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Korvold Demands Sacrifice. A Commander Deck Tech.

Hello one and all. Welcome back. It's been a while since I made a deck tech. But I had to get out of that wedding so I wouldn't get eaten by that dragon. Then had to go into hiding and in that time I built this deck.


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Korvold is everything I enjoy about playing a game of commander. I like drawing cards, I like aristocrat synergies, and I love smacking people with huge creatures. We got a tripple threat here. And boy does he grow fast. He's one beefy boy.

The run down

The deck is very focused on getting it's plan in motion. Typically you want to cast korvold turn Don't keep hands where that might not be possible. Then you want to either make korvold big fast if your hand isn't too good. Or find specific cards if you have tutors in hand.


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I'm running around 17 ramp spells. Only showing 9 here thoe. Birds of paradise and 4 other 1 Mana dorks are in the deck. I run 3 signers for fixing. Mind stone is good cause it can draw me cards when it's not needed. The rituals are there for ramp as well even thoe it's temporary. Cabal ritual will almost always give 5 Mana in this deck. Also orcish lumberjack is 3 Mana a turn. I run 9 forest cards and that's more than enough. But this is the main ramp. Oh time for the other semi ramp cards. Bring in the

"Free Spells"

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These are all cards that basically pay for themselves by sacrifice. They replace themselves cause of korvold. Cantor is Mana fixing blood pet is just a free card draw basically and tinder wall can act as ramp. Burnt offering and culling the week are sacrifice ramp that draws cards with korvold in play. And lastly my home boy dockside. He is factually the next creature in the deck. Even if I only get 2 treasured it's still worth it. Always the correct creature to tutor for in 95% of situations.

Also squandered resources makes all my lands basically add 2 Mana once. Also free card draw with korvold. I can do dumb shit with this out. But that's for later.


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I'm running 7 tutors in the deck. Vampiric and worldly tutor to have me put a card on top of the deck that I can draw by sacrificing a thing.

Demonic and dark petition is basically the same card. I will most likely have spell mastery for the petition.

Green sun to tutor out utility creatures and my other combo creatures that are green. Eldritch is to find what green sun can't of I have the right creature to sacrifice to it of course. All of these make the deck quite consistent on getting what I need whenever I need it.

Combo time

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One of the things I enjoy about the deck is the decision making of how to go about sacrificing the most things.

First combo is simple. Temur sabertooth and dockside extortionist. This combo works if my opponents collectively has 5 artifacts/ enchantments in play. You play your goblin and your kitty. You return dockside to hand. Then with 2 of the treasures recast dockside get 5 more. Keep doing this as many times as you wish to get infinite Mana with treasures. Note if korvold is in play you will be drawing each treasure sacrifice. So have to keep that in mind while doing it. But if he is not in play. Make the treasures. Then out him in play and sac as many as you want for card draw. Then play the whole deck if you want.

Next I have a gitrog value plan. I don't do all the typical gitrog combo stiff to make infinite Mana. I hope to have squandered resources out and hope to draw skirge familiar or world shaper. If I get world shaper I would need a sac outlet. When this does I return all lands in my yard to the battlefield tapped. But that doesn't matter. Cause with squandered resources I get to draw more cards and make more Mana. In that I hope to draw a tutor or some reanimation. I also want to find skirge familiar at that point to discard basically my whole hand. Then find eternal witness and temur sabertooth. So that I can get back world shaper recast it and sac it over and over. Making infinite Mana. At some point I would sac my gitrog so I don't draw out.

The typical win is to kill you all with aetherflux reservoir. Since I'll be infinitely casting a spell you all die to my laser beam.

Utility lands

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My Mana base mostly consists of 6 ish fetch lands and lands they can find, so a decent number of basics plus my shocks and bfz tango lands. These 4 are the non fetchable ones.

The tower and high market are extra sacrifice effects. The tower has a bonus of giving 2 Mana sometimes.

Kessig wolf run and shizo are there cause sometimes you just gotta get that damage in when they actually have a flying blocker.

The next lands I need is a few more fetches ,an urborg, ancient tomb, maybe a Mana confluence. For non lands a Titania and a finally of deviation.

So what do you think of the deck? Have any questions? Do you have your own build or suggestions for korvold? Feel free to comment down below.

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Playing the Brawl precons on Arena was sort of fun, albeit in a way that reminded me of two things. First, Brawl, like Commander, is more fun for me when it’s multiplayer (though this doesn’t mean I won’t do Arena Brawl content. I absolutely will.) Second, until the whole set is revealed, it’s probably more interesting to talk about the new legendary creatures in the context of Commander. With all that in mind, I’ve got the hunger today to talk about Throne of Eldraine’s foremost foodie: Korvold, Fae-Cursed King.

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King - Foil - Brawl Deck Exclusive

A 5-mana 4/4 flyer with a downside looks initially like a bad commander, but when you keep reading, you can see that Korvold is both a card advantage engine and a formidable source of commander damage. It’s clear that Korvold wants us to spend our deck slots on a few categories of cards:

1) Permanents we want to sacrifice. Whether they’re tokens we don’t care about or cards with upside when they die, Korvold wants to eat them.

2) Other ways to sacrifice things for personal gain. Korvold doesn’t care who’s eating as long as someone is. (The devour mechanic comes immediately to mind.)

3) Cards that give us an even bigger edge when our permanents are sacrificed.

Building Around Korvold in Commander

Let’s start by looking for creatures that want to be sacrificed but might need a little help.

These all give us something when they die. Any kind of token is welcome, especially something we can sacrifice easily, but cards are good too. Byway Courier doesn’t show up too often, but I really like Clues in this deck. You’ll see more of them. You probably also haven’t seen Driver of the Dead often, but sacrificing it to basically any enabler and then dropping something like Dockside Extortionist back onto the battlefield can be crazy.

Gilded GooseDockside ExtortionistCatacomb SifterTireless Tracker

These all give us things to sacrifice. We run the gamut here; between Food, Treasure, Clues, and some hapless little Eldrazi, we can use almost anything to get more value out of Korvold. It’s wonderful that all these types of tokens can sacrifice themselves.

Avenger of Zendikar

This gives us plants, which need more help to make it to the graveyard, but sometimes you can just win the game with it.

These five can all sacrifice themselves, and that’s what they should do, as that’s how they generate value. You won’t always have an enabler in play, so make sure you play enough cards like this. Emrakul’s Evangel is the notable card here–you can sacrifice any number of other creatures, including tokens that aren’t Eldrazi, so make sure you take full advantage. Just watch out for Stifle-type effects.

Let’s move beyond creatures and look at some other cards we can sacrifice.

Sometimes you just need eggs, or similar. All of these replace themselves, so sacrifice away! They’re even mana-neutral in terms of activation, though you obviously lose something when you factor in the up-front cost.

Treasure Map // Treasure CoveAwakening ZoneGarruk, Cursed Huntsman - BorderlessField of the Dead

These all make some things you can sacrifice. Treasure Map even turns into something you can use to get a different type of value out of your existing Treasure. Field of the Dead is really strong in this deck because I built a ridiculously greedy manabase (which we’re about to talk about a little bit) and also because we do play Scapeshift. Value!

These lands all sacrifice themselves for various effects. Destroying lands and fetching lands are the main functions, but that’s not all we have here. Sacrificing a fetchland is one of the easiest ways to trigger Korvold without going off-plan, so keep that in mind as you build your own version of this deck.

Let’s talk now about sacrifice outlets. Where can we find some ways to sacrifice the things we’re generating?

Some of the best outlets are ones without limits, and that’s what you get in these five cards. The Altars are obviously quite powerful and the most liable to generate infinite combos. I think I’ve largely avoided those in this decklist, but if that’s the way you like to end games, I’m sure you can get those in here. Goblin Bombardment is the way I’d prefer to end games if possible, but that won’t always be possible. Spawning Pit is almost definitely better than you think it is.

Unfortunately, not every sacrifice outlet is as flexible as the first five I mentioned. Fortunately, these are still good. Blasting Station is a great way to imitate Goblin Bombardment. Victimize and Blood for Bones are ridiculously powerful in this deck and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Dread Return does more than pull its weight when you’re tossing three Eldrazi Spawns into the garbage to bring back pretty much anything. Westvale Abbey works very well as a game-ender, which is good because it’s a terribly expensive token generator.

Let’s move on to our final category: cards that give us more value from our sacrifices. Boy, are there a ton of these. Let’s start with just the creatures.

Obviously I’ve included the “drain the table” package. I’ve left out some of the narrower versions of those that only do half of the job, like Deathgreeter or Poison-Tip Archer, but feel free to put those back in your version if you like them. You can even go all the way to Hissing Iguanar! Make sure you leave room for cards like Mayhem Devil that let you hit anything as well as the token generators I’ve listed here, because those are annoyingly powerful. Catacomb Sifter probably wouldn’t make the list if it didn’t bring a friend.

Golgari GerminationUlvenwald MysteriesMoldervine ReclamationVicious Shadows

Golgari Germination works alongside Sek’Kuar and friends from the previous category to create some more tokens for you to sacrifice. Ulvenwald Mysteries gives you Clues, and you can sacrifice those to draw cards and make Soldiers. It’s pretty weird to generate white Soldier tokens in a Jund deck, but sometimes you get weird. Moldervine Reclamation lets you draw some more cards, and Vicious Shadows is one of the most Commandery cards of all time–it costs seven mana, appears to do nothing, but actually acts as a late-game powerhouse that can take a game from contentious to over immediately as long as you have some things to sacrifice.

Okay! That’s the rundown on Korvold. Here’s my decklist–try it out and make your own! I’d love to hear what you’ve built with Korvold or any of the other legendary creatures showcased so far. Yes, even Questing Beast. Hit me in the comments or @ me on Twitter (@RagingLevine). See you next time!

Commander: Korvold, Fae-Cursed King

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King - Foil - Brawl Deck Exclusive

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  • Arcane Lighthouse

  • Balduvian Trading Post

  • Blast Zone

  • Blighted Gorge

  • Blighted Woodland

  • Blinkmoth Well

  • Castle Embereth

  • Castle Locthwain

  • Cathedral of War

  • Command Beacon

  • Contested Cliffs

  • Contested War Zone

  • Dakmor Salvage

  • Deserted Temple

  • Detection Tower

  • Drownyard Temple

  • Elephant Graveyard

  • Fertile Thicket

  • Flamekin Village

  • Forge of Heroes

  • Geier Reach Sanitarium

  • Ghost Town

  • Gingerbread Cabin

  • Goblin Burrows

  • Griffin Canyon

  • Grim Backwoods

  • Guildmages Forum

  • Hammerheim

  • Hanweir Battlements

  • Haunted Fengraf

  • Heart of Yavimaya

  • Hellion Crucible

  • High Market

  • Holdout Settlement

  • Homeward Path

  • Inventors' Fair

  • Isolated Watchtower

  • Karn's Bastion

  • Keldon Megaliths

  • Keldon Necropolis

  • Kessig Wolf Run

  • Labyrinth of Skophos

  • Leechridden Swamp

  • Llanowar Reborn

  • Looming Spires

  • Madblind Mountain

  • Maze of Shadows

  • Maze's End

  • Memorial to Folly

  • Memorial to Unity

  • Mikokoro, Center of the Sea

  • Miren, the Moaning Well

  • Mirrorpool

  • Mortuary Mire

  • Myriad Landscape

  • Mystifying Maze

  • Okina, Temple to the Grandfathers

  • Oran-Rief, the Vastwood

  • Pendelhaven

  • Petrified Field

  • Phyrexia's Core

  • Phyrexian Tower

  • Quicksand

  • Radiant Fountain

  • Rath's Edge

  • Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace

  • Rogue's Passage

  • Ruins of Oran-Rief

  • Sanctum of Eternity

  • Sanctum of Ugin

  • Sapseep Forest

  • Scrying Sheets

  • Sea Gate Wreckage

  • Sequestered Stash

  • Seraph Sanctuary

  • Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep

  • Shivan Gorge

  • Shizo, Death's Storehouse

  • Skarrg, the Rage Pits

  • Stensia Bloodhall

  • Swarmyard

  • Terrain Generator

  • Thespian's Stage

  • Throne of the High City

  • Tomb of the Spirit Dragon

  • Tower of the Magistrate

  • Unclaimed Territory

  • Unholy Grotto

  • Unstable Frontier

  • Urborg

  • Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

  • Volrath's Stronghold

  • Winding Canyons

  • Wirewood Lodge

  • Yavimaya Hollow

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    Korvold, Fae Cursed King EDH Deck Tech - DoylePrimeMTG

    Having never run a "lands matter" EDH deck, Korvold jumped out at me as being a solid value engine to anchor a lands focused deck. In addition, I have both a Meren of Clan Nel Tothdeck and a Teysa Karlovdeck built around edict and Grave Pacteffects, and aristocrats shenanigans, so I don't really want to venture too far into that territory here. In addition, I don't especially enjoy infinite combos the way I used to, so I'm actively looking to avoid building toward any, and especially dislike including cards that don't generally work well with the deck outside of a specific combo. That said, if you have any suggestions on a theme-appropriate card that can also combo off in here, that would be welcome.

    So far, the deck has a few paths to victory:
    [*]Commander damage
    [*]Token swarm (token sizes range from 0/1 to 2/2 flying, to 5/3 or 5/5)
    [*]Creature ETB damage (Purphoros)
    [*]Creature LTB triggers (Omnath)
    [*]Landfall triggers (Hagra, Valakut)

    So far, the deck has been a blast to play! I've had some ridiculously big turns--in the last game I played, a late game Eternal Witness recovered a Living Death, which resulted in about 48 damage from ETB triggers to each player to close thing out, and I wasn't even halfway done resolving triggers and actions! The deck has proved to be fairly resilient, chugging on and continuing to be a threat even after Korvold has been removed 3 or 4 times.

    That said, so far, I've only had one game with a really explosive opening, and I'm looking for some suggestions on strong on-theme additions.

    Some cards I'm looking to fit in (and soliciting suggestions on what to drop):
    Brass's Bountywhich I envision at worst being a sort of free "wheel" with Korvold out, costing 7, making 7, and drawing 7, with a significantly higher ceiling.
    Mad Rattermay be too slow, but I've liked it in Brawl on Arena--with a sac outlet, once you generate the first set of rats, you can sac 2 to draw 2 and make 2 new rats on each players' turn
    Crop Rotationwith all the special lands in here, this seems like it should be included
    Phyrexian Reclamation for Oversold Cemeteryprobably
    Fire of Yavimaya -- likely replacing Hammer of Purphoros
    Caustic Caterpillar
    Genesis Waveand Sunbird's Evocationhave both been cards that I look at for decks initially, but then ditch as I try to get more efficient, but the Wave seems like it could be very strong here, since hitting lands will generate added value oftentimes
    Revel In Richeswas suggested to me as a way to both capitalize on all the board wipes our playgroup tends to see, especially since this deck invites them to wipe, getting treasure for everyone else's dying critters, as well as providing some deterrent to too many board wipes as it may be risky to do so for fear of giving me an auto-win. Thoughts?
    Fires of InventionI've been running in my Brawl deck to good effect, and tried out in this deck for a couple of games--it showed up once, and stuck around for 2 turns worth of value before I sacrificed it to my own Korvold. That, I view, is one of the upsides here: it can be used effectively until it's more of a detriment than a boon, then gets fed to the dragon
    Along with perhaps 1 more mass reanimate card, I think I could probably use 1 or two more pieces of interaction, maybe an additional board wipe (particular one that doesn't just hit creatures), and possibly a sac outlet for any permanent? Or artifacts and creatures? I'm thinking that I'd like an option to sac Clue tokens without having to spend mana, but it's not a top priority.

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    Korvold Lands Ho!
    Queen Marchesa, Aikido/Goad
    Tymna & Tevesh Cleric Tribal




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