Htc one charging problems

Htc one charging problems DEFAULT
I am having charging problems

You may be experiencing one of these issues:

  • Your phone isn't charging fully to %.
  • Your phone stops charging before it is fully charged.
  • Your phone does not display a charging LED indicator while charging.
  • Your phone only charges when in certain positions or when held.
  • Your phone's battery life is reduced or shorter than expected.

For best charging performance, it is strongly recommended to use only the original HTC charger, or an HTC-approved charger.
NOTE: Some phones do not have an LED indicator. If no on-screen indicator appears, pressing the POWER button should cause the on-screen display to show a charging indicator. If the phone does not appear to be charging and will not power on, follow these steps:

  1. Hold VOLUME UP, VOLUME DOWN, and POWER buttons for up to two minutes.
  2. Check for signs the phone is charging.
    If the battery is very low, it may take up to 2 minutes for the LED to change. The LED indicator may blink repeatedly to indicate charging and will become solid after several minutes.
    If the LED is blinking, the phone is charging but cannot power on until the LED is a solid color. Wait until the LED is solid before attempting to power on the phone.

In some charging situations, the charger may detect the voltage as being too low and will stop charging the phone even though it is still plugged in. System software updates should address this problem.


To ensure the phone is fully updated, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and select System Updates. The exact path will differ depending on your phone.
    These are the three typical paths:

    Settings > System updates > HTC software update
    Settings > Software update
    Settings > AT&T Software Update

  2. Select HTC Software Update to check for new updates.
    If an update is available, follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the update.
    If no update is found, confirm that the phone is on the latest software version navigating to Settings > About > Software Information.

Damage to the charging port, cable or charging adaptor may also result in erratic charging behavior (such as only charging in certain positions or when held), or the device being unable to charge at all. To check if a faulty cable or adapter is causing the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Check the charging port for damage or debris; bent pins, dirt or lint blocking the port
  2. Check the current cable and adapter for damage; kinks or frays in the cable, or if there are bent connection pins in the charger.
  3. Use another charger with the correct voltage and amperage ratings for the device; note that some USB ports do not supply enough power for adequate charging.

Some issues can also be resolved by power cycling your device. Follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the POWER button until the Phone Options appear.
  2. Select Power Off and wait for the device to fully turn off.
  3. Wait for a few moments, and then power the device on by pressing and holding the POWER button.

Check if the device is able to charge in Safe Mode. See How to boot into Safe Mode.

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Device will not power on after battery ran dry?

Have you tried to reset the charging logic of the device, first you must charge your M8 for a minimum of 10 minutes using a wall charger. With the power off, press down and hold the volume up and down button with the power button for approximately 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, release all of the buttons. After the release the charging logic should be reset. Then charge your phone to % using your wall charger. If this doesn't work then its probably a failing battery or charge port.

I am curious what charger you have used to charge the battery. If you are using a generic charger or one that you had from a previous phone it may have caused damage to the battery or the charging IC on the motherboard. This is because the charger is sending the wrong voltage to charge the battery. If you were using the charger that htc recommends then the power IC should be fine, but the battery may still be the cause. If a Li-ion battery discharges to low it usually has a protective circuit built in that will put the battery in sleep mode when it drops below a certain voltage(I think around v-3v). When this happens the only way to get the battery out of that state it to give it a boost charge. Same idea as jumping a car battery. It needs a higher current for a short time to boost the battery above 3v then you can charge with a regular charger. Anywhere under v the phone won't power on but can still be charged without a boost if it doesn't go into protective mode. The protective mode keeps the battery from over voltage and under voltage. These batteries will discharge at faster rates if exposed to the wrong conditions. The battery may possibly be faulty and needs replaced.

Can you plug it into a PC and have the PC recognize the M8? Will it charge or light up the LED when connected to a PC's usb port? If not you should examine the M8 charge port for damage. The charge port may be damaged or dirty and preventing the phone from charging or being recognized by PC.

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HTC One (M8) Troubleshooting

Speakers aren't emitting sound or the sound is muffled.

Small debris can clog and muffle the speaker grills. Inspect and clean the speaker grills with short bursts of compressed air or a finely-bristled brush, if visible debris is present.

Check for any software conflicts with any installed third-party applications and remove them as necessary.

If sounds still does not return after external cleaning and eliminating possible software conflicts, debris might be inside the device, requiring a more thorough internal cleaning and/or replacement of the speaker.

Speakers make a crackling sound when audio is on.

Playing poorly compressed audio at high volumes can cause a crackling effect that might incorrectly suggest a problem with the speakers. Ensure that the problem is for all sound before assuming any speaker defect.

If the problem continues, consider replacing your bottom speaker.

Crackling sound can also be a symptom of water damage. Ensure the device is dry and, if the problem persists, replacement of the speaker may be necessary.

If the problem continues, consider replacing your bottom speaker.

There does not appear to be any sound coming from the headphones when they are plugged into the phone.

Ensure the headphones are working properly with other devices and are compatible with the HTC One M8. The HTC One M8 has a standard mm headphone jack.

If the problem is persists only for the HTC One M8, replacement of the headphone jack may be necessary.

Phone will not transition from portrait to landscape mode when phone is rotated.

Not all Android applications are designed with screen rotation in mind. Verify that the problem is consistent among all applications.

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Display & gestures
  • Select Auto-rotate screen option
  • With two fingers, swipe down on the status bar
  • Press Settings button (cog icon)
  • Go to Display & gestures
  • Go to G-Sensor Calibration
  • Place phone on flat surface and calibrate
  • When calibration is done, press OK

The phone's touch screen is either damaged or isn't responding to the users touch.

The display is made with Corning Gorilla Glass and is damage resistant. Most scratches will be surface level and cosmetic only. If operation is impaired, proceed with the replacement of the screen.

Background applications might use up too much memory and slow down the phone until it is unresponsive.

  • Restart the phone.
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Accessibility
  • Go to Services
  • Select Turn off all apps

If the problem continues, consider replacing the screen.

Phone does not appear to be charging when plugged into charger.

Verify that the issue is with the phone and not with the power source or charger cable. The HTC One M8 needs a micro-USB charger.

If the problem continues, consider replacing the charging port.

Ensure that the phone does not have debris in the mirco-USB port but cleaning it out with small bursts of compressed air. If the problems persists then the port may be damage and a charging port replacement will be required.

The phone does not power on when the power button is pressed.

The phone may have simply lost its charge. Plug in the charger to verify that it isn't the problem. If the problem persists then boot the phone into safe mode.

  • Press and hold the power button until the Phone Options prompt appears
  • Release the power button
  • Press and hold the Power off until the 'Reboot to safe mode' option appears
  • Press Restart

If the phone can successfully boot into safe mode than one of the applications is preventing a successful boot up.

If the problem continues, consider replacing the battery.

The device discharges quickly

The battery may need to be re-calibrated.

  • Shut off the phone
  • Plug the charger in and let it charge for ten minutes
  • Hold down the power and the volume down button for two minutes while it boots back up

If the problem continues, consider replacing the battery.

Certain applications may be using too much power.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Power
  • Verify that no applications are using excess amounts of power.

If the problem continues, consider replacing the battery.

The camera displays no image when activated.

There may be several scratches on the protective film located on the camera. A replacement of the film may be necessary if the scratches are obscuring the image. If the scratches go past the protective film then a replacement of the camera may be necessary.

SD Card data cannot be accessed.

Ensure that SD Card is a Micro-SD card. Attempting to use a different SD card could damage the phone.

Before using the SD card make sure that you properly eject it

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Storage
  • Go to Unmount

Verify with whether the SD Card is corrupt by using it on another device.

The device does not have connection to the carrier network.

Faulty SIM card installed in device. Consider replacing with new SIM card from your wireless carrier.

There SIM card may contain debris. Apply some rubbing alcohol and gently clean the SIM Card off.

Ensure that the SIM Card is the right one for the HTC One M8. The HTC One M8 supports the standard Nano SIM Ca

01 Overview Of HTC One M8 Not Charging Or Turning On

How To Fix HTC One M8 Charging Problem &#; Battery Drain

How to fix HTC One M8 charging problem and also quick battery drain issue. Many people have reported quick battery drain and slow charging problems on their HTC One M8 devices. These users are from all around the world so these problems are common and popular.

The HTC One M8 has a mAh battery which is able to live throughout the day. Not only because it is mAh bigger than the battery of the HTC One M7 but also because of endless optimizations HTC has done to the software. Sense UI is now less intense, it doesn&#;t require a lot of CPU usage and most importantly, it doesn&#;t use a lot of battery thanks to all the optimizations.

Also Read: How To Return HTC One M8 % Completely To Stock

The new feature called Extreme Power Saving mode is also a big plus for the battery of the HTC One M8. Extreme Power Saving mode greatly increases the battery life of the HTC One M8. You can use your phone for even more than one day with this mode activated because it disables all unnecessary apps and background activities.

Even with all these improvements and optimizations, HTC One M8 users are still experiencing huge battery drain and slow charging. Apparently, the HTC One M8 doesn&#;t charge with full speed. Even when it is charging, the battery level actually decreases instead of rising.

Not only slow charging, but also many HTC One M8 devices can&#;t hold a full charge for a long period of time. Even when you leave the phone at the table at % battery left before sleep, on the morning the battery level will be very low at around 50%. Loosing 50% of battery overnight on the HTC One M8 is not a good thing.

Here are a few solutions to fix HTC One M8 battery drain.

1. Enable Extreme Power Saving Mode

Of course, this is the most obvious solution. If you really want batter battery life and fix battery drain you should enable Extreme Power Saving mode. If you don&#;t use your phone for many intensive tasks, you should enable the power saving mode.

It will greatly enhance battery life and it will also decrease HTC One M8 overheating problem because it disables all background processes and useless bloatware apps.

2. Disable bloatware applications

Bloatware applications also use a lot of battery juice. If you don&#;t want to activate Extreme Power Saving mode because it reduces the performance of the HTC One M8, you can simply disable or uninstall all unneeded apps.

htc one m8 battery drain fix

Bloatware apps are basically normal applications which are built-in to the HTC One M8 and can&#;t get removed easily. They don&#;t offer many things for users so they waste precious memory space and battery. Check out our article to learn how to disable and uninstall bloatware apps on the HTC One M8.

3. Calibrate battery

Calibrating the HTC One M8 battery will increase its life. Calibrating the battery is a good idea for many devices. Sometimes, the battery can get stuck and it doesn&#;t charge properly. A calibration will reset the battery and will make it like new. Check out out article to learn how to calibrate HTC One M8 battery.

Solutions to fix HTC One M8 Slow Charging Problem

1. Use different chargerhtc one m8 slow charging fix

Use another charger besides the stock cable. The stock charger can be damaged or broken which leads to slower charging than the normal rates. Use a good cable which has at least 2 Amps of power. A new charger will charge the HTC One M8 a lot faster than the old damaged one.

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2. Clean charging port

The charging port of the HTC One M8 can get very dirty. Dust and dirt can get inside the charging port. This will prevent the charger from getting inside the phone correctly. To clean the port, get a toothpick or needle and gently put it inside and start moving the pick slowly.

This will remove all the dust and dirt that is inside the phone and will fix the slow charging problem on the HTC One M8.


Problems htc one charging

Hello guys in this guide, I am gonna tell you about HTC One A9 Problems With Charging (Solutions). So read this article, step by step so you may understand it in a better way.

Guide: HTC One A9 Problems With Charging (Solutions)

The HTC One A9 charging issues seem like a common problem among those who own HTC&#;s new smartphone. Some of the issues noted on HTC One A9 include HTC One A9 not charging, HTC One A9 not turning on after charging, and HTC One A9 gray battery issue. Below we will detail some of the solutions that you can use to fix your HTC One A9 charging problems that are giving you a headache.

For those who want to get the most out of your device, be sure to check it out wireless charging pad, external portable battery and the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity wristband for the ultimate experience with your device.

How to fix HTC One A9 that is not charging

Some of the other most common causes of the charger not working issue on HTC One A9 can include the following including HTC One A9 not charging &#; gray battery issue:

  • Bent, broken, or squeezed connectors on the device or battery.
  • Phone is broken.
  • Damaged battery.
  • Faulty charger or cable.
  • Temporarily phone issue.
  • Phone is broken.

Swap cables

The first thing to check when HTC One A9 is not charging properly is to check the charging cable. Sometimes the charging cable is damaged or the connection is lost to charge HTC One A9. Before purchasing a new cable, try to disable it with a different USB cable to see if the problem is with the cable.

Reset HTC One A9

Sometimes the reason HTC One A9 won&#;t charge when plugged in is because the software needs to be restarted. This method may be a temporary solution to the problem but it does help fix the charging issue on HTC One A9.

How to fix HTC One A9 that won&#;t turn on after charging

It seems that those who own an HTC One A9 have charging issues with the smartphone. Many have reported that HTC One A9 does not turn on after charging or turning it on, even when HTC is fully charged. We have listed several ways to resolve the issues when HTC One A9 does not turn on completely.

Hit the power button

The first thing to test before giving any other advice is to press the &#;Power&#; button button several times to make sure there is a problem with the power of HTC One A9. If you turned your smartphone back on and the problem is not resolved, read the rest of this article guide.

Boot into safe mode

When booting the HTC One A9 in &#;Safe Mode&#; it will only run on pre-loaded apps, this will allow you to see if another application was causing the problems. This can be done through the following steps:

  1. Hold down the Power button at the same time
  2. Release the Power after the HTC screen appears button then press and hold the volume down key.
  3. When it reboots, the safe mode text will be visible in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Boot to recovery mode and wipe cache partition

The following steps will put the HTC One A9 into recovery mode by booting the smartphone. You can also read this guide On how to clear the cache on the HTC One A9.

  1. Hold down the volume Up, Home and power buttons at the same time
  2. After the phone vibrates, release the force button, while still holding the other two buttons until the Android System Recovery screen appears.
  3. Using &#;Volume Down&#; button, highlight &#;wipe cache partition&#; and press the power button button to select it.
  4. After the cache partition has been wiped, HTC One A9 will automatically reboot

How to fix HTC One A9 slow charging issue

The first thing that is recommended is to check if the USB cable is working properly. If you&#;ve tried using a different USB cable and HTC One A9 charging issue is still an issue, there are a few ways to fix it manually. Below are a few different methods to resolve the slow charging issue on HTC One A9.

Close background applications

One common reason that HTC One A9 slow charging issue occurs is because of the apps that keep running in the background. The following closes apps running in the background:

  1. Keep the &#;Home&#; button and release it when you see the recently used apps screen
  2. In the Task Manager section, select &#;End all applications&#;
  3. At the top of the screen is a &#;RAM&#; option, select it and clear the memory

These steps will close any apps that are running in the background when the phone charges and therefore it slows down the charging process.

Remove third-party apps

If none of the above methods worked then the reason that HTC One A9 is charging slowly could be due to a software bug. The best solution would be to uninstall all third party software to see if the charging issue is resolved on HTC One A9.

To remove third-party apps, HTC One A9 must go into &#;Safe Mode&#;. Then you can uninstall third-party apps that might be causing the slow charging issue on HTC One A9. To enable safe mode, turn on your phone, then press and hold the power key. When you see &#;HTC One A9&#; on the screen, release the power key and then press and hold the volume down key. Keep holding the key until it phone restart. When the &#;safe mode&#; messages appear at the bottom of the screen, release the keys.

From there, third-party apps can be removed by going to Menu> Settings> More> Application manager, Selecting Downloaded> the desired application and then uninstalling> Ok. Then turn off safe mode by pressing and holding the power key> restart> ok.

How to fix HTC One A9 not charging gray battery issue

A user reported that after his issue he started seeing the HTC One A9 not charging phone fell out of his hand. The main reason why HTC One A9 won&#;t charge battery issue is damaged charging port or cable. Another reason could be that there may be dirt or dust in the charging port and not allowing a proper connection.

Clean the USB port

If HTC One A9 is dropped and you start to face HTC One A9 not charging &#; gray battery issue, something may be blocking the connection to HTC One A9. It could be debris, dirt, or lint disconnecting the connection. A good way to fix this problem is to insert a small needle or paper click and move it into the USB charging port to get everything out. This is usually the main problem when HTC One A9 is not charging properly. But it&#;s important to note that when cleaning the USB port, be careful not to damage anything and clean it gently.

System dump

When completing a dump in system mode, panel errors are performed and various functions can be performed. There are also useful features to boost your network speed; the following will compete a system dump.

  1. Go to &#;Dialer&#;
  2. Type (* # #)
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select &#;Low Battery Dump&#;
  4. Select &#;Enable&#;

Get support from an authorized technician

If none of the above methods work to fix the HTC One A9 charging issue, another suggestion would be to have the smartphone checked by an HTC technician. If the smartphone needs to be repaired for some reason and they may be able to provide a replacement under warranty.

HTC One A9 Problems With Charging (Solutions): benefits

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Tutorial summary of HTC One A9 Problems With Charging (Solutions)

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How this tutorial helping you?

So in this guide, we discuss the HTC One A9 Problems With Charging (Solutions), which undoubtedly helps you.

What is actual time in which this method complete?

The time to complete the HTC One A9 Problems With Charging (Solutions) tutorial is 10+ minutes.

What are the supported Device?

Mobile Phones

What are the supported Operating system?

Android or iOS

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4 Solutions for HTC Phones that won't Turn On / Boot Up / Won't Charge / No Battery Juice

How To Fix HTC One Not Charging Or Turning On

HTCOnenotchargingorturningonisageneralproblemthattheusersofHTCOnekeeponfacingsometimes.Suddenly,thephonegoesoffanddoesnotgetchargedorturnedonthoughconnectedtoacharger,andthescreenremainsblack.Also,theredcolorLEDlightdoesnotgetonatthetopleft.Ifyoufacethesameproblem, don&#;t worry,becauseyourphoneisnotdead,andyoucanquicklyfixHTCOnenotchargingorturningonissue.

Seealso-HowtosolveunresponsivebackandhomebuttonsproblemonHTCOne M7

How To Fix HTC One Not Charging Or Turning On



  • Firstpressandholdthepower,VolumeupandVolumedownbuttonstogetherforatleast 15 seconds.Thephonewillvibrateandthenwillrestartnormally.IfyourHTCOnedoesnotrespond,thenfollowthenextstep.
  • Ensure the power outlet you are using to charge the HTC One is operating properly. To check this, plug in other devices in the same power outlet and see if it is charging.
  • Once you confirm that the power outlet is working fine, the next thing is to check the charger. Try charging other devices using the same charger and see the result. Similarly, try using another new HTC One charger and notice if there is any improvement in the charging speed.


Way to fix HTC One not charging or turning on

  • Plug in your phone with a charger that came with the phone. Do not try to charge using the laptop or computer as this is rated very low compared to the wall charger.
  • Let it be charged till the red LED right gets on. It will take around 20 minutes. Do not unplug the charger. Now press the power button for few seconds to turn the phone on. If your phone stays unresponsive, then press and hold the power, volume up and volume down buttons altogether for few minutes, say minutes. By doing this process the battery is re-calibrated, and it allows to power on the phone. The process is not tough, and you can easily fix HTC One not charging or turning on the issue by going through the above steps.
  • If you have tried all the above fixes but still the phone is not charging or is not turning on, it might be a fault of the battery and battery replacement is the solution in that case.



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HTC not charging when plugged in Fix

There are 3 main reasons why the HTC One M9 phone will not charge up. It’s either a faulty lithium-ion battery. The Micro USB charge circuit is damaged, or the charging logic has been corrupted. This post will explain how to reset the charging logic and also change out the old micro USB PCB.

The HTC One M9 is a great phone and it was a hand me down device for my son. One day he noticed that it had stopped charging. I tried the usual hard reboot which has been successful on other peoples phones. This involves turning off the phone and then press and hold the volume up and down button along with the power button for approximately 2 minutes.  This will reset the charging logic and reboot.

But this didn’t work for us. What I did find out was the phones USB charging port had been a little hit and miss and would only charge with a certain cable. I had tried a whole heap of different USB cables, wall chargers, and even my trusty Omnicharge portable power bank which has never let me down. But none of them would charge up this phone without some divine intervention.

Pressing on the micro USB cable would sometimes energize the charging circuit and the little red LED light would turn on. But removing this pressure on the micro USB cable would stop the charging process. This confirmed to be a hardware HTC charging problem.

So after taking apart the phones back cover I found that it definitely was a charger hardware fault inside the HTC One M9 phone. The Micro USB port was obviously loose and damaged.

How to fix your HTC One M9 not charging problem.

There are a few videos online on how to open up the HTC One m8 and m9 phones but many involved removing the screen and coming in from the front. I can assure you removing the back cover is a very easy method to replace your USB charging port and should only take around 1/2 hour.

In this tutorial, we will be replacing the micro USB charging circuit. It will be the same fix as if you are going the replace the headphone audio jack assembly as it is on the same printed circuit board. So if you have a problem with your HTC One m8 or m9 phone audio jack this repair will work for you as well.

Tools and Hardware Required

The first thing to do is obtain all of the necessary tools to work on your HTC one m9 phone. For me I used the following tools:

  • T6 Torx star screwdriver
  • Plastic phone pick. I like to use guitar picks
  • Pin or sim card removal tool.
  • Tweezers
  • glass if needed.

The kit shown below will have everything you need. Click for more information over at Amazon. Read on for full instructions.

How to replace the USB charging port on One M9 phone

Start by removing your Telco Sim card and the Micro SD Sim cards using the sim card removal tool or a small pin. You can then unclip the top black strip on the top of the phone this will pop right of. Its held on with some glue and plastic pins.

Under this black strip are two T6 star screws. Unscrew and remove these 2 screws. They are very small so don’t lose them.

Htc one m9 micro USB charge port repair remove back cover

You can now remove the back cover plate. This is a very tight fit but if you start on the right side around 1 inch from the top you should be able to work yourself around anticlockwise and prise of the back cover gently.

Once the back plate is removed have a look at the micro USB charging circuit. For me, the USB connection had totally become dislodged from the printed circuit board. It could have been a design flaw or the phone charger port could have been damaged at one time. This is why when moving the charging cable around slightly the phone would begin charging.

HTC charging problem how to replace micro usb charge port

There are a few cables we need to remove before the micro USB charge port can be removed. Start with the two ribbon cables near the bottom. Use the magnifying glass and locate the white stip on each ribbon cable. By using a pick you can lift up the white tab gently. This enables the ribbon cable to slide out.

htc one m8 battery not charging

Once the large ribbon cable and been removed do the same to the smaller ribbon cable which is located just above the HTC one m9 phone jack.

HTC one m9 wifi cables removal process

Next, remove the two antenna wires which are blue and white using a pair of tweezers. These just unplug. They are quite small and fragile so be careful. We can now remove the three T6 Torx star screws on the micro USB charger PCB.

HTC one m9 micro usb charge port replacement guide

I found removing this little HTC One M9 charging circuit to be a real challenge. Even those all the screw are out this PCB charging circuit is wedged in there really tight and under some other devices. Just keep working at it gently. I believe there may be a small plastic pin that is holding it in place that I couldn’t see but after a few twists, it will come free.

Check out the video below to show you how to remove the back cover on the HTC one m9 and replace the charging circuit/phone audio jack.

Replacing the HTC one M9 charging circuit.

The process of replacing the charging circuit is the same as removal just in reverse.

  • Start by placing in the new micro USB charging and wedge it in the good. The three T6 screws should all lineup. Tighten them down.
  • Plug in the two antenna WiFi cables and make sure they are secure.
  • Insert the 2 ribbon cables. They will only go in if the white locking tab is in the upright position. Push in the ribbon cable and clamp down the locking tabs.
  • Replace the HTC One m9 back cover starting from the bottom and snap lock it into place. If it won’t snap into position check if there are any black tabs that have been bent or broken.
  • Test out your new micro USB charging circuit by inserting a cable into the charge port. A red light should turn on on the front top of your HTC one phone.


This is a very easy fix for your HTC one m8 and M9 phone which you can do yourself. This spare part for the micro USB charging circuit also includes an audio headphone jack. To me, the micro USB port looks slightly different so hopefully, it is a redesign and we will have trouble free charging in the future.

Remember to ground yourself out first by touching an earthed piece of metal or wear an anti-static wrist strap before working on the internals of your phone. Any static discharge could ruin your expensive phone. Good luck and let me know if you have any difficulties replacing this part. Happy to help.

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