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EPOXY TWO sliding door made of oak wood with epoxy resin, Live Edge, color selection

EPOXY TWO sliding door made of oak wood with epoxy resin, Live Edge, color selection

Model: LoftMarkt-EpoxyOne

Loft door, sliding door, solid door, wooden door

Sliding door natural tree edge (middle) Live Edge epoxy resin

Incredible door leaf with a fantastic effect, which not only serves as a room divider but also as a general embellishment and accentuation of your interior.

The solid oak is chosen very carefully and under special conditions for the door leaf so that the overall picture looks very appealing and unique.

All positive "damage and defects" on wood are flooded with epoxy resin. The combination of resin and wood is not only beautiful but also extremely durable and almost indestructible.

Pay attention to the "dovetail joints" made of synthetic resin - they give the precious wood a natural charm and liven up the huge door.

Luminophore can also be inserted into the dark cracks and crevices, which gives the strong door an amazing charm by glowing in the dark.

For additional protection against large-area internal stresses, flat bars welded together from below and above with a total thickness of 8 mm are used, which offers more stability. Such an implementation, while extremely difficult and labor intensive, results in excellent longevity and first class durability of the heavy door panel. The whole has been covered several times with the best waxes in the world; Multiple polishing gives the surface a noble appearance and a silky touch at the same time.

Do you know that there are billions of simple doors in the world and that there is no second door like the Epoxy One and no one else has one?

The door has a dimension of x cm and a thickness of 3 - cm.

You are free to choose the epoxy color. We recommend natural gemstone colors: emerald, ruby, amethyst, pomegranate, blue topaz, black diamond, diamond, smoky quartz and more on request

Each of our doors is absolutely unique and incredibly beautiful in its own way.

Epoxy resin furniture according to your own taste - individual projects with your own color preferences are also available from us on request!


  • Height: cm
  • Width: cm
  • Thickness: about 3 - cm
  • Type of wood: oak
  • Epoxy resin paint: to choose
  • Weight: approx. 55 kg

We also manufacture doors according to individual dimensions and other special requests. Please contact us using the "CONTACT" or "INQUIRY‘ ‘form in our online shop and send us your wish list with the required information about: model, dimensions, additions, address, telephone number.

*** Every door panel is different, because nature equips every piece of wood with different, beautiful characteristic details such as the graining, knots, cracks in the wood.

*** Please note: The photos are examples of the sample models

*** The indicated price only refers to the door leaf without the sliding fittings and handles (can be ordered separately)

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 Choose the right size door and hardware:

Australia's No.1 Barn Door Brand 


  • Geometric White Painted Barn Door 
  • 36MM thickness
  • Double sides design

1,Measure Your door opening

2,Choose the right size According to the following table

Opening Height < mmBarn door size Hardware Rail length
mm<Width<mmXmmM or M
mm<Width<mmXmmM or 2M
mm<Width<mmXmm4M or more
Opening Height < mmBarn door size Hardware Rail length
mm<Width<mmXmmM or M
mm<Width<mmXmmM or 2M
  • We can delivery Australia wide. or you can pick up from our Melbourne or Sydney store

Find our store address

  • Pick up available(please tick pick up when you order online)
  • The postage is only available for main city(Mel, Syd, Ade, ACT, Bris) metro. Please Contact us before you order if you are in other areas
  • If you are builder、designer、Building Material Seller. contact us to order;
  • For orders of more than 10 doors, please call us to place your order with a sales associate;
  • Need custom-made doors, contact us  we will give you a free quote;

Please notice:

The item is Barn door only , NO Hardware included,The hardware need to be purchased separately.

our doors are big and heavy, our courier require a second person to assist drive to unload the door when it arrive.

  • Please make your selection carefully 

    Returns for this product will only be accepted where the goods are deemed faulty under the terms of our shipping&return Policy.

    • 10 years warranty for hardware
    • 3  years warranty for doors
Epoxy Resin River DOOR AND Table MAKING FULL PROCESS 10 IDEAS with epoxy resin WOODworking projects

Barn Doors

If you are not living in a 5,square-foot penthouse, the chances are that you’re concerned about the space at your home. There are so many furniture pieces and appliances that take up too much of it. And the last thing you want is to feel confined in your own dwelling. Does this ring a bell to you? Then don’t let your doorway make matters worse by transforming the whole room into a tiny cage. Install barn-style doors instead of traditional ones and check out how much bigger your home will  look.

Ideal Barn Door boasts more than 10 years of experience designing interior barn doors. We take pride in being Australia’s brand of choice among homeowners, builders and contractors looking for both space-saving and stylish doorway solutions. Our doors are made of the finest wood varieties, glass, chalkboards and many other materials to match any style and set the right mood at your home.

Why choose barn doors for your place?

This type of doors offers you way more benefits than just opening up additional space in a room. Here’s what else you can avail yourself of:

  • They not only fit but enhance your interior style

View the catalogue and see for yourself that our sliding barn doors come in an abundance of designs. What this means to you is that they can be installed wherever you want – from a bedroom to a kitchen – making your décor like no other.

  • They are easy-to-install and durable

You don’t have to be an exceptionally skilled technician to get our sliding doorway solutions in place. To take the hassle out of the process, we offer installation manuals and all the needed barn door hardware, including hinges, handles, mount kits, etc.

If none of the available barn door designs has caught your fancy, why not add a custom touch to create your perfect one? Let us know what your heart desires – and we’ll make this into a reality. Or go for our DIY barn doors to try out your design ideas on your own.

  • They are reasonably priced

No matter the design and features you choose, our doors will never hit your pocket hard. As they are made with homeowners’ needs in mind, they come without hefty price tags. This helps us make sure you don’t splash out thousands on having your doorway renovated.

Buy barn doors online or visit one of our stores in Sydney or Melbourne

Do you feel like making the most of online shopping? Be sure to select beautiful doorway solutions and hardware on this website and save yourself the bother of getting to one of our brick-and-mortar stores. There’s no denying that filling an online shopping cart is way easier than driving hundreds of miles. Plus, we ship barn doors Australia-wide and vouch to do that in no time.

For custom orders, you can request a free quote and provide us with specifications online, too. Note that production usually takes weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. Once completed, your order will be covered by our 3-year warranty for doors and year one for hardware. But don’t get that wrong – our products will last much longer should they be properly installed and maintained.

If making purchasing decisions online doesn’t work for you, we will be glad to meet you at our Melbourne or Sydney store. Our staff will do their best to help you choose your perfect barn-style doors within your budget.

Contact us for more details on our products, wholesale discounts, or anything else!



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