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Turkish trap trailblazer Serhat Durmus has released the “My Feelings” Remix EP for his hit single featuring chart-topping singer and songwriter Georgia Ku.

Out now on Amuse, the “My Feelings” Remix EP enlists a diversity of talented electronic acts for five new interpretations of the iconic track.

The “My Feelings” Remix EP presents listeners with a unique curation of both established and rising talent, each taking the single in a new direction from the original. The first official remix was initiated by Swedish DJ/producer Raaban, who infused the track with an infectious new dance element.

Fellow Swedish DJ/producers and dance music legends Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman then unleashed their signature progressive sound on the track, transforming it into a festival ready anthem.

Electro pop multi-instrumentalist and singer Mokita introduced a sense of atmospheric euphoria to the track, while multifaceted Chicago artist GOLDHOUSE reshaped it with his dance-oriented sound.

The Remix EP is capped off by an emotional slowed and reverbed version of the single from Ryan Celsius Sounds.

Fans of Serhat Durmus will recognize “My Feelings” as a reimagined version of his standout release “Hislerim”, a track that has earned him his current standing as one of the most listened to artists in his space. Boasting over 70million streams, 240million YouTube views, and top 100 positioning on both TikTok and Shazam, Durmus welcomed a pristine topline from Georgia Ku to bring “My Feelings” to new heights.

With over 2.1M monthly Spotify listeners, Serhat Durmus remains a valued contributor in the global electronic music space. He stands as one of the only Turkish producers to ascend from the local scene and continues to cement his status as a high-caliber electronic producer. By utilizing a range of sonically disparate techniques, Serhat Durmus has been able to capture and develop a unique style all his own.

Akshay Bhanawat


Having been a fan of dance music and Armin van Buuren since 2003, I was inspired to start my own electronic music publication with a very simple, and clear goal - to share electronic music with old, and new fans alike. Working alongside a great team has made me keep that goal alive, and build on it.

Sours: https://themusicessentials.com/music/serhat-durmus-releases-complete-my-feelings-remix-ep/
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Oakland duo Brijean extend the relaxed reverie of their 2021 Ghostly International debut with a quartet of remixes from DRAMA, Buscabulla, Sam Gendel and Rick Wade. Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart’s deep roots in jazz, pop, electronic and Latin spheres inform the music they make as Brijean, and these influences are reflected in the diverse group of remixers they tapped for this project. Rhythm is the driving force of Feelings; each featured remix plays with that force, adding, subtracting, and altering percussive elements to build a range of sonic environments — true to Brijean's mission of encouraging uninhibited imagination and new possibilities.

Detroit underground deep house legend Rick Wade, fresh off his 12” on Spectral Sound, brings "Day Dreaming" out of the haze, landing it squarely on the dance floor. Drums punch throughout, with feathery pads and Brijean Murphy's airy croon floating above the kick-heavy mix; a joyous, celestial edit. 

Chicago's DRAMA underscore the disco shuffle of "Hey Boy," lending a funkier dance structure complete with shakers and call and response shouts ("Hey! Hey Boy!"). Brijean consider the original a "psychedelic guide — the exploration of finding what feels good — through sorrow, anxiety, apathy." DRAMA's take doubles down on the good times.

Puerto Rican synth-pop duo Buscabulla (Ribbon Music) accentuate the percussive downtempo flair of "Moody." Keeping Brijean Murphy's stream-of-consciousness lyrics at the forefront, the polyrhythmic percussion is sparing and, well, moody. Sprinkles of subtle yelps, harp flutters, gauzy synths, and sinuous synth grooves give this rework a unique neo-tropicalia vibe.

LA-based experimental jazz musician Sam Gendel (a rising star following releases on Nonesuch, Terrible, and Leaving Records) reimagines one of Feelings' most serene stretches. "Ocean" bops askew, departing the original’s soothing sea for something more deconstructed and peculiar. Gendel's warbly organ lines, wiggly synths, and charmingly disjointed stylings bounce in and out of step with the percussion, which dissolves for a minute near the end before returning for one last waltz.


released August 13, 2021


all rights reserved

Sours: https://brijean.bandcamp.com/album/feelings-remixes
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