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Formica Sea Pearl 9534 is part of the Formica 180fx® laminate collection. This true-to-scale granite pattern offers visual drama unmatched by any other laminate. The modern, sophisticated high-resolution pattern is versatile enough to pair with any interior design concept.

Formica Sea Pearl 9534 Laminate is available in Grade 12 in Scovato Finish.

Scovato is a lightly-textured, smooth to the touch surface with a low gloss visual. This premium finish is recommended for horizontal and vertical interior applications.

Grade 12 is a Horizontal Postforming Grade (HGP): Outside radius s/b to 5/8 in (15.9mm) and cove radius to 3/16 in (4.8 mm). Postformable to permit bending on suitable commercial postforming equipment. Use whenever forming is desired for decorative or functional purposes in interior applications. Optimum postforming temperature is 325 deg F (163 deg C).

  • Durable high pressure laminate stands up to daily wear
  • Resists fading, stains, chemicals and scratches
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Part of the Formica 180fx® Collection
  • 180fx® Limited Warranty for one (1) year from date of purchase
  • Sours:

    Black Sea Pearl Laminate

    Laminate are thin layers of material that are bonded together to make a durable sheet to be applied to surfaces such as counter-tops, cabinets and other Furniture elements.


    Standard Size : 8Ft Height by 4Ft Width

    Thickness : 01mm

    Finish : Suede

    Pattern : Black Sea Pearl

    Colour : Grey

    Quality : Premium Grade

    Advantages : Easiest Cleanup, Stability, Stylish Appearance, Affordable.


    The high-quality decorative laminate sheets can be used for various types of partitions, shutters, doors, furniture surfacing/resurfacing and other wood works in corporate offices, retail stores and malls, hospitality environments and educational institutions.

    Care & Maintenance:

    It is important to keep laminate clean, as dust, dirt, and sand particles may scratch the surface over time in high-traffic areas. 

    Do not use abrasive cleaners,steel wool or scouring powder,as these may scratch your laminate furniture.

    Wax, polish, oils, soaps, detergents, shine enhancers, or varnish shouldn’t be used on your laminate furniture,Spray the non-oily furniture spray onto the cleaning cloth and wipe down the furniture to remove dust.

    Move the laminate furniture out of direct sunlight, as the light can discolor the furniture. 

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    Sea Pearl

    Formica 180fx

    180fx® marks a revolution in surfacing with true-to-scale granite patterns that offer visual drama unmatched by any other laminate Modern, sophisticated patterns focus on a neutral palette – versatile enough to pair with any interior design concept.

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    • Sea Pearl
      Sea Pearl

      Sea Pearl

      Formica 180fx

      180fx laminate marks a revolution in surfacing with true-to-scale granite patterns that offer visual drama unmatched by any other laminate. Modern, sophisticated high resolution patterns focus on a neutral palette – versatile enough to pair with any interior design concept.

    Formica Sheet Laminate 4 x 8: Sea Pearl

    Formica 180fx laminates are a revolution in surfacing with true-to-scale granite, marble and wood patterns that enhance any area. Modern, sophisticated, high resolution patterns focus on a neutral palette, versatile enough to pair with any interior design concept. Homeowners, architects, designers amp; carpenters prefer the ease of Formica laminate over natural, but high-dollar, high-maintenance surfaces.

    Partially made of recycled content, Formica laminate is ideal for those who embrace green living. Instead of over-mining the Earth's natural resources, recycled paper helps create the multitude of looks offered by Formica.

    "p"Gone is your Grandmother's gaudy kitchen countertop! Cost-effective Formica sheet laminates are offered in a broader range of looks than ever before. Create stunning spaces, even on a budget, with a variety of modern styles, from solids amp; wood grains to stone and abstract patterns. In addition, a variety of finishes transform the surface of Formica laminates offering tactile enhancements that are a feast for the senses.

    Think beyond the kitchen, laminates are at home in the bathroom, bedroom, garage, living room and dining room. Fabricate countertops, vanities and work spaces, transform walls, furniture and cabinetry quickly amp; easily.

    Notoriously low-maintenance, you don’t need to use expensive special cleaners with Formica sheet laminates. Just grab a damp towel and your regular dish soap to clean up sticky messes. Formica sheet laminate is durable amp; long lasting, it resists stains and holds up to scratches, dings, cuts and scuffs better than granite, marble amp; butcher block countertops.

    You won’t have to think about renovating again for years to come, unless you simply want a new look, saving you time, money amp; stress when it comes to upgrading your home or business space. Formica laminate can be installed in a brand new area, or over an existing laminate countertop, offering design flexibility like never before.


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