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Stardew Valley Tool Upgrades | Best Tools to Upgrade – Guide Fall

Stardew Valley is an indie game that was released in February of 2016. It is a 2D RPG game, made by the same team that made Don’t Starve. The game was developed by ConcernedApe. The game takes place in a quiet farm town called Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is a game you play while you are at your farm, but it is not just a farm game, it is a game about relationships and life.

Stardew Valley has been out for a while now, and in that time it has managed to gather a whole host of useful tools that make it easier to play, as well as the tools that add a whole new dimension to the game. Whether these tools are useful or not is up to personal choice, but we have decided to compile a list for a reason, in order to help you determine which tools to go for first and which ones to ignore.

Building the farm of your dreams is hard work. InStardew Valleyit’s all a bit simpler, but you still need a lot of different tools to work with.  Their collection will grow quite quickly, and they are all essential to maximizing profits and sourcing new products. Fortunately, you can improve these tools to make your business more efficient. But if you’re just starting out, what tool improvements inStardew Valley are most important? What do the updates do? And should you concentrate on upgrading? Our brief guide is intended to help you do just that.

What are the best tool updates in Stardew Valley?

. The best tool upgrades in Stardew Valley are for the blacksmith’s pickaxe. By upgrading your pick, you can go deeper into the mines and collect better quality materials faster. You can also use it to clear the rocks from your farm, which can be useful for expanding your inventory. Next, we recommend upgrading the litter box, the hoe, and then the watering can. You improve your tools in the forge. You give him the gold and materials, and they are not available for the rest of the day and the next day. The blacksmith is making it this morning, so pick it up when it’s ready! Clint will work during the holidays, if you give him the tools for the holidays.

What are tool updates for?

word-image-11897word-image-11899 The benefits of upgrading an implement vary from implement to implement. Each of these has unique perks that are unlocked based on the level of upgrade you achieve. You need 5 eponymous bars to buy 4 levels of upgrades – copper, steel, gold and iridium. You’ll also need 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 or 25,000 gold pieces depending on the upgrade path you choose (gold value is halved for trash). The following 5 tools can be upgraded in the forge.

  • How to
    • Buyer: 3 rows of buildable ground tiles instead of one.
    • Steel: 5 lines of earthen tiles suitable for agriculture.
    • Gold: 3×3 squares land.
    • Iridium: 6×3 squares of ground.
  • pick-up
    • Copper: Breaks all main stones in 1 shot and all level 40-79 stones in 2 shots. Breaks the copper knots in 2 strokes.
    • Steel: Can break rocks, can break a barrier allowing you to talk to a gnome, and can mine most types of resource nodes.
    • Gold: Can crush meteors and easily mine most types of resource nodes.
    • Iridium: Can shatter most types of stone with one blow.
  • Assen
    • Copper: Can break large tree stumps. One or two less turns to break the wood.
    • Steel: Can break large tree trunks. Two to four strokes less to break the wood.
    • Gold: 3 to 6 fewer strokes to break a tree.
    • Iridium: 4-8 less strokes to break the wood. Fully grown trees now fall in 2 strokes and tree stumps break in 1 stroke.
  • Watering cans
    • Copper: 55 charges; can spray 3 tiles in a row.
    • Steel: 70 loads; can spray 5 tiles in a row.
    • Gold: 85 charges; can irrigate a 3×3 square.
    • Iridium: 100 charges; can irrigate a 6×3 rectangle.
  • Waste container
    • Copper: Sells discarded items for 15% of their cash value.
    • Steel: 30% of monetary value.
    • Gold: 45% of its monetary value.
    • Iridium: 60% of its cash value.

Other tool extensions

Updated rod at Willie’s Fish Shop. The base costs 25g, then 500, 1800 and 7500 for each upgrade. A fiberglass rod and an iridium rod can only be obtained by increasing the skill level of the angler.

  • Fishing rods
    • Education: Catch the head fish.
    • Bamboo: Can catch any fish.
    • Fiberglass : You can use bait to get a better catch.
    • Iridium: You can use bait and fishing tackle to get an even better catch.

There are 2 other tools that can be upgraded: a backpack and a scythe. The backpack is unlocked from the beginning. You can upgrade your backpack at almost any time. These upgrades can be purchased in Pierre’s shop.

  • Backpacks
    • Bulk packaging (2,000 g) : Gives 12 extra slots, up to 24.
    • Luxury package (10,000 g) : Gives 12 extra seats, for a total of 36.

A scythe can only be upgraded once.

Enchantment Tools

word-image-11901word-image-11903 Tool enchantments are an alternative enhancement method introduced in patch 1.5. You can have an improved tool and an enchanted tool, so it’s important to use both methods! To enchant a tool or weapon, you must go to the forge on Ginger Island. Then you must spend one shard of prism and 20 shards of ash. You can cast spells by spending 1 shard, and you are guaranteed not to get the 2 latest spells. The axe, fishing pole, hoe, pick and watering can get 11 upgrades. These charms are randomly selected from the options available in the tool. Improving an implement or weapon does not negate an enchantment cast on it.

  • Axis
    • Effective: No loss of endurance.
    • Powerful: Increases the power by 2 levels.
    • Get a shave: Gives 3 extra trees from cut trees, 3 trees from mushroom trees, and an extra chance to get hardwood or products from stumps and giant plants.
    • Swift: Use the tools 33% faster.
  • Rod
    • Automatic hook: Catches fish and trash automatically (usually ignores bait).
    • Effective: No loss of endurance.
    • The Master: Adds an extra level of fishing to the player.
    • Conservation: In half the cases, it’s not worth spending money on bait and tackle.
  • How to
    • Archaeologist: A duplicate artifact finds an opportunity.
    • Effective: No loss of endurance.
    • Generosity: 50% chance of doubling the item after digging.
    • Performance: Increases load capacity. Increases the maximum area to 5×5 squares.
    • Swift: Use the tools 33% faster.
  • Select
    • Effective: No loss of endurance.
    • Powerful: +1 Power level.
    • Swift: Use the tools 33% faster.
  • Leica
    • Bottomless: Infinite water, no need to hold a charge.
    • Effective: No loss of endurance.
    • Performance: Increases load capacity. Increases the maximum area to 5×5 squares.

What is the best enchantment for each tool?

Although the spell is random, you can still roll the dice multiple times for each implement. So you can start looking for the right charms for your tools! So which hangers do we recommend for each item?

  • Ash:Shearing
  • FisheryUse:Conservation.
  • Spade: Generous
  • Selection: Powerful
  • Leica:Efficiency.

Nevertheless, Efficient will always be a good choice! Without wasting stamina, you can use food and energy resources for other purposes….. Like money! The application of Efficiency to anything can be legitimately strong as a result. Do you likeStardew Valley, but don’t know where to start? Check out some of our tutorials on this awesome farming game!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools should I upgrade first Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is a game that keeps on giving. It’s not a game that’s always easy to play, that’s for sure. There are always new crops to grow, new materials to mine, and new animals to befriend or kill. And many of these improvements require you to spend valuable time in the game’s upgrade menu. From the things which can be upgraded, it’s very clear the game has a few things in mind. Things like tools. In this guide, we will look at some of the best tools to upgrade, based on the game’s limited upgrade options. You start Stardew Valley and you’re shocked by how much it costs to get the farm going. So you head over to the in-game wiki for tips on how to farm as much as possible for cheap. But then you realize that the wiki doesn’t list all the tools you can get in the game, and that some tools in stores are better than others. This post will list the highest-level farm tools you can get and the cheapest places to buy them from.

What order should I upgrade Stardew tools?

Stardew Valley is a critically acclaimed indie farming sim that has gained a lot of popularity, especially in the gaming community. Even though the game has been out for months now, there are still a lot of people researching and looking for the best ways to improve their farms. Stardew valley is a really great game. It gives you a great experience, and has a great story that drives you to keep playing. However, it has a few things that are kind of annoying. One of those things is the Stardew Valley tool upgrades. There are a lot of different tools and things in the game, and it can be extremely difficult to know what order to upgrade them in.

What do upgraded tools do Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is an open-ended farming RPG with a charming look and feel, and a unique community around it. Some may remember the game back in 2016 when it was a controversial indie phenomenon. It has since become a sleeper hit and has attracted an active community that loves to share experiences and tips, as well as love to add to the game. Stardew Valley is a game that makes you work for everything you get, which I find incredibly satisfying. You can keep an eye on your farm 24/7, but you can only manage your time. That means you have to make the best use of your time and your hard work, and that means that you have to keep your tools upgraded.

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Stardew Valley: How To Upgrade And Use Every Tool

A farmer in Stardew Valley needs a good set of tools to get things done around the farm and around town. Luckily, you have a wide arsenal of different tools at your disposal, most of which can be upgraded to increase how efficient and powerful they are. You'll start the game with only a small set, but you'll acquire more over time and upgrade many of them in different ways.

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This guide will take you through every tool you can acquire and how to upgrade it, if possible. With the recent 1.5 update, there are even more ways to power up some of your tools, and that will be covered as well.

Clint the Blacksmith

First, let's examine the main way to upgrade tools. By visiting Clint, the blacksmith in the southeast end of town, you can upgrade the following tools: your pickaxe, your axe, your trash can, your watering can, and your hoe. The upgrades always go in this order: basic to copper, copper to steel, steel to gold, and gold to iridium. Each level cannot be skipped.

Copper upgrades cost 2,000 gold and five copper bars; steel upgrades cost 5,000g and five iron bars; gold upgrades cost 10,000g and five gold bars; and iridium upgrades cost 25,000g and five iridium bars. The trash can requires the same metal bars but half the gold for each level.

Each upgrade increases the efficiency of the tool, meaning it'll cost less energy to use. More specific effects also apply to some tools, which will be covered in each tool's section of this guide.

It takes two days to upgrade your tools, meaning you'll spend one full day without it. You can turn it in one day any time before the blacksmith closes, then you'll spend the next day without it, then the following morning, it'll be ready for pickup.

The Volcano Forge

In the newest update, there's an entirely new area to explore called Ginger Island, which you can access after completing the Community Center or Joja Community Development upgrades. Here, you'll find a large volcano. On the tenth level, there is a forge that can be used to enchant your tools with special effects. This costs Cinder Shards.

You can use 20 Cinder Shards and a Prismatic Shard to add a random enchantment to a tool. Some of these enchantments increase the effect of these tools, others make them faster, some remove the energy cost of using them, and some have unique effects. They'll be covered in each tool's respective section of this guide.


Your pickaxe will probably be the tool you spend the most time with throughout the playthrough, remaining useful long into the later years. It's used to break rocks, mainly in the various mines in the game. With each upgrade, it takes fewer hits to break rocks.

At certain levels, the pickaxe can be used to break more materials than before. The steel pickaxe can break those large boulders on your farm and the large rock blocking your access to the Dwarf on the first floor of the mines. The gold pickaxe can break the meteorites that sometimes land on your farm.

At the volcano forge, there are a few enchantments you can give your pickaxe. "Efficient" makes your pickaxe use no energy. "Powerful" adds an additional power level to it. Finally, "Swift" makes using your pickaxe much faster.


You hoe is mainly used to till soil so you can plant seeds to grow crops. However, it's also used to dig up Artifact Spots (those little wiggling sticks around the valley). You can also just till random sand anywhere to find things like clay, mixed seeds, or Cave Carrots.

Upgrading your hoe increases the range it will till. The standard hoe tills one tile. The copper hoe can hoe three tiles in front of you. The steel hoe will till five lines in front of you. The gold hoe allows you to till a 3x3 square. Finally, the iridium hoe can till a 6x3 area in front of you. Hold the action button longer to increase the range.

At the volcano forge, there are five possible enchantments for the hoe:

"Archaeologist" doubles your chance of finding artifacts in Artifact Spots, while "Generous" gives you a 50% chance of finding double the items when you dig with your hoe. "Efficient" removes stamina drain, "Swift" increases the speed at which you can use your hoe, and "Reaching" increases the area of tilling to 5x5 tiles.

Watering Can

The watering can will be your nemesis early in the game, burning up all of your energy and requiring constant trips to refill, until you upgrade it or get some sprinklers. It's used to water your crops, but can also be used to fill your pet's water bowl and to solidify lava in the volcano dungeon.

The upgrades for the watering can increase its range at the same rate as the hoe, all the way up to a 6x3 grid at iridium quality. However, each upgrade also increases the amount of water it can hold, meaning you need to refill it less frequently.

The amount of water per tile also decreases with each upgrade. At the standard level, it uses one "unit" of water in the can to water one tile, whereas at iridium quality, it only uses five "units" of water from the can to water the 6x3 grid (18 total tiles).

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It's often recommended to upgrade your watering can the night before it rains, since the rain will water your crops the next day and then you can pick up your watering can the day after that.

At the volcano forge, you can add three different enchantments to a watering can. "Efficient," as always, removes stamina drain. "Reaching" is the same as it is for the hoe, increasing the range of the watering can to a 5x5 grid. "Bottomless" is very appealing, making your watering can hold an infinite amount of water and removing the need to refill it.


The axe is used to chop trees and stumps as well as removing crops and placed objects. With each upgrade, it takes fewer hits to break stumps and chop trees down.

At the copper level, the axe can be used to chop those large stumps around your farm and grant you some hardwood. For chopping those large logs, you'll need the steel axe. This also allows you to chop the log blocking access to the Secret Woods. The Forest and Riverlands farms also contain some bushes that can be cut down with a copper axe.

At the volcano forge, you can add four different enchantments to your axe.

"Efficient" removes any energy usage from use of your axe "Powerful" adds two power levels to it, and "Swift" makes it faster to use. "Shaving" is a unique enchantment only available to axes. It grants you three extra wood from oak, maple, pine, palm, and mahogany trees and will give you three pieces of wood when chopping down mushroom trees. It also gives you a chance at getting some extra hardwood from stumps, as well as a chance to harvest extra produce from giant crops.

Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is tacitly accepted to be one of your main tools, but you won't start the game with it, nor will you be able to upgrade it at Clint's. Your first fishing rod will be given to you by Willy on the second day of your file. This rod will be a Bamboo Pole, and it's very basic.

To get a better fishing rod, you'll need to level up your Fishing skill. At level 2, you'll receive a letter from Willy stating that he now has a Fiberglass Rod for sale (it's 1,800 gold). This rod lets you use bait. Then, at Fishing level 6, he'll have an Iridium Rod for sale for 7,500g. This one lets you use both bait and tackle.

Those of you who have real trouble with the fishing mini-game can purchase the Training Rod from Willy for 25g, which is much easier to use. However, it only lets you catch common fish.

With each Fishing level, you'll require less energy to use your rod. At levels one, four, and eight, you'll be able to cast the line a tile further. Additionally, each level increases the following the size of your "fishing bar" in the mini-game and the minimum size of the fish you catch. Each level also decreases the max time it takes for a fish to bite your line.

There are four volcano forge enchantments for fishing rods. "Auto-Hook" automatically hooks any fish or trash that bite your line. "Efficient," as per usual, reduces the energy cost of the fishing rod. "Master" adds an extra Fishing skill level while holding the enchanted rod. Finally, "Preserving" adds a 50% chance for bait and tackle to not be consumed on use.


There are only two scythes in the game, and the more powerful is found, rather than received by upgrading the original. Neither of them use energy.

The initial scythe is given to you as part of the starter toolset. It is used to cut down grass, weeds, and trees that are small enough. It's also used to harvest Amaranth, Kale, and Wheat when they're ready. If you have a silo on your farm, cutting grass gives a chance to add hay to the silo, about a 50% chance for each tile of grass cut. Scythes also work as a weak weapon, if need be.

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Once you unlock the quarry, you can enter the quarry mine. Make your way through this cavern and defeat or bypass the enemies to reach the end, where you'll find a statue that looks like a Grim Reaper. It'll be holding the Golden Scythe, which you can just take. The Golden Scythe has a larger cutting radius than the standard scythe and has a 75% chance of harvesting hay. Additionally, it'll inflict more damage if you decide to use it as a weapon.

If you lose the Golden Scythe, you can't get another one. Be careful with it!

Copper Pan

The copper pan is a fun little tool that you might not get a ton of use out of, but is fun to carry around town, just in case.

By completing the Fish Tank bundles at the Community Center, you'll remove the glittering boulder near the mines. You can also just purchase its removal from Joja, titled "Panning" for 20,000g.

After this is done, Willy will give you a copper pan (and will sell additional ones for 2,500g in his shop).

When you see a bit of glowing or shimmering light in any body of water, you can use your copper pan to pan for ore. It doesn't consume any energy.

When panning, you'll find ores, gems, and other items. The amount of luck (with both daily luck and food/other buffs) you have at that moment will determine what you find. If you have the Tracker profession, you can see a small green arrow pointing to panning locations off-screen in your current area.

Amazingly, you can wear the copper pan as a hat.

Milk Pail, Shears, and the Auto-Grabber

These are two more tools that may not stay in your inventory long term, as they're easily replaced a fair way into the game.

The milk pail allows you to gather milk from cows and goats. You can purchase them from Marnie's Ranch for 1,000g. The Shears sell from Marnie's shop for the same price and are used to collect wool from sheep. Both use energy and both increase your Farming skill when used.

At Farming level 10, Marnie begins selling an Auto-Grabber. This machine, when placed inside a barn or coop, will do the job of shears and milk pails, collecting wool and milk and placing them inside to retrieve like a chest. They will also collect laid eggs, duck's feathers, and rabbit's feet. They sell for 25,000g each. Occasionally, you can also find them in the Skull Cavern's treasure chests.

Note, though, that milking and shearing your animals by hand increases your friendship with them, while an Auto-Grabber will not. Auto-Grabbers also do not increase your Farming skill.

Trash Can

You might not even recognize the last tool on this list as a tool until you see it's upgradeable at the blacksmith. This tool is the trash can visible on your inventory screen, which is typically used to delete items without selling them.

When upgraded at Clint's, the trash can will "reclaim" some of the value of the item. Basically, you'll sell it for a portion of its value instead of just deleting it.

Each upgraded level reclaims more of the value of the item. For copper, you'll reclaim 15%, for steel, you'll reclaim 30%, for gold, you'll reclaim 45%, and for iridium, you'll reclaim 60% of an item's value.

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Stardew Valley: Tools

Uses of Tools and Upgrades for Special Abilities

Stardew Valley ToolsMost tools can be upgraded and are much more effective in their improved form. Some even gain special abilities that can be used by holding down the 'use tool' button.

Your farmer starts with 5 tools in Stardew Valley and soon gets a sixth. These are core to your efforts to clean up the farm, gather resources for crafting, make money, and explore the world. The six tools you get can be upgraded by visiting the Blacksmith in town. You can reach him by going to the bottom right corner of the village, crossing the bridge to the east, and heading north past the museum. Each tool upgrade does something different, though they all make the item more effective. In order to upgrade, you must have one of four metals - Copper, Iron, Gold, and Iridium. Because of this and that most people will want the upgraded version of each tool, I'll write on how you can get each of those metals at the bottom of this guide.

Tools in Stardew Valley

All tools start normal quality, bronze is an upgrade from that. Some tools simply become more effective and let you use less energy to get the job done (like the Axe and Pickaxe) while others - namely the Hoe, Fishing Rods, and Watering Can - gain special abilities while also being more effective. The axe and pickaxe can let you access new areas as they're upgraded, by allowing you a way to clear blockages and get to the other side.


Stardew Valley Axe UpgradeUpgrading the axe lets you access the Secret Woods and improves your ability to farm for hardwood by letting you break stronger stumps and logs.

The regular axe can chop down a tree with 15 hits and breaks small logs to let you gather wood, seeds, and sap. Upgrades greatly improve on that, enhancing your character's ability to gather wood. At first, it cannot break the large stumps on the farm property nor logs. Upgrading the Axe gives you much better access to hardwood, which is a useful crafting ingredient.

Tool LevelUpgrade CostSpecial Abilities
Bronze Axe2,000G and 5 Copper barsHits to chop down a tree brought to 12 (a 20% improvement). You can now use the axe to chop the large stumps on the farm in order to get hardwood and clear the area.
Steel Axe5,000G and 5 Iron barsYou can now chop the wood that blocks access to the Secret Woods area, where you can get reliable Hardwood for crafting. A tree now takes only 9 hits and you can break the large logs on the property.
Gold Axe10,000G and 5 Gold barsA tree takes only 6 hits to completely remove.
Iridium Axe25,000G and 5 Iridium barsA tree takes only 3 hits to completely remove.


Stardew Valley Hoe UpgradeUpgrading the Hoe lets you till soil in a line. This can be used for foraging!

The Hoe not only allows you to till soil in order to plant seeds, it also helps you to dig up areas and collect items from doing so. Upgrades to it make preparing a farm much faster, as well as your ability to forage in areas like the Beach.

Tool LevelUpgrade CostSpecial Abilities
Bronze Hoe2,000G and 5 Copper barsCharging the hoe will let you hit 3 tiles in front of you, instead of the one.
Steel Hoe5,000G and 5 Iron barsCharging the hoe's special ability hits a total of 5 tiles in front of your character.
Gold Hoe10,000G and 5 Gold barsThe special power now has an area of effect, hitting 3x3 tiles.
Iridium Hoe25,000G and 5 Iridium barsThe special power extends to 6x3 tiles.


Stardew Valley Pickaxe UpgradeThe normal pickaxe can break most ore, but it becomes energy-inefficient the deeper you go into the mines. Better pickaxes also unlock a couple of special areas.

The Pickaxe is used to break open rocks and ore veins. Upgrades to the pickaxe reduce the number of hits need to break a rock, while also letting you break open bigger rocks such as the large 2x2 stones on the farm property.

Tool LevelUpgrade CostSpecial Abilities
Bronze Pickaxe2,000G and 5 Copper barsNoticeably improved mining speed on some rock types, can mine the 2x2 stones in the mines.
Steel Pickaxe5,000G and 5 Iron barsFurther improved efficiency and players can now break the large boulders on the farm property, as well as the rock to the right when inside the mine entrance. Breaking this rock grants access to the Dwarf.
Gold Pickaxe10,000G and 5 Gold barsAllows you to break meteorites that land on the farm. Greatly improved mining efficiency for normal blocks in the mines.
Iridium Pickaxe25,000G and 5 Iridium barsVery fast mining speed for all rocks, including those inside the Skull Cavern.

Watering Can

Stardew Valley Watering Can UpgradeUpgrading the watering can lets you water plants in a line in front of your character. This ability grows better and better the more it is upgraded.

The Watering Can tool lets you ensure your plants continue to grow and is essential to early farming. Even fully grown plants need water if they are going to continue to produce fruits and vegetables. Ensuring they're watered every day requires your farmer to use this, to do it manually, or sprinklers. Sprinklers are very expensive and only work on a small area at first, so you'll be relying on this a lot. Upgrade the watering can either during winter or when it's going to rain the next day for maximum efficiency. Thankfully, upgrades to the watering can increase its effectiveness and let you hit more blocks at once while also holding vastly more water. A normal watering can holds 40 uses of water.

Tool LevelUpgrade CostSpecial Abilities
Bronze Watering Can2,000G and 5 Copper barsNow holds 55 uses worth of water and charging the special ability lets you water 3 tiles in front of you. Planting crops 3 tiles wide is recommended to make best use of this.
Steel Watering Can5,000G and 5 Iron barsNow holds ~120 uses worth of water, and charging it up can hit 5 tiles in a row in front of your character. 5 by X crops are recommended so you can efficiently water them.
Gold Watering Can10,000G and 5 Gold barsNow holds almost 200 units of water. Can water a 3x3 tile area in front of the character. Makes mass-watering much easier, changes optimal layout back to 3 by X.
Iridium Watering Can25,000G and 5 Iridium barsHolds almost 300 units of water. Can water a 6x3 area in front of the character when the special move is charged.

Fishing Pole

Stardew Valley Fishing Pole UpgradeFishing poles aren't upgraded like others. You buy better ones, and gain the ability to use bait and tackle.

The fishing pole is not upgraded like other tools. Your first fishing pole is given to you, allowing you to catch fish. Later, at levels 2 and 6 you can buy better rods from Willy at the docks shop. These, along with better bait and tackle become available for purchase whenever your character unlocks the ability to craft them. The first pole cannot use bait, the second can use bait but not tackle. Later you can use bait and tackle at the same time, which makes fishing much more efficient.

Tool LevelUpgrade CostSpecial Abilities
Bamboo RodThis is given to you early in the game (check the mail), but replacements can be bought for 500G.The basic fishing pole, which cannot use bait nor tackle. It's just a starter. See How to Fish.
Fiberglass RodBought for 1,800G from Willy when you've reached Fishing Level 2This rod can be used with bait, which increases the rate fish will bite. See how to use bait and tackle.
Iridium RodThe Iridium Fishing Pole is bought for 7,500G from Willy when you reach level 6 and gain the ability to use both bait and tackle on your fishing pole. The effect of that is dependent on which baits and tackles you choose, as there are a variety of effects.


Stardew Valley Scythe UpgradeThe Scythe isn't upgradeable, but it does just fine in its normal form. Here my character places hay for animals to eat during winter.

The Scythe lets you clear grass and other plants from the farm. All tools can clear bigger plants, but the scythe has a sweeping animation that hits about 180 degrees in front of your character, so it's much more energy-efficient. Having a Scythe with one or more Silos on the farm will result in hay being collected for your animals to eat when they cannot go outside to graze - most notably during Winter. The Scythe is the only tool that doesn't get upgrades, though it doesn't really need it and is only used situationally.

Upgrading Tools to Copper, Iron, Gold, and Iridium Quality

The axe, pickaxe, water can, and hoe can all be upgraded at the blacksmith, whose shop is located near the bridge at the bottom right of the town. Take the bridge then head north to see his shop. Bring your tool to the Blacksmith (open 9-5), along with several thousand gold and five metal bars. You must go through a series of upgrades, beginning with copper, then iron, gold, and iridium for the four tools that can be upgraded in this way. Each upgrade is more expensive than the last.

Stardew Valley Upgrading Tools at the BlacksmithThe Blacksmith will upgrade your tools, but you must bring metal bars and enough gold to cover it.

The Blacksmith will give you the item back in 2 game days. Simply walk up to the counter when it's done, and you'll be given the upgraded version. Because you cannot use tools while they're being upgraded, it's wise to wait until you know you won't need them. This is especially obvious with the watering can. You can wait until it's going to rain the next day, then go in for the upgrade. This will let you pickup the tool on the 2nd day, regardless of if it's rained, and can then water your crops.

Getting Copper, Iron, Gold, and Iridium

Obtaining copper, iron, gold, and iridium is generally done with mining. However, you can buy the first three from the blacksmith. In the case of upgrading a tool, this can be rather expensive. You need 5 ore per bar, and 5 bars - so you need to buy a whopping 25 ore in order to get enough bars for an upgrade. You'd also need 5 coal and have a furnace on your farm so that you can smelt the bars. See Getting Copper, a Furnace, and Coal. The bars can be obtained freely in the mine, but only spawn on certain levels. It's random but ore spawns on the following levels of the mine:

  • Copper - Spawns more heavily as you approach mine level 20-39. Higher is better. On your way there, you're likely to pick up a couple dozen of them by the time you reach the sweet spot. You can return the next day to find everything respawned and use the elevator to farm more copper. Be aware that the level 30s have a lot of dark areas, so you may want to bring torches (made from the crafting menu).
  • Iron - Spawns more frequently in the 60-79 range of the mines. Iron respawns just like copper and you'll gain lots of mining and combat experience by venturing this deep in the mines. Also, you will eventually grow powerful enough to tackle the end of the mine and move on to the more challenging Skull Cavern. When you reach this area, check out the adventurer's guild (opens after 2PM) for a better weapon that will make going into this part of the mine a trivial affair.
  • Gold - Spawns more frequently in the 90-119 range - all the way to the bottom of the mines. Yep, you have to go pretty far, but as noted it's worth it for the mining experience. Take only necessary tools, plenty of food to heal yourself and tread carefully. The mines are much less challenging after level 90, as you get a nice weapon for reaching that level of the mine.
  • Iridium - Iridium tools are upgraded the same as the rest, but you must venture to the Skull Cavern to do it. The Skull Cavern requires you to both get the key from the bottom of the mines, and also come up with 42,500 G to complete the vault bundles at the community center (requires several bundles to be completed to be unlocked). Finishing this group of bundles will result in Pam taking the position of bus driver, which lets you ride for 500G. You'll go to Calico Desert where you can use the Skull Key. Each level deeper in the cavern makes Iridium more likely to spawn, but this place does not have elevators like the regular mine. This means you must start at the beginning for each trip.

Practice going deeper into the mines, and you'll eventually be able to upgrade all 4 of your tools to Iridium!

How To Upgrade Tools - Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

Below is a list of all the Tools in the game. Each tool can be upgraded several times, increasing its effectiveness and speeding up the farming and fighting process.

Upgrades and new tools can be purchased at the Blacksmith in exchange for money and resources.

Tool List

  • Scythe
    • Starter Item. Used to cut down grass and plants.
  • Watering Can
    • Starter Item. Used to water your crops.
  • Copper Watering Can
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 2000G + 5 Copper Bar.
  • Steel Watering Can
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 5000G + 5 Iron Bar.
  • Gold Watering Can
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 10,000G + 5 Gold Bar.
  • Pickaxe
    • Starter Item. Used to smash rocks and mine.
  • Copper Pickaxe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 2000G + 5 Copper Bar.
  • Steel Pickaxe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 5000G + 5 Iron Bar.
  • Gold Pickaxe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 10,000G + 5 Gold Bar.
  • Hoe
    • Starter Item. Used to dig up dirt.
  • Copper Hoe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 2000G + 5 Copper Bar.
  • Steel Hoe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 5000G + 5 Iron Bar.
  • Gold Hoe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 10,000G + 5 Gold Bar.
  • Axe
    • Starter Item. Used to chop wood.
  • Copper Axe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 2000G + 5 Copper Bar.
  • Steel Axe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 5000G + 5 Iron Bar.
  • Gold Axe
    • Purchased at the Blacksmith. Costs 10,000G + 5 Gold Bar.
  • Bamboo Pole
    • Fishing Pole. Obtained on Day 2 of Year 1 by visiting Willy.
  • Fiberglass Rod

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Stardew Valley Tool Upgrades | Best Tools to Upgrade

Making your dream farm is hard work. It’s a tiny bit simpler in Stardew Valley, but you’ll still need a ton of different tools for the job.  Your collection will grow quite quickly, and they are all critical for maximizing profits and getting new products. Thankfully, you can upgrade these tools so you can get your farm moving more efficiently. That being said, if you’re just starting, what tool upgrades in Stardew Valley matter the most? What do upgrades do? And should you only focus on upgrades? Our quick guide will try and help you out.

What are the Best Tool Upgrades in Stardew Valley?

From the Blacksmith, the best tool upgrades in Stardew Valley belong to the Pickaxe. Upgrading the pickaxe allows you to go deeper into the Mines and gather materials faster with better quality. It will also allow you to clear out the Boulders on your farm, which can be good for expanding your supply. After that, we suggest you upgrade the Trash, the Hoe, and then the Watering Can.

You upgrade your tools at the Blacksmith. You give it to him with the gold and materials, and it becomes unavailable for the rest of the day and the next day. The Blacksmith will have it ready that morning, so be sure to swing by and recollect it once it’s done! Clint will even work during holidays, as long as you gave him the tool before the holiday began.

What Do Tool Upgrades Do?

Stardew Valley Tool Upgrades

Your tool upgrade benefits change based on the tool. Each one has a unique perk that gets unlocked based on the upgrade level it reaches. The four upgrade levels – Copper, Steel, Gold, and Iridium – need five bars of the same name to acquire. You’ll also need 2000, 5000, 10000, or 25000 gold, based on your upgrade path (this gold cost is halved for the Trash Can).

The following five tools can be upgraded at the Blacksmith:

  • Hoes
    • Copper: Three tile lines of farm-ready land, instead of one.
    • Steel: Five tile lines of farm-ready land.
    • Gold: 3×3 square of land.
    • Iridium: 6×3 square of land.
  • Pickaxes
    • Copper: Can break all basic rocks in one hit, and all rocks of Mine Levels 40-79 in two hits and breaks Copper Nodes in two hits.
    • Steel: Can break Boulders, can break the barrier to let you talk to the dwarf, and can mine most types of resource nodes.
    • Gold: Can break Meteorite, and can easily mine most types of resource nodes.
    • Iridium: Can break most rock types in a single hit.
  • Axes
    • Copper: Can break Large Stumps, one-two fewer swings to break a tree.
    • Steel: Can break Large Logs, two-four fewer swings to break a tree.
    • Gold: Three-six fewer swings to break a tree.
    • Iridium: Four-eight fewer swings to break a tree. Fully grown trees now fall in two swings, and stumps now break in one.
  • Watering Cans
    • Copper: 55 charges; can water three tiles in a line.
    • Steel: 70 charges; can water five tiles in a line.
    • Gold: 85 charges; can water a 3×3 square of tiles.
    • Iridium: 100 charges; can water a 6×3 rectangle of tiles.
  • Trash Cans
    • Copper: Sells trashed items for 15% of their monetary value.
    • Steel: 30% of their monetary value.
    • Gold: 45% of their monetary value.
    • Iridium: 60% of their monetary value.

Fishing Pole, Backpack, and Scythe Upgrades

While it’s not exactly one of the tool upgrades, players can also get their Fishing Pole upgraded in Stardew Valley. The Fishing Pole is upgraded at Willy’s Fish Shop. It costs 25g to get a basic one, then 500, 1800, and 7500 for each upgrade. You can only get the Fiberglass Rod and Iridium Rod from leveling up your Fishing proficiency.

  • Fishing Poles
    • Training: Catches basic fish.
    • Bamboo: Can catch any fish.
    • Fiberglass: Can use Bait to catch better fish easier.
    • Iridium: Can use Bait and Tackle to catch better fish even easier.

There are two other tools that you can upgrade: the Backpack and the Scythe. The Backpack is unlocked from the start. You can upgrade the Backpack essentially whenever you’d like. These upgrades are available from Pierre’s General Store.

  • Backpacks
    • Large Pack (2,000g): Gives you 12 more slots, to a total of 24.
    • Deluxe Pack (10,000g): Gives you 12 more slots, to a total of 36.

The Scythe can only be upgraded once:

  • Scythe

Tool Enchantments

Stardew Valley Tool Upgrades

A new addition via Patch 1.5, Tool Enchantments are an alternative upgrade method. You can have an upgraded tool and an enchanted tool, so using both of these methods is important! To Enchant a tool or weapon, you must get to the Forge on Ginger Island. Then, you must spend one Prismatic Shard and 20 Cinder Shards. You can reroll enchantments by spending one shard, and you are guaranteed not to get the two most recent enchantments.

There are 11 total upgrades that the Axe, Fishing Rod, Hoe, Pickaxe, and the Watering Can that you can acquire. These enchantments are randomly selected from the options available from the tool. Upgrading a tool or weapon does not negate the enchantment applied to it.

  • Axe
    • Efficient: No Stamina Drain.
    • Powerful: Adds two levels of Power.
    • Shaving: Grants three extra wood from tree cutting, three wood from Mushroom Trees, and an extra chance to gain hardwood or produce from stumps and giant crops.
    • Swift: 33% faster tool use.
  • Fishing Rod
    • Auto-Hook: Automatically hooks fish and trash (basically, ignores the nibble).
    • Efficient: No Stamina Drain.
    • Master: Adds extra Fishing Level to the player.
    • Preserving: Half of the time, don’t spend bait and tackle.
  • Hoe
    • Archaeologist: Doubles chance of finding an artifact.
    • Efficient: No Stamina Drain.
    • Generous: 50% chance to double item after digging.
    • Reaching: Increases charge-up capacity. Increases maximum area to 5×5 square.
    • Swift: 33% faster tool use.
  • Pick
    • Efficient: No Stamina Drain.
    • Powerful: +1 Power Level.
    • Swift: 33% faster tool use.
  • Watering Can
    • Bottomless: Infinite water; no longer needs to hold charges.
    • Efficient: No Stamina Drain.
    • Reaching: Increases charge-up capacity. Increases maximum area to 5×5 square.

What Is the Best Enchantment for Each Tool?

While Enchantment are random, you can still reroll multiple times for each tool. That means you can search for exactly the correct enchantment for your tools! So, what is the best enchantment for each tool in Stardew Valley?

  • Axe: Shaving
  • FishingRod: Preserving
  • Hoe: Generous
  • Pick: Powerful
  • Watering Can: Efficient

That being said, Efficient will always be a good choice! Not spending stamina means you can funnel food and energy-based resources into other projects… Like money! Putting Efficient on everything can be legitimately strong because of that.

Loving Stardew Valley, but don’t know where to start? Check out some of our guides to this fantastic farm game!

FORGE GUIDE - Everything You Need to Know About Upgrading Your Weapons and Tools on Ginger Island


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