link under Single press.

  4. The App Action menu appears. Choose the action you want to happen when you press the S Pen button one time while using the camera.

  5. Tap the blue link under Double press.

  6. The App Action menu appears. Choose the action you want to happen when you press the S Pen button two times while using the camera.

Your settings are saved automatically.

Productivity With Your Stylus Pen

One of the most anticipated functions of the S Pen is the ability to control PowerPoint presentations. Paired with Samsung’s DeX, which connects your Galaxy Note 9 to a large screen, wireless keyboard, and mouse, your S Pen puts you in control of the show.

To control a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. If desired, connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a large screen using the DeX connector.

  2. Open your PowerPoint presentation.

  3. Use your S Pen as the control for the presentation.

As with the camera, you can customize how the button on the S Pen controls the presentation. Go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen > S Pen Remote and use the App Action links under PowerPoint to assign a single or double press to move the presentation to the Next Slide or Previous Slide. Of course, you also have the option to Do nothing.

Similarly, you can use these same settings and your S Pen to control a Chrome browser, the Hancom Office Editor, and some social media applications, such as Snapchat.

With all these S Pen capabilities, you're likely to have it out of its sheath often. To help prevent leaving your S Pen behind or even losing it completely, go to Settings > Advanced Features > S Pen and toggle on the Alarm. If your phone gets too far away from your S Pen with the screen off, an alarm will sound reminding you to return the S Pen to its sheath.

How to Use the S Pen With a Galaxy Book Pro 360

Thanks for letting us know!

How Does the S Pen Work? - Galaxy Note 7

AccuPoint Galaxy S9 Active Stylus

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