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Giles Sling, Benelli M1/S90/M2/M3/M4/1014


• Benelli has apparently changed their sling swivel mounts from a standard military 1.25" slot to a smaller 1" slot on some current-manufacture shotguns. Unfortunately we do not have a compatible sling solution at this time (7/10/12). Please double-check and measure the sling attachment slots on your front and rear mounts.

• The "Tactical" version WILL NOT FIT Benelli Nova or M2 shotguns with bottom-mounted molded-in sling swivels (Nova, ComforTech stocks). We DO NOT KNOW if the "Practical" version for a bottom-mounted steel sling swivel stud will fit as we have not been able to test fit it and can not guarantee a fit. We  suspect ALL of the molded-in sling swivel attachment holes have been inset too deeply to allow the swivel enough fore and aft rotation to sit flush with the stock the way it needs to for the sling harness.

However, our sling is compatible with ANY Benelli using the HK-style 1.25" slot on the side of the buttstock and the rotating sling plate with 1.25" slot at the front of the magazine tube.

Tactical Model:
HK-style sling loop built into side of buttstock.

Practical Model (OUT OF PRODUCTION):
ONLY OLDER VERSION with METAL SWIVEL STUD on bottom rear of buttstock - Current "Practical" models have gone to the molded-in swivel stud which is incompatible with our sling.
Choose right- or left-hand.

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GG&G Benelli M2 Quick Detach Front Sling Attachment

GG&G Benelli M2 Quick Detach Front Sling Attachment

Only with Enhanced HD QD Sling Swivel - Ambidextrous




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  • Compact & easy to install.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • The Benelli M2 QD Front Sling Attachment provides the preferred side sling mount position.
  • With just a push of the QD button, unsling your Benelli M2 shotgun for tactical flexibility.
  • Includes Enhanced Heavy Duty Quick Detach Sling Swivel.
  • QD Sling Swivel accommodates up to 1 1/4” slings.
  • The Benelli M2 QD Front Sling Attachment includes our Limited Rotation Sling Swivel feature to help eliminate sling wrap up.
  • Manufactured from tough AS-35 Geneva steel.
  • All edges have been dehorned and rounded for the shooters safety.
  • Bead blasted and manganese phosphate finished in matte black per mil-spec.

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Attaching a Vickers Sling to a Benelli

Benelli Shotgun Slings

Benelli M1 Super 90 Entry Gun

Vickers Medic Sling with Molded Univeral Wire Loop Attachment

Next is another immensely popular Benelli shotgun, the M1 Super 90.

This was a police trade in gun that is old enough to have “Heckler & Koch” written on the side and the forend says “Laser Devices” and not “Surefire”. I didn’t really want to pay a stamp on yet another shotgun but when my favorite former online gun dealer said “I got one left, its beat, but it’s yours for $400” well what could I say? So when all my friends had their new M4s like above and I came out with this guy, I got made fun of until I said “Hey it’s the best short barrel shotty I could get for $400” that shut it down.

[Please don’t call or email in asking ‘where?!’ because then they will make us take this section out– the site is a shell of its former self out in the Midwest and I got the last one they ever had back in 2017. Gunbroker is your best bet at this point]

Back to the subject at hand. These used to be a lot more popular and readily available as they were phased out of department service as ‘breachers’ or ‘entry guns’. The idea was to have a short barreled – usually 12” or 14” – used as a dedicated breaching shotgun with specialized frangible ‘lock buster’ rounds or as a patrol officer's main long gun in the trunk or locked between the seats. Sometimes it was the sole long gun, other times used in tandem with an AR or other rifle. This is where having your less used breaching shotgun even more secure gives you more freedom to maneuver your primary long gun.

---We are purposely going to skip over the discussion of whether law enforcement patrol guns should have slings on them---

Blue Force Gear designs and builds the world’s premiere slings for firearms and tools of all types. We sling everything, including shotguns, under the premise that a well designed and built sling provides tremendous capabilities and options to the weapons user that would otherwise not be present. It’s more than a carry strap if you maximize what it can do for you.

***The information presented in this article is for information purposes only and is not to be perceived as advice or directions. Ensure that all proper firearms safety rules are being followed and test your weapon and accessory setup at the range in a safe direction before being fielded. You are responsible for your own safety. Seek additional help from a qualified professional or your organizations chain of command as needed.***

This project starts with a Blue Force Gear Medic Sling. This sling is just like the regular Vickers Slings  adopted by the Marine Corps, USAF, Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies with the primary difference being that it features TWO patented quick adjusters on it. This allows the user to cinch the sling even tighter than a traditional Vickers Sling – a great benefit with the shorter than normal distances between the sling points on this shotgun. This sling was designed by a Special Forces 18D Medic who wanted the ability to tightly secure his weapon on his back when going “hands on” with a patient or prisoner..

Note that the Medic Slings are typically a ‘limited run’ product that we have available a few times a year. If you don’t have one and it isn’t in stock, don’t worry, any Vickers Sling variant will work. Be sure you are signed up on our email list to be notified each time the Medic Slings become available!

Front Attachment

Since we are using the Medic Sling – the “front towards enemy” is the end with the two ‘loop locs’ sewn in and close together. The question of the day is where to mount it up front.

Removed the magazine nut and slide the barrel and fore grip off. Then use a Molded UWL (An original aluminum Universal Wire Loop would also work) and slide it down the magazine tube and over the handguard spacer. Then reassemble the weapon and manipulate the UWL between the barrel / magazine tube / receiver / handguard. That will provide a front sling loop that was conspicuously absent just a few minutes ago. There are M1’s in circulation with a traditional stamped loop under the magazine nut. If you have one of these, your front attachment procedure will be the same as the Benelli M4 above.

From here, you could add a Push Button Swivel in between the UWL and the Medic Sling to give you a faster disconnect if you wished.

Step One

After attaching hardware to barrel, lay sling out for attaching

Step Two

Thread webbing through swivel (Molded UWL)

Step Three

Loop webbing over swivel and back through both loops

Step Four

Loop webbing over last loop lock and under the first and tighten

Rear Attachment

A M1 Super 90 with the pistol grip type stock will have the same rear attachment point as the  Benelli M4 Stock above.

As noted above, the 1.25” webbing will fit through the slot as long as you follow the procedures as outlined.

Or… You can attach a Molded UWL around the pin inset in the rear stock which will add a Quick Detach option to your rear attachment point.

The M1 Sling Gear Found Here

Molded Universal Wire Loop 1.25 inch in Black

The Molded Universal Wire Loop™ brings the unparalled versatility of the Universal Wire Loop with a lighter more cost effective assembly. The Molded UWL™ allows for a Vickers Sling or other slings 1.25” or thinner to attach to eyelets, slots, rail holes, or other unique mounting points on weapons while providing the capability to add a Quick Detach Sling Swivel..


Limited Edition Vickers Medic Sling

Several times a year we are able to open up orders for the Vickers Medic Sling. The Medic Sling – named by an 18D Special Forces Medic that requested the design change – a Vickers Sling that allows you to cinch the sling even tighter by using two quick adjusters for going ‘hands on’ and keeping your rifle close to your front or back.


Standard Issue Vickers Sling (Similar Sling: Yearly Stock)

The Standard Issue Vickers Sling has become the world's standard in combat weapon slings. After extensive testing including combat evaluations, this sling is issued with the USMC M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle and authorized for use with the M4, M4A1, and M16 series weapons.



Swivel benelli sling


Attaching a Vickers Sling to a Benelli


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