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Joico Color Intensity - Yellow 118ml


Color Intensity concentrated pigments can be applied directly to hair (no developer required), or mixed with other shades in the collection to produce a wide range of hues--from vibrant vivids to delicate pastels. Formulated using Joico’s exclusive K-PAK Quadramine Complex®, which repairs and reconstructs hair as it’s being colored—locks are left incomparably healthy and shiny.




• Extremely concentrated pigments allow for exceptionally vibrant haircolor results.

• Reconstructs as you color with K-PAK’s exclusive Quadramine Complex® to leave hair in healthy, shiny condition.




Do not mix with Vero K-PAK® Color or Vero K-PAK Chrome.

Wear gloves to avoid staining

Apply neatly to clean, dry hair ¼-inch (½ cm) from scalp.

For maximum vibrancy, pre-lighten hair prior to application.

Process for 20 minutes


VERY IMPORTANT - FOR PROFESSIONAL USE - Results can vary and are not guaranteed!

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Learn This Colorful “Break The Rules” Look

Charity’s starting level – Natural Level 6/7

Prelightening Formulas:

Prelightening Formula 1: Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 20 Volume LumiShine Developer

Prelightening Formula 2: FreePlay Clay Lightener + 40 Volume LumiShine Developer

Step 1:

She was pre-lightened by the salon owner, Kelly Orf, using Prelightening Formulas 1 & 2 using a hair painting technique and highlights in between for extra pops. Prelighten the hair to levels 9/10.

Step 2:

Use Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo to tone out any unwanted tones.

Step 3:

Comb the hair around and see where it’s natural fall and lived in every day before you start sectioning. This will give you a complete idea of where the color placement should go. The sectioning is simple: only 3 of them. Zone 1 is the back of the head from crown to ears down and the front sides will be zones 2 and 3.

Step 4:

Starting horizontally in the back, Zone 1, weave some of her blonde hair out starting in the bottom, making sure there is a balance between the blonde that is left out and the color you’re about to add in. Apply the 7 Color Intensity / Color Butter Formulas in an alternating creative method. You will want to make sure these colors do not cross each other. This is not a color melting method but a creative placement of pops of color. Each foil will be its own color, so if you’re using the green mix, that’s the only color in that foil. Apply the formulas to the prelightened hair in the foil, omitting the natural shadow root.

Step 5:

Continue working, in Zone 1, utilizing horizontal weaves and alternating the formulas. Remember to choose your colors creatively. You do not need to choose them in a certain method (i.e. formula 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). Applying the formulas, in a more randomly chosen way, will make this application more personal, tailored and creative for each individual client.

Steps 6:

Continue working into Zones 2 and 3, still going horizontal and weaving with all the colors. Make sure to still leave some of her blonde hair out. The idea is to make sure all 7 different formulas are cohesive with this look. Work up the head until all Zones have been completed.

Tip: Putting Yellow next to the Purple formula will make the colors pop because I’m placing complimentary colors next to each other! Also, when weaving her hair, I’m not going too tiny, nor too chunky, because she has fine hair and a lot of it.

Step 7:

Rinse the hair with ice cold water and Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. For an added bonus in hair repair, shine and color locking, I love to use K-Pak Color Therapy Luster Lock Shine and Repair Treatment at the shampoo bowl for 5 minutes after all my color clients.

Joico RED Color Intensity! - On Natural TYPE 4 CURLY HAIR

Joico | Color Intensity - Yellow

DISCOVER A DAZZLING SPECTRUM OF BOLD, BRILLIANT COLOR WITH JOICO COLOR INTENSITY—our intensely concentrated pigments designed to help you create over-the-top results that last up to 20+ shampoos.


Color Intensity’s intermixable formula can be applied straight from the tube, or mixed and mingled to your heart’s content for endless creative possibilities. Bonus benefi t: NO DEVELOPER REQUIRED!



  • Over-the-top vibrancy that lasts and lasts
  • Reconstructs with Quadramine Complex for guaranteed healthier-looking hair after every color service 
  • Ultra nourishing Kukui Nut Oil leaves hair gorgeously conditioned + amps up shine
  • Intermixable shades = endless creative possibilities


4 fl. oz. (118 ml)

    1. Apply to clean, dry hair ¼-inch from the scalp.
    2. Process for 20 minutes.
    3. Rinse well, with cold water, for several minutes, rinsing different colors separately.
    4. After lightening, tone hair with Vero K-PAK Color, Vero K-PAK Chrome or LumiShine Demi-Liquid shades to create the perfect base for vibrancy.

Yellow joico color intensity

Joico Color Intensity Fact Sheet


You may think you already know everything about Joico Color Intensity, but this Fact Sheet is a great resource for everyone that is new to Joico Color Intensity or experienced.


You don’t need to use a developer with Joico Color Intensity, and it should always be applied to dry hair.

Also, you can mix shades together to create your own unique color, or use them straight out of the tube!

TIP: You don’t have to use clear or white to brighten a shade. Instead, use another color in that family for brightening. For example, I use a touch of yellow when I want to brighten teal to turquoise.

Joico Color Intensity Fact Sheet

Color Intensity’s inter-mixable formula can be applied straight from the tube, or mixed and mingled to your hearts content for endless creative possibilities! No developer required!

*Compliments of!

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Click here for information on converting from Pravana Vivids to Joico Color Intensity!

Cool Confidence Blue Color Joico Color Intensity K-pac


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