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Savannah Chrisley slams dad Todd for hoping to ‘build a baby’ but is ‘stressed’ about IVF with endometriosis

SAVANNAH Chrisley slammed her dad Todd for hoping to "build and customize a baby."

The 23-year-old also said she was "stressed" about potentially doing IVF due to her endometriosis during Thursday's episode of Chrisley Knows Best.

Savannah spoke about doing IVF during Thursday's episode of Chrisley Knows Best


Todd went overboard and became excited about 'building' a baby


The conversation happened after Savannah called off her engagement to Nic


The TV personality opened up about her struggle with endometriosis early on in the episode, explaining to her parents: "I've already had two surgeries for it. At this point, I just need to figure out what my next move is."

After she told Todd the condition can "make it harder to have kids," Savannah continued: "I'm just feeling the pressure because a normal woman, her eggs decrease by half at 30. Someone with endometriosis decreases by another half and times running out because I want four kids."

The newly single Savannah was previously engaged to Nic Kerdiles, 26.

The pair called off their engagement in July and confirmed their split in September.

She called her endometriosis "a drag," before continuing: "I've always dreamed of getting married and having a big family, but now my engagement to Nic is off and on top of all of this the potential of there being fertility issues in the future, so I need to come up with a backup plan."

Savannah and Nic called off their engagement in July


She explained to her parents that endometriosis makes it hard for women to get pregnant


Julie was initially more supportive than Todd


While again discussing IVF with her parents Todd, 51, and Julie, 47, the family's patriarch became fascinated with the idea of genetically "customizing" the baby.

Savannah later spoke to her friend Blaine about freezing her eggs, stating: "Mom's like super supportive of it. She's just like, 'Let's look into it. Let's at least know what your options are.'

"Dad, on the other hand, he started getting into this whole idea of building a damn baby.

"He was telling me, 'You know, we can pick its eye color.'"

The 23-year-old continued: "This whole situation is stressing me out. You know how I am. I've always had this timeline of, 'All right, I'm gonna be married by the time I'm 22, have a kid by the time I'm 24.'"

Savannah said she felt 'pressured' to have kids soon in order to have a big family


After stating her timeline "obviously isn't going as planned," she added: "I just don't think it's realistic for me to have 3-4 kids by the time I'm 30."

Savannah told her BFF: "I just don't want to feel the pressure of worrying whether I'm going to be able to get pregnant or not."

After having serious discussions with her friends and family, Savannah concluded she would wait until she's 25 to consider IVF.

Savannah concluded that she wouldn't consider IVF until she's 25




Fans Are Puzzled after Todd Chrisley's Daughter Savannah Refers to Herself as His Granddaughter Chloé's 'Sister' in Post

Todd Chrisley's daughter Savannah Chrisley shared a cute picture of herself and her niece Chloé Chrisley, but her reference to the latter caught fans' attention.

Last Friday, Savannah Chrisley shared an adorable picture on her Instagram page where she posed with her eight-year-old niece, Chloé Chrisley. 

The picture showed Savannah wearing a gray print T-shirt and rocking her signature blonde hair. She held her camera as she posed with her niece who wore a white T-shirt. 


Chloé flashed a cute wide smile as she posed. She tied a pink hairband around her knotted hair and wore a big multi-colored cloth hand band on her right wrist. 

The way Savannah and her niece smiled in the snapshot showed they were enjoying their time together. Savannah gave more details about the picture in the post's caption, which read: 

"No boys allowed 🤪 Thank you for making me the best sister ever today @thedryhouseali lol 😍 COCO LOVESSSS these @thedryhousenashville scrunchies!"

While many of Savannah's fans complimented her and Chloé for looking so adorable together, some of them could not help but notice that she probably referred to the latter as her sister rather than her niece. 

Todd was in the news after he slammed a fan who made a racist comment about Chloé.

Those fans took to the comment section to correct Savannah on her probable error, some asked to clarify if Chloé was not her niece.

A third fan asked Savannah if she meant "best aunt" rather than "best sister," while another Instagram user educated her on the right terms for relatives. 

Whether Savannah's reference to her niece as her sister was intentional or an error does not take away the glaring fact that they share a close bond. 

Chloé is the daughter of Savannah's older brother, Kyle Chrisley, while their parents Todd and Julie Chrisley have full custody of her. This happened following Kyle's struggles with drug addiction and bipolar disorder. 

Todd loves Chloé so much. Fans have witnessed him and the adorable girl display their granddad-granddaughter shenanigans on their family show, "Chrisley Knows Best."

Last year, Todd was in the news after he slammed a fan who made a racist comment about Chloé. The incident occurred after Todd asked his granddaughter to join a discussion about race and racism in America during an episode of his podcast, "Chrisley Confessions."

In February, Todd discussed the racial discrimination against Chloé during an appearance on "Tamron Hall." He said that he would drag anyone who comes for him or his children. 

The television personality further said that change begins at home and urged parents to bring up their children to know God and treat all human beings with respect.


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Savannah Chrisley Officially Has Baby Fever

Savannah Chrisley has a bad case of baby fever. The Chrisley Knows Best star isn’t afraid who knows it either.

Savannah took to social media to tell the world that there’s a new love in her life. But it’s likely that anyone who tries to guess exactly who isn’t going to get it in one. This particular love is not exactly the traditional kind of love.

Savannah Chrisley Gets A Cutie

In one of the reality star’s most recent Instagram post, she introduced her followers to one of her newest friends and included a caption explaining just how bad her baby fever really was.

“BABY FEVER = FULL FORCE 😍😭,” she wrote. “I just can’t take it!! I can’t wait to watch you grow up and spoil you like crazy sweet Daisy!”

For anyone who might have done a bit of a double-take with the post, there was also a clue as to just how Daisy came to be part of Savannah’s timeline.

No, this wasn’t a situation where the Chrisley Knows Best star managed to hide a pregnancy all this time. She actually ended the caption by tagging little Daisy’s mama. It turns out that the newborn babe is actually the new daughter of country singer Rachael Lynn Woodward, otherwise known as RaeLynn.

Wood just recently gave birth to Daisy after a much-publicized wait on her own Instagram account. Savannah and RaeLynn are rather close friends and that’s got the Chrisley Knows Best star some special one-on-one time with the little girl.

It seems as if the time Savannah has spent with Daisy has only made her want to spend even more time with the little girl over the next few years.

She’s actually already spent quite a bit of time with the baby since she arrived. This isn’t even the first time Daisy has graced the businesswoman’s social media stream.

While some might wonder if this baby fever is really about tugging at the heart strings of her followers, it appears that the country singer confirmed just how much affection there is between Savannah and Daisy.

Followers Go Ga-Ga

It took no time at all for RaeLynn to weigh in on the sweet picture. The country singer said that Daisy had herself a case of baby fever as well, and then followed that up with a message to Savannah saying “love you so much!”

Some of Savannah’s other followers couldn’t help themselves and comment in the thread as well. In fact, it appeared some of them came down with a case of baby fever as well.

One follower, in particular, had some sweet words for everyone involved.

“I clicked on this just hoping to see Todd’s comment,” the fan wrote. “That is a beautiful baby and she is lucky to have such an amazing example of a strong woman in her life. I pray she has a long and happy life.”

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Todd Chrisley, Wife Julie \u0026 His 5 Children in 2020: Age, Net Worth, Dating, New House, College, ETC

Wait, Is Savannah Chrisley Pregnant? This Picture Has Fans Thinking So

Savannah Chrisley shared a stunning black and white snap on Instagram that had some fans wondering if she might be pregnant. Did Chrisley Knows Best fans spot a baby bump in her latest Instagram snap? Or, was it something the reality TV star said that has fans thinking she might be with child? Keep reading and we will share what we know about this potential Chrisley pregnancy.

Savannah Chrisley stuns in sexy black and white snap

The photo that currently has the attention of Instagram features Savannah rocking a dark and snug long-sleeved t-shirt with a pair of extra short tattered jean shorts. Savannah is sitting on an area rug on top of a hardwood floor in the photo.

She has her perfect backside resting on the area rug with her hips facing the camera. Her knees are pulled together. She has her side and one of her arms resting on a couch off to the side of her. Her other hand rests on one of her knees. She opted to be barefoot for this particular snap. Her gorgeous locks were parted and pushed to one side as they swooped over her face.

The position she sat in and the ripped texture in her shirt near her stomach made it difficult to get a clear view of her abdomen. But, this certainly didn’t look like a woman flaunting a growing baby bump. Moreover, she didn’t cradle her stomach in the way someone who was pregnant would.

Furthermore, as far as fans know, Savanna Chrisley is single. So, being pregnant would leave Chrisley Knows Best fans scratching a lot of heads. And, we also have to assume Todd and Julie would not approve of Savannah getting pregnant before marriage.

So, what has fans thinking she might be pregnant?

Turns out, it is something Savannah Chrisley wrote in her caption that has people thinking she might be pregnant.

“I try to stay buttoned up…but it’s about to “pop off”… #doyouseewhatisee,” she penned in the caption on Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best fans seemed a little baffled by the caption. Noticeably, some had no idea what she meant by “pop off.”

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

One follower penned in a caption liked half a dozen times: “Please don’t say that you are pregnant.” The comment had even more responses than likes. Here’s some of what fans said in response:

  • “she’s not married”
  • “I don’t think she is pregnant, however many people who are not married become pregnant.”

Some fans admitted they wanted to know what Todd Chrisley had to say about this picture and caption. How would he feel if Savannah Chrisley was pregnant?

Savannah Chrisley clarifies what her caption means

Savannah Chrisley did not respond directly to those asking if she was pregnant. But, she did respond to someone who seemed confused by her comment. She noted that “gosh guys!! My button… pants too tight…popping off… hahaha.”

So, for now, it doesn’t sound like Savannah Chrisley is pregnant. But, there is no denying fans had pretty mixed feelings about it. Did you have any thoughts on this photo?

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Baby savannah chrisley

Some Fans Are Speculating That Savannah Chrisley Had a Baby

Thanks to a contributing role on her family's hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, Savannah Chrisley has become a bonafide star and built an impressive social media following. The 24-year-old Belmont University graduate constantly wows fans online with her fashion sense, devout religiousness, and tight-knit relationship with her family.

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However, as of late, some fans have been speculating that the Chrisley family might've gotten a little bit bigger, with rumors that Savannah has a new bundle of joy of her own. So, did Savannah Chrisley have a baby? Here's what we know.

Savannah Chrisley

Source: Getty Images

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Did Savannah Chrisley have a baby? No, but she recently shared a few pictures, claiming to have "baby fever."

Some Chrisley Knows Best fans believe that Savannah Chrisley had a baby in secret, but that doesn't seem to be the case. A few misleading pictures, such as this of her cradling a newborn, and even this of a full-fledged baby pic, might have fanned the flames. Nonetheless, neither are of her child. They're actually of her close friend, Rae Lynn's newborn, a girl named Daisy.

That doesn't mean Savannah isn't considering having a baby. A caption for one the images reads, "BABY FEVER = FULL FORCE. I just can’t take it!! I can’t wait to watch you grow up and spoil you like crazy, sweet Daisy!"

This led some fans to comment that they hope she and her ex-fiancé, Nic Kerdiles (who she's seeing again, per E! News), have children of their own.

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"Nick and Savannah need to get married and start their own beautiful family!" Wrote one fan alongside the image of Savannah cradling baby Daisy.

"You and Nick are going to make precious babies ... one day!" Chimed in another excited user.

"You and Nick will make great parents one day down the road," agreed yet another fan.

From those comments alone, it's clear that Savannah's followers are eager and ready for her to have her own child someday in the future.

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Earlier in 2021, an IG caption had fans convinced Savannah was pregnant

This isn't the first time rumors about a potential bun in the oven have involved Savannah. In fact, on Feb. 25, 2021, the star shared a black and white snapshot with a caption that had some convinced that she was bearing a child.

At the time, she wrote, "I try to stay buttoned up ... but it’s about to 'pop off' ... #doyouseewhatisee," accompanying a photo of her sitting on the ground in jean shorts and a long-sleeved black shirt. Naturally, fans took that as a hint that she was pregnant.

"Please, don't say that you are pregnant," was a common comment below the image. Savannah didn't directly respond to these, except for one fan who was confused about the caption. She wrote, "Gosh, guys! My button … pants too tight … popping off … hahaha."

The Truth About Savannah Chrisley

In a recent Instagram post, Savannah Chrisley shared that she "can't believe we have a baby" — but it isn't exactly what you think.

Alongside a photo of her cradling a newborn, the Chrisley Knows Best daughter clarified that her friend Nicole Pax just had a baby named Paxlyn Ryan. But judging by the big smile on Savannah's face and by how at ease she looks holding the little girl, she just may be considering herself a second mom to the baby.

As for if she herself is ready to become a mom, Todd Chrisley's daughter didn't say. But her rep recently confirmed Savannah is still engaged to fiancé Nic Kerdiles despite rumors that the two had split after she debuted a pixie cut on Instagram and posted some pics that showed her without her engagement ring. And while Savannah admitted she and Nic were "taking some steps back" in their relationship, her rep told  PEOPLE, “They’re still very much engaged, just taking time to enjoy their relationship."

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