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Arthur, you really need to know how to fight in Red Dead Redemption 2, and Americans at Rest is the mission that will teach you the advanced techniques. You didn&#;t really think that fighting in RDR2 is all about mashing a button! Or did you?

Nevermind cowboy, we&#;ll explain how fighting works in Red Dead Redemption 2, in the following walkthrough.

Americans at Rest is the second mission of Chapter 2, and you can start it by talking to Javier Escuela in Valentine. You already know Javier from the previous missions, so just look for him at the saloon. The icon on the map shows two letters: JE.


&#;Bill starts a brawl in Smithfield&#;s Saloon in Valentine as Javier, Charle, and Arthur attempt to charm the locals.&#;

Mission Requirements:

Gold Medal Goals:

  • Save Javier within 15 seconds
  • Defeat Tommy within 1 minute and 30 seconds

New Weapons Available:


As you can see Javier is not alone at the bar. Get closer Arthur, the ladies won&#;t bite you&#;

Red Dead Redemption 2 Americans at Rest Wiki Guide 1

Interested in these ladies, Arthur?

But the man who enters the bar, might. Yeah, you&#;re in a brawl, cowboy. First thing&#;s first!

Get rid of the drunk attacking you by mashing O/B. That&#;s all you have to do to beat that one. After he is down, you will be restrained by another cowboy. Keep mashing O/B to break free then head to Javier who is fighting Tommy by the window.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Americans at Rest Wiki Guide 2

Keep an eye on Tommy the moment he comes down to the bar

Gold Medal Goal Tip:  Hit Tommy who is attacking Javier and keep mashing O/B continuously while fighting mechanics are introduced. If you distract Tommy you will complete the first Gold Medal requirement. The trick here is to get to Javier within 15 seconds, not the defeat Tommy.

Now, the moment Tommy turns to you the clock start ticking and you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to defeat him.

Gold Medal Goal Tip: Learn how to block and when to block correctly. Let Tommy attack and block just when his attack is about to hit you. This way he will be exposed and you can counter. If you keep blocking before the hit, you will most likely be countered when you attack.

Keep in mind that if you focus on Tommy (L2/LT) and press ▢/X while tilting the left thumbstick, you can dodge. It&#;s very important to learn this trick in order to beat Tommy and get the second Gold Medal requirement.

Finally, starting with this mission, you can grapple your enemies. Well, not Tommy because he is quite large, but in general you can do that.

When you want to grapple an enemy in Red Dead Redemption 2, press △/Y. Then you can either release him (▢/X) punch him (O/B) or choke him (△/Y).

Red Dead Redemption 2 Americans at Rest Wiki Guide 3

Tommy is a big fellow but if you learn how to block him, he is an accessible adversary

Managed to beat Tommy within the time frame? Let us know below, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. When you are ready, you can opt to start one of the missions listed on our RDR2 Wiki Guide, or you can start the next main mission, named: Who is Not Without Sin.

Once you complete Americans at Rest, the following story missions will also become available: The First Shall Be LastPaying a Social CallMoney Lending and Other Sins – I & II.

Sours: https://primewikis.com/walkthroughs/rdr2-americans-at-rest-wiki-guide/

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki Guide

Gold Medal Checklist:

  • Save Javier within 15 seconds
  • Defeat Tommy within 1 minute 30 seconds

Find Javier inside of the Saloon in Valentine. He’s at the bar speaking to a few women with Charles. You’ll promptly scare them away with rudeness, though.

Arthur, Javier, and Charles wait for Bill at the bar, and they won’t have to wait long. Bill walks in - but he bumps into another patron on the way, and he starts a fight with him before the other man even has a chance to apologize.

A full on barfight starts. Check the image below to freshen up on fist fight controls for Red Dead Redemption 2.

After fighting a bit, Tommy with emerge from upstairs - the strongest local at the saloon.

He’ll immediately attack Javier, while another man jumps you. Tap the attack button repeatedly to break free as fast as possible.


Make a b-line to Tommy to save Javier within 15 seconds by getting him off of him, then defeat Tommy in minutes to meet the gold medal requirements.


  • Square/X to dodge
  • Circle/B to attack
  • Triangle/Y to grapple (but you can’t grapple Tommy until he’s severely weakened)

Time your dodges, then get off counter-attacks immediately. Don’t attack unless you have an opening. If you get grappled, tap the attack button to get out of it.

At the end of the brawl, a bystander will beg you to spare Tommy, which you do so.

Dutch and some others will meet up with you, including an old friend who was looking for you in Blackwater. He says the O’Driscolls are after Dutch, and that some bounty hunters are holding your friend Sean. Charles is sent to find more information, and you to get cleaned up and to join Javier when you’re ready.

Continue to the map marker Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego, Paying a Social Call, Money Lending and Other Sins, or Who is Not Without Sin next.

This guide continues on to Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego next.

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Americans at Rest Red Dead Redemption 2 Mission

1. Help the Gang defeat the Brawlers

Beat the first of the opponents who stands in your way.

Help the Gang defeat the Brawlers

Then help Bill, who is pinned to the wall by three men.

Help the Gang defeat the Brawlers

When you do this, another opponent will come down the stairs and join the fight, a big man named Tommy.

Help the Gang defeat the Brawlers

He'll grab Javier and you'll be hit and grabbed from behind by another opponent.

2. Escape the struggle / Save Javier

If you want to earn the gold medal, you only have 15 seconds to free yourself from the grip, approach Tommy who is holding Javier and hit him from behind.

Escape the struggle / Save Javier

Escape the struggle / Save Javier

Tommy will throw you out through the window and the rest of the fight with him will take place in the pouring rain on the muddy street.

Escape the struggle / Save Javier

3. Fight Tommy

Try to block Tommy's blows and respond with fast counterattacks. To earn the gold medal the fight cannot last longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Fight Tommy

When you deal enough damage to him, the fight will be brought to the ground and will soon be over.

Fight Tommy

After the fight is over, you will meet Josiah Trelawny, who will give you some information about your friend, young Sean, and the mission will be completed.

Fight Tommy

Sours: https://guides4gamers.com/red-dead-redemption-2/quest/americans-at-rest/
BAR FIGHT - Red Dead Redemption 2 (Americans at Rest Mission)


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