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This kindergarten and 1st grade ELA reference sheet is the perfect resource to laminate and keep in students' supplies or to send home as a homework helper for kindergarten families. I suggest printing double-sided and laminating or sticking in a page protector.

The sight words in this resource are EDITABLE! You must open in Adobe to edit. Please let me know if you have any issues!

Did you know there is a math version too?

Find the Kindergarten Math Helper here.

Find the 1st Grade Math Helper here.

Multiple versions are included! I wanted to make sure everyone had what they needed, so there are multiple versions included, each with a small change. There are 7 pages included, but you will only use 2 most likely.

This k-1 ELA helper includes:

-Letters and Letter Sounds

-EDITABLE Sight Words

-Story Retell Pictures

-Long and Short Vowel Sounds



-R-Controlled Vowels

-Vowel Teams

-Letter formation

-Number formation

Sours: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/My-ELA-Helper-Literacy-Homework-Helper-for-Kindergarten-and-1st-Grade-5797730

My ELA Helper | Literacy Homework Helper for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

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Sours: https://natalielynnkindergarten.com/product/my-ela-helper-literacy-homework-helper-for-kindergarten-and-1st-grade/
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Language Arts

This Scholastic e-reader app is designed just for kids. Books are embedded with questions, learning activities, and pop-up dictionary definitions. The app download comes with five free books; additional books can be purchased and added to a student’s bookshelf.
iOS and Android. Free.

Tales2Go is an audiobook app that provides access to more than 2,000 titles. “Its wide selection of audiobooks, both classic and popular, has made listening to reading fun and engaging,” says Dawn French, library and media specialist at Edinbrook Elementary School in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. iOS. $99.99 annual subscription.

Super Duper StoryMaker
Primary students can craft their own stories using text, images, photos, sounds, and drawings. Stories can be saved, printed out, and e-mailed to friends. iOS. $4.99.

Super Why!
Jessica Millberg, school library media specialist at Central Early Childhood Center in Deptford, New Jersey, loves to use Super Why! with kindergartners and first graders. “It’s easy to navigate for little hands and it addresses rhyming words, letter identification, spelling, word building, and sentence completion,” she says.
iOS and Android. $2.99.

Toontastic provides kids with a structured story arc and 40 “playsets” of characters and story worlds so that they can create their own animated stories. They can use drawing tools, and incorporate images, photos, music, and voice narration. iOS. Free; $12.99 for access to all playsets.

Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try
Students use a virtual slate chalkboard to practice forming numbers and capital letters using the Wet-Dry-Try approach. Students first trace the letter with a wet sponge, then with a dry paper towel, and finally with a piece of chalk. iOS and Android. $4.99.

Grammar Jammers
If you thought grammar couldn’t be fun, you’ve never tried Grammar Jammers. It’s a series of three apps designed for different levels—Primary, Elementary, and Middle—that teach grammar skills in a game format.
iOS. $2.99 (primary edition is free).

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Sours: https://www.scholastic.com/teachers/articles/teaching-content/7-fabulous-apps-language-arts/
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Language Arts Help Online

Learning to read and write is what we all have to learn starting from the kindergarten. This does not mean that by the time we are in a college and university we have reached the perfection. There are lots of programs and websites to help you reach the highest standards of reading and writing. If you have a concern or question that deals with the language arts and you are yearning to get a speedy answer, our website is a super instrument for you to play with. Our foundation is our free service, which allows you to garner multiple answers from people around the globe. When you send a question to our online community, you will have a large variety of individuals answering your query. Among all the sites, ours is possibly the best way to get an answer to a study question.

Receiving an answer might take some time, though. Of course, there are tons of members in our community, and they will readily help you with your problems. However, they are not required to answer your question quickly. In order to get an expedient and professional answer to your question, you can use our paid service. We have experts in language arts and they are much more suited to helping you than random members on our site.

Our Language Arts Experts

You don’t want just any dude to answer your question, right? If you want a professional in language arts to respond to your question and to get a good detailed response, you can try out our paid service. Some questions need long explanations to answer them appropriately, such as history or theoretical questions. Regular members may not feel obliged to give extensive answers due to a lack of time or the amount of effort is takes to write these kinds of answers.

So, if you want to get the best use out of our community, contact our language arts experts. It's relatively cheap, but it will definitely help you with your learning, exams and tests, and help you reach a new level of proficiency. We have at least one helper for every popular discipline: English, statistics, physics, math, algebra, academic writing, and whatnot. Whatever assignments you have, we are always ready to help you with common tasks: get ready for your test or exam, improve your literacy level, help you practice reading and writing skills, and help you with any other study activities. Have a complicated homework assignment? Ask us for help!

Sours: https://learnok.com/discipline/arts-and-media-homework-help/language-arts/

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