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 Radiator Booster

Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website

Radiator Booster Profile
Single product company that makes an electric fan that recovers otherwise lost heat from behind radiators and circulates it into the room.

Radiator Booster
The Tango Group Limited
Zoons Court
Gloucester, UK GL3 3NE
+44 (0) 1452 621888

 Liz's Antique Hardware

Retailer - Sells Direct Through Website

Liz's Antique Hardware Profile
Liz's Antique Hardware carries a large selection of antique and reproduction hardware in a variety of styles.

Liz's Antique Hardware
453 South La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-4403 x6

 Shutter Shack

Retailer - Sells Through Website and Physical Store

Shutter Shack Profile
A Woodmere, NY, retailer since 1970, Shutter Shack also runs a robust online sales arm -- offering radiator covers, exterior and interior shutters, huricane shutters, folding doors, table pads and many other items.

Shutter Shack
718 W Broadway
Woodmere, NY 11598


Manufacturer - Sells Direct Through Website

Monarch Profile
Manufacturer of decorative metal covers to hide radiators and heating pipes.

111 Kero Road, Suite 236,
P.O. Box 326
Carlstadt, NJ 7072
(201) 507-5551

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Barker Metalcraft Custom Radiator Covers

A pair of custom Barker Metalcraft Radiator Covers made of heavy duty steel

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Prairie-Style Radiator Covers

Custom prairie-style radiator covers from Barker Metalcraft

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Barker Metalcraft Convector Covers

Custom size Barker Metalcraft convector covers. Available in many colors and grille designs.

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Barker Metalcraft Custom Radiator Covers

A pair of custom Barker Metalcraft Radiator Covers made of heavy duty steel

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All Barker Metalcraft products are hand-crafted and custom-made. Our products look good in your home because they were made for your home.


Barker Metalcraft home furnishings are designed to project heat forward and improve the heat flow of a radiator by way of a reflective back based on University of Illinois engineering tests.


Our products are made of heavy gauge steel. Our radiator covers feature a 16-gauge steel top, a 20-gauge steel body, and they are capable of supporting the weight of 3 average size adults.

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Most people look on radiators as a necessary evil. Paul Pezalla of Prairie Woodworking in Oak Park sees them as an opportunity to make an attractive but still functional piece of built-in furniture.

Whether your domicile is a Victorian, bungalow (plain or fancy) or

''yuppie condo,'' Pezalla stands ready to custom-design and build from one to a whole slew of distinctive wooden radiator covers for it.

Becoming the Chicago area`s leading maker of radiator covers was not Pezalla`s original career ambition. Educationally, one might argue that he`s overqualified for the job: He`s an endocrinologist and neurobiologist with a Ph.D. and three years of postdoctoral work on his resume.

But after several years of teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, Pezalla didn`t get tenure, and six years ago found himself

''put on the street and forced to find something else to do.''

Pezalla, tall, thin and mustachioed, started out doing general handyman and small remodeling jobs, but discovered that he really wasn`t that happy working in other people`s houses. Casting about for a niche, he noticed that most of the places he worked in had cast-iron radiators. He further noticed that the only commercially available covers were made out of metal, and ''very institutional looking. They don`t add much to the aesthetics of the room.''

Beautiful and durable

So Pezalla set about to develop a tough but comely radiator cover.

The hardest part was ''making something attractive that will hold up under the conditions-hot and dry in the winter, moist in the summer.'' Using his scientific training to good effect, he experimented until he found a design that would be both durable and energy efficient.

''I tend to think and read a lot before trying something, and come up with a solution,'' he says. ''I made one for my house. I made samples of the backing, and baked it in a 300-degree oven for several days to make sure it would hold up. It`s mainly a matter of details, making sure everything is done as well as it can be, and working out any problems.''

Pezalla ended up with a backing of foil laminated onto both sides of a sheet of plywood.

The front reflects heat into the room; the back keeps the wood from absorbing moisture and warping. The tops of the covers are made of kiln-dried hardwoods-oak (a big seller in Oak Park, where people want them to match the existing floors and woodwork, Pezalla notes), mahogany, walnut and cherry-fabricated of a lot of pieces glued together, which, again, minimizes warpage. The undersides are also covered with foil. Interior pieces are made of poplar. The cover is completed with a front grille of heavy-gauge steel-your choice of brass-plated or enameled-or wooden slats placed one-half inch apart, depending on the style. And they`re strong enough to be used as seats.

Prospective clients can choose from Pezalla`s collection of mini-samples in the comfort of their own homes: It`s important to him to obtain exact measurements of the radiators for a proper fit, and to make sure he`s taken any obstructions-such as nearby doors-into account. He also tries to make sure that his customers choose the style of radiator cover that will best suit the architecture of their residence.

Pezalla`s workshop occupies the basement of the Oak Park house he shares with his wife, Virginia, a biology teacher; three children; and a collection of livestock that currently consists of a friendly dog, one rabbit, three turtles, and assorted guinea pigs, gerbils and caged mice.

Tools of his trade

His tool kit includes antique woodworking implements, which, he says, helped rebuild a lot of bars at the end of Prohibition; a power sander of his own design; a bow saw built in part from an ash tree that once grew in the Pezallas` back yard-and a computer.

A program he wrote himself delivers the dimensions and numbers of each piece required to build a cover; he keeps the printouts pinned to the wall to check as he works. It`s both a time-saver and an aid to quality, he says.

Once a cover leaves the workshop, it`s complete; the only chore left is dropping it over the radiator. Pezalla drops a fair number of them in his Oak Park-River Forest home base, but, increasingly, he says, he finds himself doing work for homeowners in places like Hyde Park, Lincoln Park, Beverly, Evanston, Kenilworth and anywhere else there are houses with radiator heat whose owners dislike the typically institutional look of the squat metal units.

Prices range from $200 (the lower-priced models use veneers instead of solid hardwood, for greater affordability) to $1,500, with an average of $450 per cover.

Pezalla does do other kinds of custom woodworking-''I just finished an enormous chest of drawers, built of curly maple and mahogany, with 15 drawers,'' he reports-including, most notably, a new line of wooden bath accessories designed to complement a Prairie-style house.

But radiator covers, he says, are 80 percent of his business. ''I enjoy it,'' he avers. ''It`s not that different from being a biologist. There`s a lot of setting up equipment and manipulating experiments in both areas. And with (woodworking), the final object is more tangible than a paper published in a journal someplace.''

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