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Deep in the muck of Chuckatuck, lived a man named Dirty Sam
Drawl in his talk limp in his walk three fingers on his right hand
One night Sam caught a man snoopin' round his dirty shack
He filled his head full of lead tossed the body round back
Born of sin Sam was in a load of trouble from the start
It took a man to rival Sam but everyone he met he tore apart
There's some things that we don't understand
With the wind and a rain came Samuel Kane six gun in his hand
37 years we all hid in fear dreaded was the day he came then he disappeared
Trail of blood and tears for 37 years one hand on the bible judgement day is near
There's some things we come to understand that the devil's got a name and it's Samuel Kane and he don't give a damn


released January 20, 2012
Wendell Johnson V/G
Jeff Pierce B
Alan Felder D

Cover artwork/design Stephan Parylak, concept Jeff Pierce & Stephan Parylak. 
Photos: Mike Mather 

Recorded at Clay Garden Studio, Norfolk, VA. 
Produced by Wendell Johnson & Brad Rosenberg, mixed by Brad Rosenberg. 
Engineered by Brad Rosenberg. 
Assistant engineer Alex Partow. 

Mastered by Richard Dodd, Nashville, TN. 

All songs written by Wendell Johnson, performed by The Pawn Shop Lifters. 
Copyright © 2010/2011 Wendell Johnson/The Pawn Shop Lifters. 
All Rights Reserved


all rights reserved

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Pawn Shop Lifters and Muckrakes play benefit in Hampton tonight

By Sam McDonald

Apr 30, 2010 at 8:21 AM

Pawn Shop Lifters and Muckrakes play benefit in Hampton tonight

(Pawn Shop Lifters photo from

"These are three bands that just happen to rock who happen to have really big hearts," said Danielle Taylor, a Team in Training participant who initiated the event. "I'm astounded at everyone's enthusiasm."

Taylor, a 27-year-old designer working at the Northrop Grumman shipyard, is training to run a half marathon in San Diego in June. Tonight's concert is part of her fundraising effort.

"Luckily, I have some really amazing friends," she said. Her friend and co-worker John Tingley of Newport News connected her with the Pawn Shop Lifters and Muckrakes."They were all too happy to participate ... Everyone's donating everything. Every penny of what we make is going right back to the charity. It's a really big deal, quite the buzz."

Admission is $10. Music starts at 9 p.m. Call The Taphouse at 224-5829.

Pawn Stars: Pawns Gone Wrong - History

Pawn shop owner accused in scheme that targeted opioid-addicted shoplifters pleads guilty

A Rochester pawn shop owner accused in a multi-million dollar scheme that targeted opioid-addicted shoplifters pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court.

Thomas Nary, 39, pleaded guilty to transportation of stolen goods in interstate commerce, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced. The plea agreement calls for a sentence of 37 to 46 months in federal prison or 57 to 71 months, but it is subjective to a judge's discretion. A judge, however, is not bound by the agreement.

Nary, who owned Rochester Pawn & Gold at 1440 Dewey Ave. in Rochester, was originally accused of reselling $12.5 million in stolen goods on eBay and Amazon between Jan. 1, 2015, and Aug. 14, 2019. His two employees, Eric Finnefrock and Ralph Swain, previously pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.

"This retail larceny fuels the drug trade in our community," former Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan said at the time of the arrests. "In large part, the people who are committing these larcenies are drug-addicted. They are stealing things from retail stores and they're selling things to pawn shops and they're taking that money and buying drugs. In a lot of cases, those drugs are killing them. It's not a low-level crime. It is a big deal and this is an important arrest."

Scheme to defraud:Rochester man pleads guilty in $12.5M pawn shop scheme that recruited opioid addicts

Pretrial hearing:Was known sexual predator ignored as suspect in Brighton ax murder?

The scheme

"Nary purchased stolen goods and merchandise from individuals that he knew were engaged in unlawful shoplifting from Rochester area retail stores," Assistant U.S. Attorney Meghan McGuire said in a release.

McGuire said Nary admitted to buying, selling, and shipping more than $1.5 million in stolen goods.

The defendants "knowingly purchased stolen, new-in-box goods" for about 30% of their retail value and then resold the items on eBay and Amazon. The items were then shipped to buyers, many of whom were outside of New York state, according to the criminal complaint.

Rochester Pawn & Gold on Dewey Avenue in Rochester was one of the shops raided by law enforcement officials Thursday.

Nary "specifically recruit boosters who are opioid addicts and who use the proceeds of their 'sales' to purchase illegal drugs," IRS special agent Giulio Scoccia wrote in the criminal complaint. "This easy access to cash has increased the demand for and use of opioids in the community, thereby fueling the current opioid crisis."

Nary identified items they wanted to purchase based on what was in high demand on eBay. He also bought items from the same individuals multiple times per week.

In 2018 and 2019, 13 individuals who sold items to Rochester Pawn & Gold overdosed within five days. Three of the overdoses were fatal, according to the complaint.

On Oct. 18, 2019, one shoplifter suffered a fatal overdose after selling an Apple iPad to RPG for $130 the day before. It was the victim's last recorded pawn transaction, the complaint stated. 

One booster told police, "I have been selling stolen items at Rochester Pawn and Gold for 5 years."

She continued, "They have told me what items to go and steal. They do this by showing me a computer screen which will show an eBay listing with the price they sell it for. That way I know what to go and steal because that's what they want me to get."

Another shoplifter, a "recovering heroin addict who used up to 15 bags a day," sold stolen items to RPG to "support her habit," the complaint alleges. She told police, the "guy in charge gives us requests of what they are looking for and then I would go out to stores such as Wegmans and Target to steal the items," according to the complaint.

The complaint didn't outline how Nary would recruit these shoplifters.

Contact Will Cleveland at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @willcleveland13, Facebook @willcleveland13, and Instagram @clevelandroc. Thanks to our subscribers for supporting quality local journalism. If you aren’t a subscriber, please consider a digital subscription.


Lifters pawn shop

Must See: Pawn Shop Lifters open for Lucero tonight

The Virginian-Pilot|

Jun 18, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The Pawn Shop Lifters will be opening for Lucero, a punk rock-infused rock band out of Memphis, Tenn., tonight at The NorVa. Doors open at 7 p.m. According to the band's fan page, they go on at 8 p.m. SHARP. And, according to Music Muse friends, this is the show to see tonight, June 18!

You've probably heard of Lucero, the main act, which signed a four-album deal with Universal Music Group in 2004. Before Universal, the band released six indpendent label albums. They have punk-rock roots with a country-ish music Southern twang and "charm" they have grown to be known by.

It's no wonder local favorites The Pawn Shop Lifters are opening for Lucero tonight. The Norfolk-based alt-country band plays, what The Daily Press's Music reviewer calls, "redneck rock."

You can judge for yourself with samples from "Rifle & Flask," the band's newest CD released in February:

Here are what the local reviewers have to say about the new release:

89.5's Out of the Box DJ Paul Shugrue, who made Rifle and Flask his CD of the week for Feb 23 to 28, wrote:

McDonald of The Daily Press also wrote:

Like what you hear?Want to go see Lucero and The Pawn Shop Lifters? The doors open at 7 p.m. tonight's show at The NorVa. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 at the door.

Here's what else Music Muse friends voted as Gigs Worth Checking out tonight, June 18

IN second place as a go-see:

Skate n' Thrash, a thrashcore show, featuring Pushing On, Savage Land, Pistol Bitch, Bomber, The Worms, Mente 01 and Honor Code @Skate High Indoor Skate Park in Virginia Beach. $8 to get in. Learn more about it, and check out the show's flyer at

Third place goes to The Ben Phelps Project, a five-piece progressive rock band, performing at 10 p.m. at Lunasea, 206 22nd St., Virginia Beach. Ladies free, $5 for men with an ID.

Fourth place goes to Hey Hey Hooligan playing at 10 p.m. at Saddle Ridge, 1976 Power Plant Pkwy, Hampton. The cost to get in is free for ladies and $5 for men. The band will host a bikini contest between sets.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this morning's call out. Let's try this again for the weekend... and maybe next Thursday.

Pawn Stars: Pawns Gone Wrong - History


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