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Decking and Metal Dimensions: The 10 x 1-5/8” version of Deckfast Metal is designed for decking materials with an actual thickness of ¾” to 1” attached to steel or aluminum* up to 12 gauge or two 14 gauge joists doubled up. The 12 x 2-3/8” version of Deckfast Metal is designed for decking materials with an actual thickness above 1” and up to 1-1/2” attached to steel or aluminum up to ¼” thick.

*Note: When using the 1-5/8" screw with thinner gauges of aluminum, ensure that the wings shear off cleanly by applying slightly more pressure during installation.

Pre-drilling: Pre-drilling is not required, even in hardwoods.

Perfectly Set Fasteners: To achieve a clean and uniform appearance, with screws set at a perfect and consistent depth below the surface, use the new Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter.

Corrosion Information: The combination of 410 Stainless Steel and an Epoxy Coating provides good corrosion resistance; however, Deckfast Metal is not recommended for use in applications exposed to salt air, near large bodies of water, swimming pools or other areas where corrosion is likely to occur. For these applications, use Grade 316 Stainless Steel fasteners. For more detailed information, see the corrosion information page.

Mechanical Strength and Performance: For test data, see "Deckfast Metal Specification Sheet" pdf under DOWNLOADS section above.

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Starborn Screws for Trex Decking Steel & Timber

Product Description


Two Different Screws, for Two Different Joist Types. One Final Result.

If face fixing is required on your Trex Decking, Starborn are the only screws to use.

Cap-Tor® xd screws are specifically designed to provide a clean, smooth and uniform finish in composite and PVC decking.

Deckfast® Metal screws are designed to attach composite decking to steel and aluminum framing. It is the first line of deck screws designed specifically for this application.

Cap-Tor xd screws feature extra deep star drive recesses, undercut heads, reverse threads, tri-lobular shanks, Type 17 auger tips, and are available with a colour matched Headcote® 316 grade stainless steel.

Deckfast Metal screws are made of Grade 410 stainless steel and feature extra deep star drive recesses, undercut heads, drill points, and a colour matched epoxy-based polymer resin coating over zinc plate.


1. Star Drive

Favored by professionals; extra deep recess reduces cam-out.

2. Undercut Head

Cleanly penetrates the hard outer layer of capstock decking.

3. Reverse Thread

Prevents mushrooming and other surface defects

4. Tri-lobe Shank and Acute Thread Angle

For increased driving power and cleaner penetration through harder decking materials.

5. Type 17 Auger Tip

For faster, easier entry; helps prevent splitting.


1. Star Drive

Favored by professionals; extra deep recess reduces cam-out.

2. Undercut Head

Cleanly penetrates the hard outer layer of capstock and hardwood decking.

3. Drill Point with Wings

Drill point with wings, which increase the speed and effectiveness of the drill point and also prevent mushrooms and other decking surface defects. *Note: the 12 x 2-3/8″ version does not have wings.


Additional Information

Weight kg
Screw Type

Cap-Tor xd Headcote for Timber 10g x 65mm, DeckFast for Metal 10g x 40mm

Trex Colours

Gravel Path, Havana Gold, Island Mist, Lava Rock, Rope Swing, Spiced Rum, Tiki Torch


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For composite or PVC decking. The Deck-Drive DCU Composite screw is engineered to provide beautiful fastening results for all types of composite decking while also offering greater ease of installation, a clean finish and superb corrosion resistance. The Deck-Drive DCU is the go-to-screw for all your composite-decking applications, eliminating the need to mix and match screws to the decking they are suited for.

Available in color-matching painted-head stainless steel. For superior corrosion resistance in marine or high-exposure environments, choose the appropriate stainless-steel DCU Composite screw (Type 316 or Type 305). These DCU Composite screws are now available with color-matching painted heads in 11 colors to blend with popular decking manufacturers, and to provide a more concealed, professional finish.

For medium levels of corrosion resistance, Deck-Drive DCU Composite screws are avalable in 11 colors of Quik Guard®coating — also matched to blend with most major decking manufacturers.

Simpson StrongTie DCU Composite Deck Screws

What kind of screws do you use for Trex decking?

Trex recommends the use of Starborn® DeckFast® Fascia System, for all composite Trex fascia profiles. For near water applications, you can also use Fascia System HeadCote® stainless steel screws. If using 2 x 8 framing, use two screws every 18" (457 mm).

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Herein, do I need special screws for composite decking?

Composite decking can be fastened to treated wood joists with screws or with hidden fasteners. Using composite deck screws is critical because they are specially designed to help hold the material in place. Countersink the screws but no deeper than the screw's head.

Also, how do you screw into composite decking? To install composite decking with a hidden fastening system, start at the house by face-screwing the first board. Next, screw a hidden fastener clip into the groove on top of each joist. Then, slide the groove of the next board into the clips and tighten with a rubber mallet.

Similarly, it is asked, can you screw through Trex decking?

Screwing the BoardsYou can screw or nail composite decking boards just like wood ones. Three-inch decking screws are the best fastener choice; they sink a secure distance into the joists and won't back out like nails. There's little danger of splitting the boards when driving them, so you don't need to pre-drill.

Should you pre drill deck boards?

Pre-Drilling Holes: The main benefit of pre-drilling holes for deck screws, or any screws, is simply preventing the wood from splitting. Often this is the only way to prevent splitting when driving screws (or nails) close to the end of a board.


Screws trex

Hidden Deck Fasteners

At Trex, innovation has inspired every one of our performance-grade outdoor living products, right down to our efficient installation techniques, smart tools and hidden deck fasteners—an elegant upgrade to traditional stainless steel deck screws.

Featured Hardware: Trex Hidden Deck Fasteners

Trex deck board with Hideaway Universal Deck Fastener versus visible fasteners.

Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening System

In pursuit of the perfect deck, all Trex® decking lines come with a hidden installation option. When using grooved-edge boards, our hidden deck fastening system installs between the deck boards, fastening them to the joists with no visible deck screw heads on the walking surface. This precision also creates perfectly consistent spacing between the boards for a flawless look across the entire deck. This system includes a few simple components:

The Universal Fastener

This self-gapping hardware is the main fastener component that attaches two boards together. It features a stainless steel deck screw already set in the fastener for increased durability and easier installation. 

  • 1 box covers 50 sq. ft. (4.6 m2)
  • 1 bucket covers 500 sq. ft. (46.5 m2)
Trex Hideaway Universal Fastener
Trex Universal Hidden Fastener Installation Tool

The Universal Fastener Installation Tool

Increase installation speed and accuracy and streamline the fastener tightening process. Featuring a nose cone to ensure you hit the head of the screw every time, a handle that allows for both pushing and pulling and a handy bit holder in the bottom, this tool was created with both the professional and the first time DIY’er in mind.

Watch our video to learn more. 

Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastening System start clip used to install Transcend grooved edge composite decking

The Start Clip

These are black, stainless steel fasteners designed exclusively for Trex and used to install the perimeter deck boards.

  • Start Clip: 1 bag covers 400 sq. ft. (37 m2)
  • 1 bucket covers 500 sq. ft. (46.5 m2)
Trex Hideaway Hidden Fastening System start clip

Groove Cutter

Traditional square edge boards require traditional deck screws for installation; however, using a Trex® groove cutter routes the necessary underside groove into any traditional board to accommodate our hidden deck fastening system

  • Can be used on any Trex board.

Trex Blade

Trex Blade™ is the first saw blade on the market specifically designed for cutting composite decking materials. Uniting with Diablo, Freud America’s premier brand of construction tools, Trex makes cutting composite materials easier for contractors and do-it-yourselfers. The new blade series features a modi fied triple chip tooth design, Perma-SHIELD® non-stick coating, specific Ti-Co™ Hi-density carbide and super thin-kerf design. The blades provide cleaner cuts with no swirl marks and a longer cutting life.

7 inch diameter Trex Blade for cutting composite decking materials
  • 7 1/4" (184mm) Diameter)
  • 44 Teeth
10 inch diameter Trex Blade for cutting composite decking materials
  • 10” (254 mm diameter)
  • 72 teeth
12 inch diameter Trex Blade for cutting composite decking materials
  • 12” (305mm diameter)
  • 84 Teeth

Diablo®, Perma-SHIELD® and Ti-Co are trademarks of Freud, a manufacturer of high quality woodworking tools and a leader in the carbide cutting tool industry.



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